Monday, April 7, 2014

week of the oldie

hey fam.

so yes. i am old now. it was kind of sad to realize that i am older. i liked being 19 and now.. 21. flip. haha but its all good. on saturday some members took us out for lunch before conference which was great, and then we had conference. but before we went there we were suppose to have a lesson with a potential named grace. we get there to her house and she goes to open the door.. and it wont open. she tried like a million keys and even passed me the keys through the post box to try from the outside.. and nothing. couldnt get the door open. (the dont have deadbolts here.. just keys both sides of the doors.) but it was the craziest thing.. not able to get that door open. so we are going to have to try by her later in the week. so funny. it was on a pretty busy street as well so that made it even funnier.

but it sounds like you all had a mega fun spring break! yay for hp world, cleaning, and vball. sounds fun. and so much going on with all of my cousins. yay for all of them. that is great! i hope that everyone is well and enjoying life!

wasnt conference great?! we were able to watch the first three sessions at the stake center saturday and sunday and then this morning we caught up on the sunday afternoon session for our study. it was a great conference!! i loved it. my favorite two talks would have to be elder stevenson and president monson in the sunday morning. they were great. i felt like so many talks this confrence were centered around our savior. such a great reminder for us to keep our baptismal convenants and to always remember him. he is our ULTIMATE example. so we need to always follow him. always. i am so grateful for the testimony i have of my savior. and the growth that came to that testimony this weekend. i love the prophet and apostles. they are men called of god to lead us now. that i know. and they are all special witnesses of christ. pretty cool stuff. what was everyones favorite? i also loved elder ballard. he had a lot to say about member missionary work.. and even gave some ideas on how to. hastening the work. pretty cool.

well we are excited for this next week and are hoping to see lots of good things happen. good luck to you all in the upcoming week. know that i love you miss you and pray for you. keep on keeping on kids. you rock.

love you lots. sister j

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