Monday, March 3, 2014

week of the baptism

 hey hey you you.

so this week was SOOO long. but it ended so well!! you all sounded like you had a great week. with snowboarding and the mish mom lunch. that is so cute. can i come to it when i get home. even though i wont be a missionary anymore. it just sounds so fun. and i am excited to get mac daddies letter. i hope it really does come:) and dad i am so excited that you are teaching. mr egbert. it sounds great. i love it. let me know how it goes. i am sure that you will hoose it up.

alan was baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday! it was so great. he was baptized by the oldest member of the ward, brother porter who is 92. but they were assisted by elder ashcraft who is 18. so in the font was 200 years of ago. how cool is that?! but it was a really neat thing to see him put his trust in the Lord and show his faith. we love alan.

so i have discovered that this place where we live is full of polish people. like full. so i am going to learn polish. cool right? we have a potential that we are teaching tomorrow that is polish so i am excited!

ok this email may be meag short this week. but i have to tell you something that i have been thinking about this week. it is about change. i have this fear that i am going to come home and be the same person i was when i left. it is hard to see the change in yourself becase you are with you all the time. i want to take this opportunity that i have been given to change, and let myself change. the Lord sees what he wants us to be and has a plan for us to become that. so we must allow it to happen. that is where we are going to be the happiest in our lives. when we allow the atonement to change us.

we have had loads of sunshine this past week and it is wonderful!! and... guess whose back back back, back again... my black jacket!!!!:) you all love it. but things are going good. we have a lot of good things lined up for this week.. and the ward is starting to change for the better. it is great!!

thank you all for your love and support. you are the best and i am so grateful that oyu are my family. love you lots and miss you.  keep on keeping on.

love sister j

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