Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the week of the iron tablet

 hey kids.

so i think you are all great. and want you to know that. seriously. seeing photos and reading your emails, i just am mind blown at how much you have all grown. its great. i am proud to call myself an egbert. its the best.

it sounds like you all had a pretty great week though. and to see that you are experiencing some of the things we experience here a lot.. aka rain. isnt it the best. it was raining yesterday as we cycled to our dinner appointment. which was alright. it was just a small rain. not too bad.

one of the best things that we had happen this week was also partly a trial. We are teaching this man named eddie, who is planning to be baptized into the catholic church soon. We tried to set a date with him for baptism because we know that he wants to be baptized here as well.. but turns out the date we had planned was the same as his date for their church. We had the bishop and his wife teaching with us.. and the bishop was great to tell him that he needed to make a choice. Sadly for Eddie though he found that pretty upsetting. He doesnt want to upset anyone. So he decided to choose the catholic church. We were pretty upset.. but prayed and asked the zone to pray for him as well.. and he ended up coming to church yesterday! It was quite a miracle. And a great experience for us to see that the Lord is mindful of everyone and gives us each endless chances!

i dont know. things are going so great. but it feels like the lord is just blessing us loads. we arent doing anything special. just trying our best. and that is great. i love it. sister reed is the man. kind of like dani. so its sweet.

today though we had the chance to go with the stake president and two elders to a college in leicester to talk to a class about the church. that was a way cool experience. we got to talk about our beliefs and what not. and then the stake president bought us lunch. but it was neat. lots of different religions and ethnicities in the class. so they had some good questions.

but things are great. i hope you all are having a great week!! the lord loves us and does bless us. we cant forget to be grateful and thank him everyday! you guys rock. keep on keeping on.

love sister j

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