Monday, May 19, 2014

week after skype


it was so good to talk with you yesterday. electronic face to electronic face. you all look so grown up. and like you are doing so good. thanks for waking up to talk to me and i hope that you really enjoyed church. and i am so happy you loved gma howard. she is great. i go to her with the things i need or things that i want to chat to someone about. she rocks. i will def skype her when i come home so you can talk to her some more. love that woman.

so since we chatted yesterday i dont really know what to talk about so i will just update you on our sweet investigators. they rock.

sally: young mom, who is loving reading the book of mormon, but a bit nervous to come to church.
zigma: a sweet lad from africa, who is set to be baptized.. but we need to change his date soon.
michael: random miracle guy from sunday. sweet though.
sharmma: another black woman who is pretty solid, just quite busy.

and there are others, but we just have the coolest people that we are teaching right now. we just need to get them progressing. focus on the one.

sister reed is way cool. she would love some oreos. she talks about them loads. it is pretty funny!

moves are soon.. next week when elder call goes home. i dont know what will happen. we will see. either way is good for me though.

things are going good though. it was so great to see you all yesterday. i hope you know how amazing you are. i am so blessed to have you as my family!! keep on keeping on. i miss you. love you. and dont want you to forget it!!

love sister j

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