Monday, July 14, 2014

this week in wolves

 hey you.

so it looks like everyone already knows.. i was moved to wolverhampton. how you guys find these things out i just dont know. i am either guessing some members from my last area told you. or some members here told elder cagle who told elder call who told you? its a mystery to me. but hey next transfer i am def going to be moved.. to 919 summit drive. crazy stuff right?

it sounds like you guys had a really really fun week. the fourth and camping and hiking and all that jazz. the only thing you didnt do was knock on some doors and talk to some strangers in the street. bummer for you. oh and you didnt get to do sparklers out of your window.. are you jealous?:)

but yeah. here i am in the wolverhampton 2 ward. our building is the one on linthouse lane. its a pretty good ward. about the size of rhiwbina ward. and my companion is sister hamnett. and she is actually from pg. so that is cool! she is the youngest of four and the first missionary. she has been out the same as sister curtis.. so about 14 months. its nice to be with comps that have been out a while. she is great. i miss sister tryon because we had a blast together and she is def going to be one of my best friends for life. but i love sister hamnett too. we will have a fun 6 weeks together. and she can handle sending me home.

it was really sad leaving rhiwbina. i honestly loved that ward so much. i think it is the ward that i learned the most from. they are incredible. such a family oriented loving ward. i have loved every place that i have served. i learn so much from the people that i serve around. it amazing.

this week was filled with transfers and getting use to this area. it is quite small as well. about as big as gfield was. but that is nice. so we are walking mostly. there is this way cool recent convert family from zimbabwe that we are working with! and that is sweet! i love africans. especially zimbabweans. speaking of... i got to call monalisa last night and that was great. i miss that cute family. i am excited to skype them with you guys so you can meet them. and everyone. you will love them. just like i do!

oh the fourth we got to have sparklers out our window that s hamnett had bought. so that was way fun! we all know how much i love that holiday. and i think i have gained the same heart burn that dani has. so i take a lot of tums. whoop for tums.

but guys i love missionary work. i love the gospel. lately my prayers have been full of thanks for the people that i have met on my mission. without the gospel i know that i would have not met any of these amazing people i love them all. i cant thank the lord enough for the experiences i have had and the people that i meet. the lord truly loves us all. he has a plan for us and includes that love in it. i am so grateful for this. and for you all for allowing me to spend these 18 months in the uk. thank you for your love and support. its amazing!

i dont really need anything. but i would encourage sister sorensen to buy her coat here. but shoes i would buy at home. and buy ones that will last for awhile. things are just pretty expensive over here. i am so excited for her. she will love it here! and i hope one of my pallies gets to train her!

well i hope you have a mega good week. i love you and pray for you daily. i think you are all amazing and i hope you... keep on keeping on.

love sister j

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