Monday, June 9, 2014

this week it rained.....nothing new

 heya family.

first week of summer.. down. how does that feel? it sounds like you are having a great time so far.. not getting too bored. if you find yourselves getting bored.. you could always write me a letter ya know?:) mom. thank you so much for your letter that you sent weeks ago. it was the best! and yes you do have many MANY talents. i am trying to learn from you. and heather says that they are really excited for august. so the things that you are planning sounds really fun. i am pretty excited too. it will be weird though that i wont be a missionary. i am a little bit getting nervous as it gets closer. its almost real, but then becomes unreal again to me. i had a dream last night about coming home. and it was raining and no one wanted to talk to me. it was a bit depressing. so i will stay for nine more weeks. then everyone will want to talk to me right?! haha

this week was a lot better than last week. it didnt rain nearly as much which was the best part of it! and we found a lot more potentials. it was a bummer because a lot of our lessons flogged but that is ok. the other day we were street contacting.. and it had been kind of a rubbish morning. but we stopped these two, quite chavy looking girls, and they were really cool! they were asking us about the law of chastity and the word of wisdom. they are just 16 and had lots of good questions. and then one went on to tell us that that morning she had found out that she was pregnant. it was crazy. we just didnt really know what to say. so we invited them to church. and talked about the sanctity of marriage and the law of chastity more. it was a really neat experience though. just to see the lord place us in the path of someone that needed someone to talk to. i loved it.

most of the work we are doing right now is going to be through members. we are struggling to find solid people to teach. so we have some more good plans to go through with. so hopefully that will be good. last week we went to young womens.. because we wanted to get to know them better. there are about 6. and one is a bit semi-active. and today her mom called and invited us to fhe with them tonight because katy said if we are there for fhe she is sit in!! so cool!! we are excited to hopefully help her gain that testimony again and desire to come unto christ! i love being a missionary. even if sometimes its for members instead of non-members. good things are going to happen here in the ward. it may be after i go home. but i know that things will. its awesome!

i loved studying service this morning. i have been thinking about d&c 52:14 about patterns. and i have wanted to inherit the sister egbert pattern. i just havent know what to put as my pattern. so i decided to incorporate service into it. because that is something that i really want to make a bigger part of my life. charity, service, and happiness! so many great things to do and become. and i need to get a move on. we all do. we need to be those people who the lord wants to prepare the world for the second coming! go team.

sister tryon is great though. we are having so much fun. she is hilarious. and always makes me laugh. and she says the best prayers. she lives in south jordan and is going to go to uvu. pretty cool stuff. we are going to be friends for sure.

things are going good though here. there are always great things that happen throughout the day that we can add to our miracle list. the lord is blessing us here. in different ways then we sometimes things. but he is always blessing us! i am grateful.

and i am grateful for you all. you are the best family!! i love you so much and think you rock. keep on keeping on. and know that the girl over the pond loves you.

sister j 

sister j and sister tryon at costco....even in wales!

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