Monday, April 14, 2014

another week bites the dust.

 hey you kids.

so you all had a mega fun week it sounds like. nyc. dances. bacon. school. you guys are living the life. love it. and i love the photos that you send to me every week. its the highlight of my week. emails and photos from my familia. you guys are the best. and i heard that they weather is getting better there. and it is here as well. i hope that you have leicester on that weather ap on the iphone so you can look at what i am going through. not raining right now though. whoop.

here is the thing.. i get here.. and then i never know what to say about our week. it was pretty good. a lot better than last week at least. our investigator monalisa is the man. honestly we love her so much. and her girls are the best. they came to church yesterday and loved it. and we were able to fast with lisa and hopefully tomorrow set a baptismal date with her. she was taught a few years ago and had three baptismal interviews.. but because of situations with her husband/partner.. she was unable to be baptized. but this time around there should be no problems. please keep her in your prayers. she is amazing. i wish you could know her. or that i had some photos.

haha than on saturday we were doing some finding in rally park and this little maybe 8 year old kid stops me and asks me straighten out his scooter for him while he ties his shoe. it was pretty funny! just kind of cool to see that the lord uses us to help everyone. like for real everyone. and when people trust us to help them.. its pretty cool.

so also i am learning to LOVE gardening. we should definitly have a garden. i think i am going to plant one when i get home. is that ok mom? but there is a fmaily here that has an alotment.. which is basically like a big area where lots of different people have gardens. because their proper gardens are too small to grow things. but we are getting to go help her once a week and she is teaching me so much! and we are meeting some cool gardening folks. i love it. being outside, talking to people, and serving. its pretty great. so i am excited to use these skills later

yesterday we got to watch the general womens broadcast.. and it was amazing!! that choir was so cute, and when they began singing their first song.. tears came to my eyes. those young girls being their brought the spirit so strongly. it was amazing. young spirits are some of the most amazing spirits. i think it is because they are still so good at turning their will over to the father. they dont feel a need to do things their way all of the time, and they are able to let him do his work. that is why christ tells us to become as little children. they will help us reach the kingdom of heaven. isnt that cool? so guys.. lets all be like kids. well like brevin at least.

well i hope that you all have a great week this next one. enjoy yourselves and dont forget to do those things that are important. prioritize! that is so important. i learned that this week. haha you learn a lot of things as a missionary. it rocks. ok but i hope you know that i love you all so much! you are my best friends. and i miss you. but i hope that you are all able to have your own missionary experiences every day! and please tell me about them if you do. keep on keeping on.

love sister j 

fun family in the ward

of course a jumping pic

sister j sister b and elder ?

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