Tuesday, February 25, 2014

week of the warmth

hey family.

well it sounds like you all had a pretty good week. and that the boys are going to hp world this week. that is awesome. and good job on all of your sports kids. i am proud! living up to the egbert name. whoop. and exciting everyone that is getting married. congrats kids.

lets see.. investigators names for the week are.. alan of course! please pray for him. and james.. who we have kind of lost but are hoping to get back in. we dont have a lot of other people that we are teaching yet. there is a lot of finding going on in this area. gotta love it. actually i am liking finding a lot more since i have been in this area. it is a lot better finding then in my previous area and we are enjoying finding new places to find. that is something that made this week good. it is so neat to stop someone and be able to engage in a gospel related conversation with them for a few minutes. even if they are not interested, it is still so cool to feel the spirit teach and testify to them through us. love that. and you never know.. later something may come of it.

but this week we went by a lady named gerry who is less active. her husband died about three weeks ago and she has been having a really hard time. some members, the howards, told us to go round there and visit. so we did, and she was ever so pleased to see us. we had a good cry with her, well she cried into my shoulder, and then we laughed and enjoyed each others company. so that was really good. hopefully we can see her again today.

oh my favorite phrase of the week is ''go on then.'' i love it. and say it all the time!

so brother abley doesnt have an email.. but he called today, and is really nervous about the whole thing. hopefully he gets it sorted out.. because i feel bad but there isnt much that i can do about it.

uh i want to share with you some thoughts that i had this morning while doing personal study. usually on p day personal study is quite hard and i am quite distracted.. but today was great. i love when you can feel the spirit really strongly in your study.. its the best. and that is how today was. i was able to really feel my Father in Heaven speak to me and answer some of my questions that i have been praying about. he lately seems to answer my prayers through an enlightenment.. which is aweomse. nothing big but something very personal. i came to realize in a great sense that he knows us PERFECTLY. like seriously. isnt that so cool. we have someone who knows us so well that he can answer any question that we have. just in his time. we have to be patient and open to the wispering of his spirit. isnt that great? i want to invite you all to listen to those promptings more this week. pray for that discerment and he will give it to you. in a way that is personaly to you and in a way that will help you more than you thought he could. cool stuff.

well i love you all and i am so grateful to have the family that i do. you guys serisouly rock. keep on keeping on. and i look forward to hearing how your week was again. i love mondays!! have a great week though. love you and miss you!!:)

sister j 

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