Monday, July 14, 2014

the week of the doctor

 hey kids.

man you guys are having a fun fun life right now. lots of things going on and lots of camps and activities. and sisters to plan for. and cool that you got to meet linli. I am super excited to meet her as well. another Chinese cousin! I try to tell people that we meet on the street that I am from china.. they almost believe me. its pretty funny. i cant believe all of the people that are getting married. that is pretty cool for them. i had no idea about Natalie benson though.. who did she marry? that is pretty funny about devin wright. super random. i forgot about him until today. but yes for another friend at school right?! love friends. that is funny that they remembered me. it will be good.

ok so with the mulliss family.. i think all of those things that you told them will be good. i don't think they are way too specific about things. they are just excited to come visit. don't worry about keeping the house perfect. in England all homes are pretty small compared to Utah. and there isn't a lot of storage space so things are pretty chill. they wont be bothered about things like that.. promise. so don't worry. they are excited though! it will be really fun. i am excited for you to meet some of my English friends. i wish you guys could know all of them!

well this week.. i have a few things to share this week. i learned this week that i am a perfectionist. and it totally makes sense. i was ready this talk from this months ensign.. and its totally me. kinda funny right? and so now i have a lot of things that i am going to improve on. well try to at least.

another thing that happened.. was i had to go to the doctor. so last Saturday my heart started to hurt a bit. and it kept hurting for about four days. so they sent me into the walk in center. they did a few tests on me.. like blood pressure, oxygen, and an ekg.. but found nothing wrong. so from there the only thing they thought it could be was acid reflux. so kinda like what dani has. so they put me on some gastro pills to take.. and it still has been hurting.. so we will see what happens. but i really am ok. it isn't too bad. i was able to get a blessing from a ward member so i was a bit more relaxed about it all. everything will be ok.

it was fun this week because we stopped to help this man with his bike.. because it was broken. and then i started to chat with this lady who was walking her dog. in the uk people walk their dogs all of the time. like multiple times a day. and they have to pick up their dog poop with these little bags. so i helped this sweet old lady and picked up her dogs poop. yeah.. haha it was funny. i liked the lady so that was fun.

but there are lots of cool things happening here now. we are working on things quite a lot and striving to find more people to teach. its great. we have some really solid recent converts that we are working with. one family has a 13 year old girl who i would love for McKenna to write a letter to. her name is chloe and her family is from Zimbabwe. we just want her to know that she can do it, she is so so sweet!!

i am loving things here though. its going good. i am just trying to do all i can with the time that is left. the lord has so much for everyone to do. and i want to help as many people as i can. and i want you to do the same. not just missionaries can share the wonderful news of the gospel. it is for EVERYONE to share!! keep on keeping on. i love you all so much and miss you. but i think you are amazing. thanks for your great example to me. you rock.

have a great week.

love sister j

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