Monday, June 16, 2014

the day after my dads day

 hey hey you kids.

well happy fathers day yesterday. sorry i am rubbish at writting cards and stuff. but i was thinking about you. and hope that you had a great day. it sounds like you did. and mom it sounds like you had a REALLY fun week. just chilling with your mates. and doing all those fun things. that race sounded really cool. i am excited to run that half in september.. even if i die. it will be fun! also love that you spoke to an english man.

this week in wales was alright. the weather was absolutely great. so we loved that!! but it was pretty hard again to find people to teach. we are trying to talk to everyone. going by formers. trying my less actives. knocking on doors. and all that jazz. welsh people are really nice and will spend some time talking with us.. but then they just arent that interested. they are really cool though. even the drunk people that meet. they talk the most actually. its pretty funny!

one way cool thing that happened this week though was on saturday. there is a referral from a member that we have been trying to contact for the past three weeks.. but we could never find the house. so we cycled to the village and went by the member to get the address again and it turns out we were on the wrong side of the village. so we found the house and this really nice lady opened the door, sarah. just who we were looking for. she was really busy, but we told her who we were and who sent us by. and she said she was really interested and to come back on wednesday. so that is the plan. because of how hard things have been lately we were mega excited to get that return appointment! sister tryon was so excited that she cried! it was funny and sad and just a little how we felt. just relieving. to see the hard work paying off a little bit. please pray for sarah. that things will go well there. then we walked past a little girl selling cookies.. so we bought one. i love buying things from kids selling things. like we use to at home. every time we walk past them.. im teaching sister tryon to buy from these kids. haha love that.

we have been meeting some really cool people though, and getting to know the members better. which is something we all know i love to do. getting to know them and helping them talk to there friends is great! i do love that. i just love being a missionary.

i have been studying a lot about service and love lately. and this morning i read president monson's talk from last conference about love being the essence of the gospel. and its so true. i found 3 times, so far, in this conference where they refer to matt 22:36-39. i think its a sign. we all need to work on our love and service. that is what life is about. becoming like christ. and he was the ultimate example of love and service. i want to be able to help those people that are searching for help. so i am going to be making that a priority in my life, and mostly in my prayers. so be able to notice those that we can serve. i think you all should read that talk again though. its very good!

thank you for the example that you are to me. all of you. i love you all and miss you. but we are all about a great work. so be not weary! its a great opportunity for all of us to become more like our savior! keep on keeping on.

love you kids.
sister j

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