Tuesday, April 22, 2014

week of the running....again

 hey hey you you.

my family. is the best. i just think you guys rock. and i love getting your pictures and seeing slash hearing about all of the fun things that you are doing. and you have a new fridge? and a new toaster?! man. posh. haha i love it! it sounds like you have had a pretty fun easter. here we just had church and then a dinner appointment with my second mission grandparents the howards. and then we did some good work.

oh yes. so i am staying here in glenfield for at least another transfer and i am really excited about it. as you know my new companion is sister reed and she is from england. she is the best. seriously. love her. we have gone running a lot. and she loves to hoose it up. she is 26 and a bum nurse as well. haha i love her. she helps me work hard and has fun at the same time. and she has almost been out for a year. i am really excited for this transfer.

this week was a pretty good one. we put monalisa on a baptismal date so please please keep her in your prayers. but we also have this way cool investigator names eddie and he is the man. he is about to be baptized catholic.. but we are obviously trying to stop him from doing that. but he is great. i might have told you about him already. but i have never seen someone want to be cleansed from their sins so badly. its amazing. he was supposed to come to church yesterday.. but wasnt able to make it.. but we did have this way cool woman come to church. sister urbani and i contacted this lady name marieta about a week ago.. and she was kind of interested. she is from albania. but we stopped by her saturday morning and just visited with her for a while. she then said that she wanted to come to church with us sunday.. and her 15 month old daughter amanda. and they came!! it was so so cool to see her come and to see her be fellowshipped by one of my favorite members. it is great to see the gospel at work. pretty cool guys.

i loved being able to thing about my savior yesterday and the sacrifice that he made for us. i know that he lives and loves us. he died for us, but rose again. and that is our message to the world. because of christ we too can become perfect. lets work our hardest to find someone this week that doesnt know of this message.. and then share it with them. ok? you can do it.

i love you all. you are my best friends. and i hope that you are doing great! have a great week and i am so excited to hear from you next week.. and skype soon!!:) keep on keeping on.

love sister j

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