Monday, March 24, 2014

this week. it rained.

 hey family.

so i love you all so much. mondays are my favorite days because i can hear from you. and about the fun things that you are doing. i am excited for the boys for next week. they are going to have some mega fun!! and wow. so many people getting married slash engaged. i guess that is what happens in the spring time. its gonna be crazy coming home and everyone will have different names. but congrats to all of them!

things were pretty average here in glenfield this week. we really were only able to see two of our investigators because the others were pretty busy. but we were able to put one on a baptismal date.. and the other.. yeah we will see what happens there. the one on a date was suppose to come to church yesterday, but was unable because her newborn, adorable, baby kept her up all night. but we were able to see blessings that we hadnt intended come through. we were sitting in coordination before church and a women walked in asking about when church started. it turns out that she is a former investigator from an area near ours.. but moved just before her baptism. and one of my mission pals taught her. but she had an impression to come to our church that morning.. so made her way over. and she loved church and everyone loved her! we are mega excited! we set up a time to see her this week and are hoping and praying for the best! we are working with.. stacy, ceejay and shenii, sharmma, monalisa..

other than that.. i have learned to never eat polish cookies. they make me a bit crazy. and they dont even taste that good. oh we also met this lady this week from romania who had never met an american before. she was so excited! and taught me some romanian words. i have gotten into this habit that whenever i meet someon who speaks another language i have them teach me a few words in their language. then the next time i meet someone from that country i can impress them! haha its been working so far. and its broadens my horizons! i love it.

well this weel i learned that it is so important to talk with heavenly father.. everyday. i mean i already knew that. but its something that is strengthened every week for me. i love that i can talk to him whenever. because it gets hard sometimes that i cant speak to my earthly parents whenever i want. but knowing that i can turn to him.. is amazing! he listens and answers and knows us perfectly. what a blessing to know that. now i want to challenge you all to pray for missionary opportunities everyday. and then go out there and look for them. great things will happen. promise!!

i love you all. more than you know. have a great week and remember.. keep on keeping on!

love sister j xx

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