Monday, May 19, 2014

this week on the district

 hey hey you fam you.

it sounds like you all have had a mega good week. we have as well. it has been so warm here! i got some sun on my face, and a nice tan line started from my watch. the suuuun haaas arrived! (name that movie!)

some cool things have happened this week though. do you remember me telling you about michael from last sunday? well he is the man. and he is absolutely hilarious. has such a funny sense of humor. he is pretty sarcastic. but he came to church yesterday and is on a baptismal date. and he is loving it. its pretty cool to see. we are excited to see what other great things are going to happen with him. cool kid. from nigeria.

so we have a few investigators who either have babies.. or are pregnant.. and it makes me so excited to hold a baby again. i love kids, and it is pretty hard to not get to play with them all the time. so brevin better get ready to play with me 24/7 for a few days. he is the closest i have to a little kid.

some funny things for the week have been me going on a one day slimfast diet. our bishops wife has talked to us about losing weight.. and had loads of slimfast in her cupboard so she gave us loads. i tried it for one day.. and i was STARVING. so i quit. it was like those times when we run and i am so thirsty.. but hungry instead. bummer. so now i just eat normal again. and the other day we were in charge of youth and we sat on the grass.. the next morning i had about 40 bug bites on my legs.. so i am so so itchy. so many bites. a little bit i look like i have leprosy. pretty gross.

oh man the other day we met this guy on the street who was absolutely crazy. he was high as a kite and super drunk. i was being pretty bold with him and he kept telling me what a bully i was. it was pretty funny.. but a bit i got annoyed with this guy.. he was getting all up in my grill. but we set up a return appointment anyway. he didnt show. but it was funny to see the importance of the word of wisdom pronounced in such a significant way. be clean!!

we went on exchanges this weekend as well.. and it was so much fun! i went to coventry with sister jensen who is from my group. we got to play football (soccer) with some chinese people.. and one was named sherry. she was so cool. man chinese people really are so prepared! they are solid. i love it.

the week was good though. we are still seeing a lot of success and growth here. the ward it amazing and i have loved serving in this area. if i get moved wednesday i will definitely miss all of these people. they are amazing and i have learned so much here. this area has changed me so much. this is where i would have to say i have learned the most. so i am excited to continue to learn here or not. it would be neat to go to a new area.. but we will see tonight.

and have fun seeing elder call soon. i am REALLY going to miss him. he is the man. and has helped me so much on my mission. what a blessing to serve with him for more than half my mission.

well family. i think you are all great. i miss you lots and am so excited to see you soon. keep on keeping on. i love you so much!! dont forget that. or how amazing you are.

love you kids.

sister j

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