Monday, July 28, 2014

week of the rain

hey family.

well.. this week it has been quite rainy and thunderstorming. which is fun and a bit annoying at the same time. fun because i love thunderstorms.. but annoying because then its just super wet and no one is every really outside. and my feet get wet. but i bought an umbrella for the first time on my mission.. i know three weeks from going home. but it saved my on saturday. it was just chucking it down with rain that day. we stood under a tree and were trying to decide what the most effective thing to do would be... and decided to say a prayer. to one ask for the rain to lessen or to know what to do. as we ended our prayer the rain didnt lessen.. but sister hamnett said.. ''its ok, heavenly father will give us the strength to carry on through it.'' and that he did. it was a great day. filled with fun interactions, mostly with ward members. but nontheless.. it was a great day.

we started working with a part member less active family this week.. i dont know if i told you about them at all. the horvats. the are from the czech republic. and they are really really cool. we love working with them. so its the parents, peter (a 15 year old), and lukas (a ten year old who REALLY wants to be baptized.) they love having the missionaries come round and their faith is really growing. which is something that is so amazing to witness. we are excited to keep working with them.

the recent convert family that we are working with is also amazing! the masawi's. they are from zimbabwe and fed us sadsa this week. which is maize meal.. and it is so so good. and you have to eat it the proper african way.. with your hands. it was a pretty fun experience! i will see if i can get it to feed it to you. and give you a massive portion. its so cool though to see this families faith grow. to see their desire and knowledge of the gospel become stronger. man.. its great.

another great day was yesterday. we began church, which is at two o'clock if you were wondering.. but the person who normally plays the organ was gone.. so i was able to jump up and play the piano for the meeting.. it was a really cool experience to just be able to go up and do what i had been taught. i thought.. carol would be so proud! and then i was able to give a talk on the power of prayer.. which is something that is so close to my heart. i love prayer! so that was fun.

but other than that it was a pretty usual week. i will have to share more stories with you once i return home.. but i love you all. thanks for sharing with me all the fun things that you have done, and i think you are all amazing!! keep on keeping on.

love sister j

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