Tuesday, February 4, 2014

week of the dog

 hey guys. this is a big birthday week.. so happy birthday to everyone across the pond!

well ok. i will tell you about sister urbani. she is from the south of frace. and has just one brother and no sisters. she is 21 and loves bread and cheese. like most french people. but we are having a good time working together. but yeah we can def go to all of those places when we come back to visit england. i was thinking today as we were riding the bus (and yes we say up top.) but i was thinking about how i havent really seen that much of this country because we always stay in our specific areas. but i am excited to come back with you all to see these cool places and all of these great people!!

it sounds like you had a pretty good week though. i loved seeing the photos of ryan and his date. and love that bog story. and that you all just are loving basketball lately. how are the jazz doing by the way. i was on exchange this week in coventry and we were with some chinese students who love the nba. it was fun to chat with them about that.

so this week we had a great thing happen. i dont know if i told you about our investigator alan. well he is turning 90 in a few weeks. and he is the man. but anyway he has early onset dementia and cant remember a lot of what we teach him. but he loves the idea of being with his wife forever. so he clings to that. but he came to church yesterday and loved it!! he met so many people and everyone was so nice to him. it was awesome! there is a 92 year old man in our ward as well and they are going to be best friends. i know it. and he wants to baptize alan. he is great. but yeah things are going good.

like i said i went on exchange this week which was great. i love being in big cities. and talking to loads of chinese people. that is pretty cool. but yeah there isnt really anything else that is happening here.

but i do love the gospel. having the chance to take the sacrament each week also is great. such a blessing for each of us. i have realized the importance of the gospel in each of our lives.. espeically in our efforts to keep all of our convenants. that is oh so important. keep doing it.

well we gotta go. its zone pday today so imma going to hang out with elder call. but i love you all. thanks for all that you do for me and the examples that you are to me. i feel so blessed to have you all helping me and encouraging me. you are the men. have a great week though. keep on keeping on. love you lots.

sister j

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