Monday, June 30, 2014

this week.

 hey hey you you.

well this week was pretty alright. it was sunny just about everyday which was great! and so no wet feet for sister egbert. you guys. it is pretty crazy that i come home so soon. and this week was pretty full of reminders of that. we had zone conference where i was ever so privileged to sing in a musical item. and then i also had to give my departing testimony. that was weird. you imagine your whole mission what that will be like.. and then it really happens. and that is weird. way different then what you think it will be like. it was really neat though to be able to just think again about all of the things that i have learned so far on my mission. but i still have a lot of learning to do. so that is all good! its gonna be great.

i feel bad, but sometimes while i am emailing you guys.. i forget all the good things that happen through the week. we had a pretty rough couple of days until saturday. that was a good day. we were doing some finding and going by people basically all day. and we found two sweet people all within a few minutes of eachother. one was a woman from nigeria. and she was outside her house with her two sons. she was super nice. and we were able to sing some primary songs to her son because he loves music! and then after that we met this way cool guy named dave. he had a pony tail and was smoking.. so at first i just wasnt sure if i should talk to him.. but we did. and he was awesome! his wife is going to have a baby in december time and he was quite interested in the things that we were saying. quite impressed too.. with the spirit!!:) haha but he just said that he didnt have much time, but would look into it. we just pray that at another time in his life the missionaries will meet him again, and that will be the right time!

things are going well though. we are learning a lot and loving life. learning 'come what may and love it.' that is important. but i love sister tryon. she is hilarious! this should be a good week as well! i love you all and hope that you remember how much i love you and the lord loves you! keep on keeping on!!:)

love sister j

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