Monday, March 31, 2014

week of the polish peeps.

hey you kids.

so have fun in hp world this week boys. and girl.. just have fun. cleaning is the best. remember how when i was bored at home i would clean everyone elses rooms? crazy. who does that?! but mac dog. i got your letter. loved it. and the photo. especially the photo. and am so excited to jack to go to madagascar. and that josh is going to get his letter soon. that is so great. i am excited! and if jack and i could speak together that would be cool!!

so congrats to ry guy. that is awesome. you are the man. and nice that you got an email from heather. she is so great. i may get to go to a baptism for their son in a few weeks.. if we can arrange a lift there. she called president to see if i could go, so it would be great to see them and everyone from lincoln. i miss that place. and the people. but it will be really cool to meet them. mom
 you will be a great hostess. and i am sure that they will be doing lots. so dont worry.

yeah elder call was able to skype yesterday because it was english mothers day.. and he goes home so soon to our mothers day. he is doing good. i love that kid and i get to see him today. whoop.

so this week was a pretty good one. it went by so quickly that i kind of have a hard time remebering what we did.. sister urbani was sick for a few days.. so one day we had to stay in. and i was so bored. i just say staring out the window for awhile.. haha after doing some effective things of course. but it was good becuause now she is feeling a lot better. which is great.

yesterday rocked. i dont know if i told you about monalisa our investigator who is really a former from a few years ago. she is amazing! and from zimbabwe (i want to go there) and she has two adorable little girls, aleshia and elaine. they came to church yesterday!! which was awesome. lisa has been really nerbous about coming back to church so it was great to have her there and for everyone to remember her. we have been working with the ward.. a lot. becuase they arent lovers of the work.. but they are continually getting better which is great to see! i love it here. and am loving all the people that i am getting to meet.

well since this week is conference.. and this girls 21st.. its gonna be a good week. i dont want to turn 21. like at all.. but its going to happen. but i am so excited for conference. what a blessing to see and hear from our prophet and apostles. cool that we have a living day prophet. that is a mesage that we have to share with the world. invite someone this week to listen to conference... that wouldnt normally. it will be great for them and you.

i love you all and miss you. and am so glad to hear how great you are doing. you are the best family.. ever. and i am blessed. thank you for the love and supporr you show to me while i serve across the pond. its a great experience and i love sharing it with you. love you kids.

sister j xx

elder call and sister j

sister u and sister j

a shout out for the hp fans in the fam

Monday, March 24, 2014

this week. it rained.

 hey family.

so i love you all so much. mondays are my favorite days because i can hear from you. and about the fun things that you are doing. i am excited for the boys for next week. they are going to have some mega fun!! and wow. so many people getting married slash engaged. i guess that is what happens in the spring time. its gonna be crazy coming home and everyone will have different names. but congrats to all of them!

things were pretty average here in glenfield this week. we really were only able to see two of our investigators because the others were pretty busy. but we were able to put one on a baptismal date.. and the other.. yeah we will see what happens there. the one on a date was suppose to come to church yesterday, but was unable because her newborn, adorable, baby kept her up all night. but we were able to see blessings that we hadnt intended come through. we were sitting in coordination before church and a women walked in asking about when church started. it turns out that she is a former investigator from an area near ours.. but moved just before her baptism. and one of my mission pals taught her. but she had an impression to come to our church that morning.. so made her way over. and she loved church and everyone loved her! we are mega excited! we set up a time to see her this week and are hoping and praying for the best! we are working with.. stacy, ceejay and shenii, sharmma, monalisa..

other than that.. i have learned to never eat polish cookies. they make me a bit crazy. and they dont even taste that good. oh we also met this lady this week from romania who had never met an american before. she was so excited! and taught me some romanian words. i have gotten into this habit that whenever i meet someon who speaks another language i have them teach me a few words in their language. then the next time i meet someone from that country i can impress them! haha its been working so far. and its broadens my horizons! i love it.

well this weel i learned that it is so important to talk with heavenly father.. everyday. i mean i already knew that. but its something that is strengthened every week for me. i love that i can talk to him whenever. because it gets hard sometimes that i cant speak to my earthly parents whenever i want. but knowing that i can turn to him.. is amazing! he listens and answers and knows us perfectly. what a blessing to know that. now i want to challenge you all to pray for missionary opportunities everyday. and then go out there and look for them. great things will happen. promise!!

i love you all. more than you know. have a great week and remember.. keep on keeping on!

love sister j xx

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

another week in glenfield

Sister J & Elder Call
yoyo hommies.

well this week was maybe the longest week in awhile. but it was a good one. but your weeks all sound like there were pretty good. i am glad to hear that you are loving reading and playing sports and all of that good stuff. brevin remember i told you about my portuguese district leader.. well we made a video of him speaking to you.. but it might be too big to send. we will see though. but you all rock. i know i say that all of the time. but really you do. it sometimes takes being away from your family for awhile to realize how amazing they are. i always knew you were great.. but i had to be reminded. but i now know that i have the best family.. EVER.

sssoooo this week i got to see my cousin. elder call. we had zone conference which was so much fun and a really good learning experience. it was with two other zones.. which were ones that i had previously served in, so i got to see so many of my old hommies. it was awesome. and we were very lucky to have our area president there and his wife to speak to us. they are great. i have come to realize that general authorities are all really funny. and they always know how to make things so relevant to you. its so great! arent we lucky to have such great leaders surrounding us?

