Monday, May 5, 2014

it's one week until the big day

 hey my kids.

so. once again. you all look and sound like you are doing really great. which i love. it makes me very very happy. you all are keeping on. just like i tell you to do each week. whoop. so next week.. what if we did skype at 8 your time. which should be three here. would that work? you tell me. that would be the easiest thing for us. happy cinco de mayo as well. yesterday i ate enchiladas in honor of the big day. yeah.

the biggest news of the week is that my great friend monalisa was baptized this past weekend. it was a great experience for her. she has been waiting for this day for years. and when she came up out of the water and into the room with us she just put her face into her towel and cried. she was so happy. it was amazing to see her with that much love and excitement. i absolutely love getting to be a part of these people coming closer to christ. it is amazing to see them change and grow. it is unlike anything else. really it is. man i wish you all could meet these amazing people that i get to work with. whether it is people we are teaching or members or my companions.. they are great. maybe one day you can meet them.

we have the coolest investigators right now. eddie and zigma, they are super cool!! and then we have japhet and his family that are pretty sweet. japhey totally looks and talks like thurl baily. its amazing. but mostly i am just loving life right now. sister reed is the man. she comes from a family of 9 kids and lives like 2 hours away from leicester in a place called cambridge. but she is loving it her. honestly she is hilarious. love her. we are having so much fun.

so the other sisters in our district are sister roscher and sister curtis(my girl). sister curtis had to go to hospital this weekend so we were in a trio with sister roscher for a few days. so yesterday we went to 6 hours of church.. and then had a dinner appointment.. and were just cycling everywhere. it was so much fun though. and this morning sister curtis was let out of hospital so we had to go and pick her up. but it was fun to be with s roscher this weekend. loved it.

one thing that i have really learned this week is to be more grateful during the good times. i think when we struggle we see the good things that are happening.. but when things are good we dont notice the good so much. so sister reed and i have been working to be more grateful for those good things that do happen.. no matter if its a good day or a bad day. and when we are grateful all of the time.. we notice more blessings. and receive more blessings. how lucky are we?!

it does sound like you are great. and i am great. i realized today that i have about 100 days. that is crazy. and i am freaking out a bit. i love this place and this work. i am excited to come home and see you all.. but i love this place. the people and experiences are amazing. the things that are happening are unforgettable. going on a mission has changed my life. and i am SO glad that i decided to come. no matter how hard it may be at times.. i love it. and i love my savior for making it possible for me to come out and do this work. it is his work. we are blessed.

i love you kids. and i am mega excited to skype you on sunday. let me know if that time works for you!! see you soon. and dont forget.. keep on keeping on.

love sister j 

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