Monday, March 31, 2014

week of the polish peeps.

hey you kids.

so have fun in hp world this week boys. and girl.. just have fun. cleaning is the best. remember how when i was bored at home i would clean everyone elses rooms? crazy. who does that?! but mac dog. i got your letter. loved it. and the photo. especially the photo. and am so excited to jack to go to madagascar. and that josh is going to get his letter soon. that is so great. i am excited! and if jack and i could speak together that would be cool!!

so congrats to ry guy. that is awesome. you are the man. and nice that you got an email from heather. she is so great. i may get to go to a baptism for their son in a few weeks.. if we can arrange a lift there. she called president to see if i could go, so it would be great to see them and everyone from lincoln. i miss that place. and the people. but it will be really cool to meet them. mom
 you will be a great hostess. and i am sure that they will be doing lots. so dont worry.

yeah elder call was able to skype yesterday because it was english mothers day.. and he goes home so soon to our mothers day. he is doing good. i love that kid and i get to see him today. whoop.

so this week was a pretty good one. it went by so quickly that i kind of have a hard time remebering what we did.. sister urbani was sick for a few days.. so one day we had to stay in. and i was so bored. i just say staring out the window for awhile.. haha after doing some effective things of course. but it was good becuause now she is feeling a lot better. which is great.

yesterday rocked. i dont know if i told you about monalisa our investigator who is really a former from a few years ago. she is amazing! and from zimbabwe (i want to go there) and she has two adorable little girls, aleshia and elaine. they came to church yesterday!! which was awesome. lisa has been really nerbous about coming back to church so it was great to have her there and for everyone to remember her. we have been working with the ward.. a lot. becuase they arent lovers of the work.. but they are continually getting better which is great to see! i love it here. and am loving all the people that i am getting to meet.

well since this week is conference.. and this girls 21st.. its gonna be a good week. i dont want to turn 21. like at all.. but its going to happen. but i am so excited for conference. what a blessing to see and hear from our prophet and apostles. cool that we have a living day prophet. that is a mesage that we have to share with the world. invite someone this week to listen to conference... that wouldnt normally. it will be great for them and you.

i love you all and miss you. and am so glad to hear how great you are doing. you are the best family.. ever. and i am blessed. thank you for the love and supporr you show to me while i serve across the pond. its a great experience and i love sharing it with you. love you kids.

sister j xx

elder call and sister j

sister u and sister j

a shout out for the hp fans in the fam

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