Friday, May 30, 2014

week of the wales

 so kids.

you heard right.. i have moved. to wales. rhiwbina is the name of my area and it is pretty posh. the sisters were emergency transfered two weeks ago, so things here are pretty dead. its basically a whitewash. we are really working to find people to teach and going to try mostly through the members. the area is super nice and a lot of older welsh people live here. it is completely opposite of leicester where english people were the minority. but it is good and i am liking it so far. except people told me that it rains everyday in wales.. i didnt really believe it, but the first three days i was here it just rained. and rained. and rained. forever. i was so wet. thank goodness for hair dryers to dry your clothes right? my companion is really cool though. sister tryon is from south jordan and is just great. she reminds me a lot of mally so that is way good. she is hilarious and we are having fun together. despite the rain. so that is mega good. she has almost been out for a year and here in rhiwbina for only two weeks. so she will most likely be my last companion. the zone and district are pretty cool. we only have four sisters in the zone so that is a bit weird. i have never had that before. but its pretty good. and the district is sweet. our district leader is way cool. and the ward is sweet. honestly. everyone is normal and they love us. and they are great. i am so excited to become friends with all of these people too. and get them to bring their friends into the gospel.. yay!!

holy getting to see scott. how was that?! man the pictures looked great and you all looked so happy. i really miss that kid. he is the best!! hopefully he will email me one day.. silly kid. but yeah and you got to meet my pal elder cagle. he is a funny kid. and crazy about all of those people with mission calls and weddings and babies. crazy stuff. but way exciting for all of them.

it was way sad to leave leicester. i loved that place and those people! def on of my favorite areas. those people will be close to my heart forever!! i wish you could meet them all. they rock. but i am super stoked about this new area. things can happen here and we are excited! the field is pure white here. the language here is crazy.. so i will try to send some photos of that. and other things.but i am excited. my goal is just to build this area up like crazy. and find good new ways to do it. whoop. whoop.

well i love you all and hope you have a great memorial day and a great week. i love you and miss you. and remember.. keep on keeping on.

love sister j

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