Monday, June 2, 2014

this week in the sun

 hiya ducks.

can i get a whoop whoop for summer holidays. (whoop whoop.) it sounds like you have a lot of really fun things planned and great things going on over the next few months. things are happening for the egbert family. on this side of the pond. and that side. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week to my little brodawg bff ryan. i cant believe that i missed your 16 and 17 year birth marks. that is ok. i will be there for the next. but i hope you had a super fun day.

well things are going here. sister tryon is great. super funny and is pretty happy all the time. no matter what. especially this week because it was a bit of a tough week for us here. so the area was whitewashed just barely before i came.. and the teaching pool has just shrunk. we are stuggling to find people to teach.. no matter how many people we talk to. and that is tough. but we have been doing loads of service for the members here. and they are great. we have cleaned kitchens and rooms and refrigerators and gardens. we have found pathways and mowed lawns. and caught frogs. it has been pretty fun though. the ward honestly rocks. we have been talking with our ward mission leader a lot.. because he is the man. and we are setting us some good plans of things we can do with the ward to get them to find people more. and then there is a lad getting home from his mission today who i guess is mega missionary man.. so he will get the ward excited. which is gonna be great for us.

wales is so pretty though. we cycled to this village about 45 minutes from the chapel and we saw lots of hills and some valleys and it was great. and we found this really great street contacting place near an old castle. man guys sometimes i just wish you could see england and wales. its great. super great! and we are going to hike one of the hills by our house one p-day soon and you can totally see the ocean from up there.. so i am excited. and see some sheep. that we can barely see from our flat.

but yeah. its going good. i am learning a lot and coming closer to christ. which is what life is all about. moroni 10:32. lets all take some time this week to come closer to him.. through service or prayer or study. just something. i know it will help.. no matter what we need help with. it always does.

i love you all and hope you have a great week. keep on keeping on. dont forget. this sister loves you.

sister j xx

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