Monday, March 10, 2014

this week on.......the glenfield

 hhhhhheeeeeeeyyy guys.

so looks like i am staying here another transfer with sester urbani. we are excited and looking forward to another fun 6 weeks together. yay. plus the weather is getting so so nice and i am wearing my black jacket as i type this so yeah.. things are looking good. looooking gooood. and elder call stayed and they got a new sister in their ward named, sister bornemann!! i got to see her on wednesday and it was so great to see her. i have really missed her. she is great. and now they get to be pals over there. but i can see them both friday.

it sounds like things are going pretty well for the egbert clan over there in utah. and that you all are being bros and loving life. oh so i have a new district leader named elder silva from portugal. and he is the man. brevin you should write a letter or email in portugese for him. he would love it. oh and so great that layne is home. i hope he is doing well. mom i loved your cute end of your email.. it made me so very happy! i love you lots. and cool that you saw ethan. i am glad that he is doing really great!

so this week was a pretty long and quiet week in glendfield. transfer week always is if you are staying. but we were able to do some finding and have a few neat experiences. i will share a few with you all.. now:)

we found one man named rav that seemed pretty cool. we gave him a book of mormon and set up a return apt. he is from india and has a wife and a 16 month old daughter. so when we went back yesterday we only saw his wife.. but she said that she has been reading the book but hadnt finished it.. pretty cool. and we are going to see them tomorrow.

then we found one lady a few weeks ago, who was unable to make our appointment because she was in the hospital. but we stopped by to see her this week and she came outisde and spoke to us for quite a while. she believes basically everything that we do and loved talking to us. she is way cool. sue.

but yeah. i love meeting cool people. i was thinking today about when i go home i am not going to be able to go around and just talk to people like i do now. i am really going to miss meeting new friends everyday and learning things from them. but then i just have to talk to people and make new friends. i am excited to share the gospel everyday still though. for the rest of my life.

i thought of something that i think is really cool yesterday slash today. in the bd under prayer it talks about how when we realize our relationship with heavenly father then prayer will become instinctive.. or something along those lines. how cool is that thought. when we realize that we are heavenly fathers children, then we want to pray to him.. like all the time. i feel like that. it is the neatest thing. i just would encourage you all to work to strengthen your relationship with Him everyday. be best friends. its the coolest thing!

well i love you all and again am so grateful that i have the worlds best family. you rock. and i hope you know what examples you are to me. you mean the world to me. thanks for everything. i hope you have a great week!! keep on keeping on.

love sister j 

the district

the black jacket is back!!!

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