Monday, February 10, 2014

week of the year mark

 whoa. hey kids.

first off. mom is it ok if you post me my school info so that i can apply soon? that is coming up soonish. but also could i get jan and feb ensigns? and maybe jillian michaels thrity day shred? random. i know.

ok so you all sound like you are loving life. it sounds like things are going really well for you! and you are being great at volleyball and school. super cool. so happy birthday to kacie this week and tom. i am sending her a card.. today its in the flat so i will post it when we get back. she will LOVE it. but i hope that gma is doing ok. i will write to her soon. and congrats to mandy. that is fun!

things are going good here. we had a pretty great week. alan accepted to be baptized on the 1st of march. and a new investigator james is set so far for the 9th of march. pretty cool stuff. they are awesome. especially alan. everyone in the ward just loves him and he loves them. he is loving church and just the support group that comes with it. you can expect that from a 90 year old man though. we are so excited for his birthday though!!

it hasnt been too cold here this week. we had a nice morning this morning when i went out to run up the hill twice. i am so out of shape. but love running while sister urbani wathches. she is the best. but we are staying warm. we arent really sure if there is anything cool to see here. we are way close  to town which is awesome. but dont get there much. i have seen scott last p day and maybe today, but i will later in the week. love seeing my cousin.

a few investigators that we have are; alan, james, sharon, zoe, joanne. they are great. hopefully more will start progressing soon. but yeah. sorry i dont have a whole lot to say about the week. it was good though. better than last week.

i was thinking about how i am coming up to a year here. its kind of crazy. but good. the mission makes you a much better person. i have been thinking about all that i have learned and done on my mission up to this point and its pretty crazy. i have learned so much! and changed so much! sometimes you want to stay the person that you were before, but then you realize how much you needed to change and how good it really will be for you. its great.

well i gotta go. thanks guys for all that you do. i love you lots!!

keep on keeping on.

sister j

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