Monday, June 30, 2014

the week of my last proper transfer

 well kids. here we go.

happy anniversary mom and dad! yeah for being married 27 years! sorry i didnt send a card or anything.. but know that i still love you, and i think that you are the best parents ever! it sounds like you have had a really fun week. and then in six weeks its gonna get even more fun! whoop whoop. oh and have such a fun fourth of july. my favorite holiday. keep swimming as well.

so tonight we will find out if i am moving. we know for sure one of us is.. which is pretty sad because we have a super fun companionship. i love sister tryon. she just reminds me a lot of mally sorensen griffin. but next transfer will be good. i am excited to start a new one. its just good to have a fresh start. but then i will hope to let you know next week. unless someone else tells you first.. because that happens sometimes.

we have been trying to take pictures.. and will try to take more. it was really fun last p day because we got to go to an outdoor museum of welsh life. it was sweet! and i dont know for sure if we will make it up to merthyr. that would be really cool, and i loved reading up on everything! so it would be neat if we could go.. but we will see. i havent really had any welsh food besides welsh cakes.. and no welsh words that i know yet.. or traditions. it is pretty similar to england. but more hills. that is great!

this week was good though. we were very blessed o reach our goal of finding three new investigators. that was great. two of them are married and from nigeria. judith and richard. who are pretty cool! but dont want to read the book of mormon whatsoever. africans love the bible. so we are trying to help them see that they can love the book of mormon too! then we are teaching a pretty cool lady named lynn. we met her last week while she was outside doing her garden. but when we taught her she had a few tears in her eyes. teaching people is my favorite thing! i wish you could teach people too and see the gospel touch their hearts. its the most amazing thing ever to see the spirit enter into their lives. and for them to desire to have it. its hard to get people to allow themselves to feel it.. but when they do.. its incredible! we are so blessed to have this gospel. lucky us!!

i love you all and hope that you are doing great! i am finishing the book of mormon and then starting it again for my last transfer. you all should join me and we can then finish it together!!:) that would be cute of us! haha. but have a great week. i love you lots. miss you too. but keep on keeping on.

sister j

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