Monday, July 28, 2014

week of the boston tea party

 hey kids.

it sounds like you had a FUN week. lots of way cool things to do. and fun people to see. and water to swim in. and fireworks to light off. yeah. and way way cool that mike came home. i miss that kid. i forgot to email him. but tell him hi from this sister and that i'm excited to see him.

about sister sorensen. i can definitely leave her my things here. i gave one of my jackets to sister tryon.. but i can leave the other one. and i can leave my bike.. but it will need a new back tire. but that is better than getting a whole bike. i will leave my bedding. but she will need a pillowcase. but i will leave the rest. i will leave it in a bag at the mission home so she can get it when she comes in that day. we leave pretty early in the morning so we dont see any new missionaries. but it will all be there for her. i will leave anything i can think of. that i wont need. i am excited for her to come!! but tell her to not worry about those things.. jacket, bike, umbrella, and bedding. it will be provided!!!

well this week.. i think our most exciting event was teaching the word of wisdom to our less active slash part member family the horvats. we love them lots and think they are wonderful! but they were having a problem with coffee and the mom smokes. but they got the coffee from the kitchen and gave it to us to take.. so we poured in into the canal.. like the boston tea party. but it was the wolves coffee party instead. that was fun. and we are just way excited that they are progressing. they bummer thing is that they didnt come to church yesterday.. so we might have to push back lukas' baptismal date.. which is never fun. also because he is super excited to get baptized.

we have been trying to work with members more as well. we have some really great members. there is one family here that has a son serving a mission in london south mission. they are the best missionaries! we are teaching their neighbor who is awesome! and surprised us by showing up to church with them yesterday. we have had a way hard time getting into contact with him so it was great to see him at church!!

something that was really sad this week was sister hamnett had her bag stolen from the chapel. that was pretty hard for her and i felt really bad. but we were really blessed by the lord in different ways even through that. she is doing good. but she had her camera in her bag.. so i was wondering if it would be ok for me to leave my camera here for her when i go home?

i hope you all are still doing great. i am excited to see you really soon! i think you are wonderful and i know that you are great examples to everyone around you. its amazing to see how our examples can help those around us to feel the spirit as well. its so so great to see the gospel change lives. and i know you are all doing that where you are. keep it up!!

keep on keeping on. i love you lots!

sister j

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