we also picked up two new investigators this week.. well they are formers, that we re-picked up. hopefully this time around they will be ready and willing to make necessary changes, and have the faith to commit. their names are ceejay and sharmma. but we are also teaching monalisa, vera, and joanne. haha lots of women. but they are great. i love teaching different people from different backgrounds and learning different things from each of them. its so neat to see them change their lives because of the spirit that they feel. that is the thing that changes us. it isnt words that are spoken, or songs that are sung.. its the way that the spirit touches our hearts that truly changes us. i know that is true. in order to live up to our potential we must feel the spirit on a daily basis. we must be intune so that we can understand what the Lord would have us learn. and we just need to listen and follow. that is one thing that i really hope to be able to learn better as i am serving now.. to listen and go. not to hesitate.

i also got to go on an exchange this week with.... sister hanks!! it was so much fun. it was great to be able to talk about cache valley and all of the people that we know. i loved being able to talk with someone that understood what i was talking about. man.. it was great.

well the word of the week is actually a phrase.. ''oh my mother.'' haha a samoan elder in our district says it all of the time. and in his accent it is the funniest thing. but yes.. the weather has been absolutely amazing!! we are loving it. and today i am actually not even wearing tights.. yay. and sometimes its nice to ride a bike in this weather.. haha but mostly i just wish for a car.. (in a few months that'll happen.) good luck to ryan this week in his election. he is going to do great. i know it. that is actually quite funny that no one ran against dallin. but i hope for the best for ryan!

this next week should be a pretty good one, for you as well i am sure. i hope that you are enjoying the nice weather. you egbert family really are the best. i am so glad to know that you have my back.. always. you rock. thanks again for being the best. not just good or better.. but the best! i love you kids. and miss you. have a great week!!

love sister j

Monday, March 10, 2014

this week on.......the glenfield

 hhhhhheeeeeeeyyy guys.

so looks like i am staying here another transfer with sester urbani. we are excited and looking forward to another fun 6 weeks together. yay. plus the weather is getting so so nice and i am wearing my black jacket as i type this so yeah.. things are looking good. looooking gooood. and elder call stayed and they got a new sister in their ward named, sister bornemann!! i got to see her on wednesday and it was so great to see her. i have really missed her. she is great. and now they get to be pals over there. but i can see them both friday.

it sounds like things are going pretty well for the egbert clan over there in utah. and that you all are being bros and loving life. oh so i have a new district leader named elder silva from portugal. and he is the man. brevin you should write a letter or email in portugese for him. he would love it. oh and so great that layne is home. i hope he is doing well. mom i loved your cute end of your email.. it made me so very happy! i love you lots. and cool that you saw ethan. i am glad that he is doing really great!

so this week was a pretty long and quiet week in glendfield. transfer week always is if you are staying. but we were able to do some finding and have a few neat experiences. i will share a few with you all.. now:)

we found one man named rav that seemed pretty cool. we gave him a book of mormon and set up a return apt. he is from india and has a wife and a 16 month old daughter. so when we went back yesterday we only saw his wife.. but she said that she has been reading the book but hadnt finished it.. pretty cool. and we are going to see them tomorrow.

then we found one lady a few weeks ago, who was unable to make our appointment because she was in the hospital. but we stopped by to see her this week and she came outisde and spoke to us for quite a while. she believes basically everything that we do and loved talking to us. she is way cool. sue.

but yeah. i love meeting cool people. i was thinking today about when i go home i am not going to be able to go around and just talk to people like i do now. i am really going to miss meeting new friends everyday and learning things from them. but then i just have to talk to people and make new friends. i am excited to share the gospel everyday still though. for the rest of my life.

i thought of something that i think is really cool yesterday slash today. in the bd under prayer it talks about how when we realize our relationship with heavenly father then prayer will become instinctive.. or something along those lines. how cool is that thought. when we realize that we are heavenly fathers children, then we want to pray to him.. like all the time. i feel like that. it is the neatest thing. i just would encourage you all to work to strengthen your relationship with Him everyday. be best friends. its the coolest thing!

well i love you all and again am so grateful that i have the worlds best family. you rock. and i hope you know what examples you are to me. you mean the world to me. thanks for everything. i hope you have a great week!! keep on keeping on.

love sister j 

the district

the black jacket is back!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

week of the baptism

 hey hey you you.

so this week was SOOO long. but it ended so well!! you all sounded like you had a great week. with snowboarding and the mish mom lunch. that is so cute. can i come to it when i get home. even though i wont be a missionary anymore. it just sounds so fun. and i am excited to get mac daddies letter. i hope it really does come:) and dad i am so excited that you are teaching. mr egbert. it sounds great. i love it. let me know how it goes. i am sure that you will hoose it up.

alan was baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday! it was so great. he was baptized by the oldest member of the ward, brother porter who is 92. but they were assisted by elder ashcraft who is 18. so in the font was 200 years of ago. how cool is that?! but it was a really neat thing to see him put his trust in the Lord and show his faith. we love alan.

so i have discovered that this place where we live is full of polish people. like full. so i am going to learn polish. cool right? we have a potential that we are teaching tomorrow that is polish so i am excited!

ok this email may be meag short this week. but i have to tell you something that i have been thinking about this week. it is about change. i have this fear that i am going to come home and be the same person i was when i left. it is hard to see the change in yourself becase you are with you all the time. i want to take this opportunity that i have been given to change, and let myself change. the Lord sees what he wants us to be and has a plan for us to become that. so we must allow it to happen. that is where we are going to be the happiest in our lives. when we allow the atonement to change us.

we have had loads of sunshine this past week and it is wonderful!! and... guess whose back back back, back again... my black jacket!!!!:) you all love it. but things are going good. we have a lot of good things lined up for this week.. and the ward is starting to change for the better. it is great!!

thank you all for your love and support. you are the best and i am so grateful that oyu are my family. love you lots and miss you.  keep on keeping on.

love sister j