Monday, June 30, 2014

the week of my last proper transfer

 well kids. here we go.

happy anniversary mom and dad! yeah for being married 27 years! sorry i didnt send a card or anything.. but know that i still love you, and i think that you are the best parents ever! it sounds like you have had a really fun week. and then in six weeks its gonna get even more fun! whoop whoop. oh and have such a fun fourth of july. my favorite holiday. keep swimming as well.

so tonight we will find out if i am moving. we know for sure one of us is.. which is pretty sad because we have a super fun companionship. i love sister tryon. she just reminds me a lot of mally sorensen griffin. but next transfer will be good. i am excited to start a new one. its just good to have a fresh start. but then i will hope to let you know next week. unless someone else tells you first.. because that happens sometimes.

we have been trying to take pictures.. and will try to take more. it was really fun last p day because we got to go to an outdoor museum of welsh life. it was sweet! and i dont know for sure if we will make it up to merthyr. that would be really cool, and i loved reading up on everything! so it would be neat if we could go.. but we will see. i havent really had any welsh food besides welsh cakes.. and no welsh words that i know yet.. or traditions. it is pretty similar to england. but more hills. that is great!

this week was good though. we were very blessed o reach our goal of finding three new investigators. that was great. two of them are married and from nigeria. judith and richard. who are pretty cool! but dont want to read the book of mormon whatsoever. africans love the bible. so we are trying to help them see that they can love the book of mormon too! then we are teaching a pretty cool lady named lynn. we met her last week while she was outside doing her garden. but when we taught her she had a few tears in her eyes. teaching people is my favorite thing! i wish you could teach people too and see the gospel touch their hearts. its the most amazing thing ever to see the spirit enter into their lives. and for them to desire to have it. its hard to get people to allow themselves to feel it.. but when they do.. its incredible! we are so blessed to have this gospel. lucky us!!

i love you all and hope that you are doing great! i am finishing the book of mormon and then starting it again for my last transfer. you all should join me and we can then finish it together!!:) that would be cute of us! haha. but have a great week. i love you lots. miss you too. but keep on keeping on.

sister j

this week.

 hey hey you you.

well this week was pretty alright. it was sunny just about everyday which was great! and so no wet feet for sister egbert. you guys. it is pretty crazy that i come home so soon. and this week was pretty full of reminders of that. we had zone conference where i was ever so privileged to sing in a musical item. and then i also had to give my departing testimony. that was weird. you imagine your whole mission what that will be like.. and then it really happens. and that is weird. way different then what you think it will be like. it was really neat though to be able to just think again about all of the things that i have learned so far on my mission. but i still have a lot of learning to do. so that is all good! its gonna be great.

i feel bad, but sometimes while i am emailing you guys.. i forget all the good things that happen through the week. we had a pretty rough couple of days until saturday. that was a good day. we were doing some finding and going by people basically all day. and we found two sweet people all within a few minutes of eachother. one was a woman from nigeria. and she was outside her house with her two sons. she was super nice. and we were able to sing some primary songs to her son because he loves music! and then after that we met this way cool guy named dave. he had a pony tail and was smoking.. so at first i just wasnt sure if i should talk to him.. but we did. and he was awesome! his wife is going to have a baby in december time and he was quite interested in the things that we were saying. quite impressed too.. with the spirit!!:) haha but he just said that he didnt have much time, but would look into it. we just pray that at another time in his life the missionaries will meet him again, and that will be the right time!

things are going well though. we are learning a lot and loving life. learning 'come what may and love it.' that is important. but i love sister tryon. she is hilarious! this should be a good week as well! i love you all and hope that you remember how much i love you and the lord loves you! keep on keeping on!!:)

love sister j

Monday, June 16, 2014

the day after my dads day

 hey hey you kids.

well happy fathers day yesterday. sorry i am rubbish at writting cards and stuff. but i was thinking about you. and hope that you had a great day. it sounds like you did. and mom it sounds like you had a REALLY fun week. just chilling with your mates. and doing all those fun things. that race sounded really cool. i am excited to run that half in september.. even if i die. it will be fun! also love that you spoke to an english man.

this week in wales was alright. the weather was absolutely great. so we loved that!! but it was pretty hard again to find people to teach. we are trying to talk to everyone. going by formers. trying my less actives. knocking on doors. and all that jazz. welsh people are really nice and will spend some time talking with us.. but then they just arent that interested. they are really cool though. even the drunk people that meet. they talk the most actually. its pretty funny!

one way cool thing that happened this week though was on saturday. there is a referral from a member that we have been trying to contact for the past three weeks.. but we could never find the house. so we cycled to the village and went by the member to get the address again and it turns out we were on the wrong side of the village. so we found the house and this really nice lady opened the door, sarah. just who we were looking for. she was really busy, but we told her who we were and who sent us by. and she said she was really interested and to come back on wednesday. so that is the plan. because of how hard things have been lately we were mega excited to get that return appointment! sister tryon was so excited that she cried! it was funny and sad and just a little how we felt. just relieving. to see the hard work paying off a little bit. please pray for sarah. that things will go well there. then we walked past a little girl selling cookies.. so we bought one. i love buying things from kids selling things. like we use to at home. every time we walk past them.. im teaching sister tryon to buy from these kids. haha love that.

we have been meeting some really cool people though, and getting to know the members better. which is something we all know i love to do. getting to know them and helping them talk to there friends is great! i do love that. i just love being a missionary.

