Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the week of the last

heya kids.

so since i am going to be seeing you in a couple of days... i think i will wait to share my stories and experiences with you until then. because there are just way too many. so instead i want to share with you a poem.. and my testimony.

i know of a man who before He was born
promised to save this whole world full of storms.
He was born in a place where people did see
how wonderous and bright this young boy would be.
as He grew up they saw the promise fulfilled
as He taught and He served He loved and He healed.
no matter the wonders that this man would show
He knew that His purpose was to come, love, and go.
He suffered for us in a garden he prayed
then He died on a hill wishing His Father had stayed.
but like He was born He came back from the grave
full of glory and power every life He had saved.
this man is my brother He's my very best friend
He lived and He died so that there'd be no end.
Jesus Christ is our Savior i know that He is
i know that He loves us i know that He lives.

i love my savior. as i was studying about his birth this morning i realized just how amazing he is. the life that he lead and the things that he did for us and momentous. and sometimes i think that we forget. that is the message that we should be sharing with the world. how the restoration and faith in jesus christ really can make us whole.

i have really loved the past 18 months. yes they have been extremely hard sometimes but they were 110 percent worth it. i am so grateful to you all for the sacrifices that you have made to allow me to be out here serving. i am so grateful for your wonderful examples and inspirations that you have shown to me these past 18 months. you will never know what you meant to me and what you mean to me. i know that i have the most amazing family.. ever. and it took going on a mission to realized it. but i am so happy for that knowledge. i am so grateful for the way that i have come to know that this is christs church upon the earth. we are a part of it. arent we so blessed? and the book of mormon is the most amazing book. we truely can grow so much closer to christ by reading and applying it to our lives. the lord is there. he loves us more than we know. more than we will ever know. but he loves us. so much. as does christ. he made it possible for us to live again and to be clean. all we have to do is our best. i love it. i love this knowledge. i love this gospel. and i have loved being able to share it with the people of england and wales these past 18 months. i love these people alma 26:37 is right. the lord loves all his people. i have been so lucky to feel this love. and to be the lords servant. its amazing. in the name of jesus christ amen.

i love you all so much and will see you so soon!!
keep on keeping on!!

sister j 

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