Monday, February 17, 2014

six months out

 kids. hey.

you all are the best. and sound like you are doing the best. and i am glad that you had a good v-day. we had some pasta and wore our v-day jumpers for a bit. it was fun. oh and we went to a funeral and a baptism that day. it was good. i hope that you have a fun day today though.

alright so i have quite a few things that i want to share with you today. so alan. he is doing great. has so many questions about the after life. which is great. beacuse then it shows that he is really listening and wants to know. he is so great.

we got a new investigator this week. her name is vera. she is form ghanan. and speaks twi and a small portion of english. but she is great. the first time we met her she didnt understand much of what we said, but was willing to have us come round and we got her address. when we went for our lesson i was thinking she was going to not be there. but it turns out that she was waiting for us. we went right in and began talking a bit about the gospel. but she had very little understanding. So we talked about teaching her english and she was thrilled with that idea. so i am going to attempt to teach someone english when i have NEVER learned another language. we will see how that goes.

and today. i was reading a talk from last conference. ''to my grandchildren'' its awesome. but at the end it talks about how the holy ghost brings things to our rememberance. and that really hit me. i have been thinking about the spirit and how it teaches us. sometimes we expect huge displays of the spirit. and someone to appear to us. but really the spirit just enlightens our mind.. brings things to our rememberance. we know EVERYTHING. we just need to remember that we do. isnt that a neat thought. we do know it all. we just dont remember that we do. so if you ever get discouraged that you dont know enough.. that isnt true. you just have to work hard to remember it. and studying and praying and going to church are those ways to bring it to our rememberance. yesterday i had to fill some time in sacrament meeting by speaking for a bit. i was nervous but just decided i was going to focus it on prayer.. i cannot remember what i said. i know that they lord uses each of us as a tool. he has a job to get done, and if we can be the tool that he uses.. what a blessing. i always want to live my life in a way that the lord can know if he needs a job doing.. he can have me do it. what a way to live.

well things are going good here. i got sister urbani to do some kickboxing with me this morning and it was great! i love to exercise.. just wish i could run more. but we are excited for this week. please let me know if there is anything that i can do for you guys or anyone! i miss you all and pray for you and love you lots!! keep on keeping on.

love sister j

ps transfers are on the 5 of march. 2 weeks. tell the grandparents hello and i love them and hope that they are doing good!:)

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