i have been studying a lot about service and love lately. and this morning i read president monson's talk from last conference about love being the essence of the gospel. and its so true. i found 3 times, so far, in this conference where they refer to matt 22:36-39. i think its a sign. we all need to work on our love and service. that is what life is about. becoming like christ. and he was the ultimate example of love and service. i want to be able to help those people that are searching for help. so i am going to be making that a priority in my life, and mostly in my prayers. so be able to notice those that we can serve. i think you all should read that talk again though. its very good!

thank you for the example that you are to me. all of you. i love you all and miss you. but we are all about a great work. so be not weary! its a great opportunity for all of us to become more like our savior! keep on keeping on.

love you kids.
sister j

Monday, June 9, 2014

this week it rained.....nothing new

 heya family.

first week of summer.. down. how does that feel? it sounds like you are having a great time so far.. not getting too bored. if you find yourselves getting bored.. you could always write me a letter ya know?:) mom. thank you so much for your letter that you sent weeks ago. it was the best! and yes you do have many MANY talents. i am trying to learn from you. and heather says that they are really excited for august. so the things that you are planning sounds really fun. i am pretty excited too. it will be weird though that i wont be a missionary. i am a little bit getting nervous as it gets closer. its almost real, but then becomes unreal again to me. i had a dream last night about coming home. and it was raining and no one wanted to talk to me. it was a bit depressing. so i will stay for nine more weeks. then everyone will want to talk to me right?! haha

this week was a lot better than last week. it didnt rain nearly as much which was the best part of it! and we found a lot more potentials. it was a bummer because a lot of our lessons flogged but that is ok. the other day we were street contacting.. and it had been kind of a rubbish morning. but we stopped these two, quite chavy looking girls, and they were really cool! they were asking us about the law of chastity and the word of wisdom. they are just 16 and had lots of good questions. and then one went on to tell us that that morning she had found out that she was pregnant. it was crazy. we just didnt really know what to say. so we invited them to church. and talked about the sanctity of marriage and the law of chastity more. it was a really neat experience though. just to see the lord place us in the path of someone that needed someone to talk to. i loved it.

most of the work we are doing right now is going to be through members. we are struggling to find solid people to teach. so we have some more good plans to go through with. so hopefully that will be good. last week we went to young womens.. because we wanted to get to know them better. there are about 6. and one is a bit semi-active. and today her mom called and invited us to fhe with them tonight because katy said if we are there for fhe she is sit in!! so cool!! we are excited to hopefully help her gain that testimony again and desire to come unto christ! i love being a missionary. even if sometimes its for members instead of non-members. good things are going to happen here in the ward. it may be after i go home. but i know that things will. its awesome!

i loved studying service this morning. i have been thinking about d&c 52:14 about patterns. and i have wanted to inherit the sister egbert pattern. i just havent know what to put as my pattern. so i decided to incorporate service into it. because that is something that i really want to make a bigger part of my life. charity, service, and happiness! so many great things to do and become. and i need to get a move on. we all do. we need to be those people who the lord wants to prepare the world for the second coming! go team.

sister tryon is great though. we are having so much fun. she is hilarious. and always makes me laugh. and she says the best prayers. she lives in south jordan and is going to go to uvu. pretty cool stuff. we are going to be friends for sure.

things are going good though here. there are always great things that happen throughout the day that we can add to our miracle list. the lord is blessing us here. in different ways then we sometimes things. but he is always blessing us! i am grateful.

and i am grateful for you all. you are the best family!! i love you so much and think you rock. keep on keeping on. and know that the girl over the pond loves you.

sister j 

sister j and sister tryon at costco....even in wales!

Monday, June 2, 2014

this week in the sun

 hiya ducks.

can i get a whoop whoop for summer holidays. (whoop whoop.) it sounds like you have a lot of really fun things planned and great things going on over the next few months. things are happening for the egbert family. on this side of the pond. and that side. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week to my little brodawg bff ryan. i cant believe that i missed your 16 and 17 year birth marks. that is ok. i will be there for the next. but i hope you had a super fun day.

well things are going here. sister tryon is great. super funny and is pretty happy all the time. no matter what. especially this week because it was a bit of a tough week for us here. so the area was whitewashed just barely before i came.. and the teaching pool has just shrunk. we are stuggling to find people to teach.. no matter how many people we talk to. and that is tough. but we have been doing loads of service for the members here. and they are great. we have cleaned kitchens and rooms and refrigerators and gardens. we have found pathways and mowed lawns. and caught frogs. it has been pretty fun though. the ward honestly rocks. we have been talking with our ward mission leader a lot.. because he is the man. and we are setting us some good plans of things we can do with the ward to get them to find people more. and then there is a lad getting home from his mission today who i guess is mega missionary man.. so he will get the ward excited. which is gonna be great for us.

wales is so pretty though. we cycled to this village about 45 minutes from the chapel and we saw lots of hills and some valleys and it was great. and we found this really great street contacting place near an old castle. man guys sometimes i just wish you could see england and wales. its great. super great! and we are going to hike one of the hills by our house one p-day soon and you can totally see the ocean from up there.. so i am excited. and see some sheep. that we can barely see from our flat.

but yeah. its going good. i am learning a lot and coming closer to christ. which is what life is all about. moroni 10:32. lets all take some time this week to come closer to him.. through service or prayer or study. just something. i know it will help.. no matter what we need help with. it always does.

i love you all and hope you have a great week. keep on keeping on. dont forget. this sister loves you.

sister j xx