Tuesday, March 18, 2014

another week in glenfield

Sister J & Elder Call
yoyo hommies.

well this week was maybe the longest week in awhile. but it was a good one. but your weeks all sound like there were pretty good. i am glad to hear that you are loving reading and playing sports and all of that good stuff. brevin remember i told you about my portuguese district leader.. well we made a video of him speaking to you.. but it might be too big to send. we will see though. but you all rock. i know i say that all of the time. but really you do. it sometimes takes being away from your family for awhile to realize how amazing they are. i always knew you were great.. but i had to be reminded. but i now know that i have the best family.. EVER.

sssoooo this week i got to see my cousin. elder call. we had zone conference which was so much fun and a really good learning experience. it was with two other zones.. which were ones that i had previously served in, so i got to see so many of my old hommies. it was awesome. and we were very lucky to have our area president there and his wife to speak to us. they are great. i have come to realize that general authorities are all really funny. and they always know how to make things so relevant to you. its so great! arent we lucky to have such great leaders surrounding us?

we also picked up two new investigators this week.. well they are formers, that we re-picked up. hopefully this time around they will be ready and willing to make necessary changes, and have the faith to commit. their names are ceejay and sharmma. but we are also teaching monalisa, vera, and joanne. haha lots of women. but they are great. i love teaching different people from different backgrounds and learning different things from each of them. its so neat to see them change their lives because of the spirit that they feel. that is the thing that changes us. it isnt words that are spoken, or songs that are sung.. its the way that the spirit touches our hearts that truly changes us. i know that is true. in order to live up to our potential we must feel the spirit on a daily basis. we must be intune so that we can understand what the Lord would have us learn. and we just need to listen and follow. that is one thing that i really hope to be able to learn better as i am serving now.. to listen and go. not to hesitate.

i also got to go on an exchange this week with.... sister hanks!! it was so much fun. it was great to be able to talk about cache valley and all of the people that we know. i loved being able to talk with someone that understood what i was talking about. man.. it was great.

well the word of the week is actually a phrase.. ''oh my mother.'' haha a samoan elder in our district says it all of the time. and in his accent it is the funniest thing. but yes.. the weather has been absolutely amazing!! we are loving it. and today i am actually not even wearing tights.. yay. and sometimes its nice to ride a bike in this weather.. haha but mostly i just wish for a car.. (in a few months that'll happen.) good luck to ryan this week in his election. he is going to do great. i know it. that is actually quite funny that no one ran against dallin. but i hope for the best for ryan!

this next week should be a pretty good one, for you as well i am sure. i hope that you are enjoying the nice weather. you egbert family really are the best. i am so glad to know that you have my back.. always. you rock. thanks again for being the best. not just good or better.. but the best! i love you kids. and miss you. have a great week!!

love sister j

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