Tuesday, February 25, 2014

week of the warmth

hey family.

well it sounds like you all had a pretty good week. and that the boys are going to hp world this week. that is awesome. and good job on all of your sports kids. i am proud! living up to the egbert name. whoop. and exciting everyone that is getting married. congrats kids.

lets see.. investigators names for the week are.. alan of course! please pray for him. and james.. who we have kind of lost but are hoping to get back in. we dont have a lot of other people that we are teaching yet. there is a lot of finding going on in this area. gotta love it. actually i am liking finding a lot more since i have been in this area. it is a lot better finding then in my previous area and we are enjoying finding new places to find. that is something that made this week good. it is so neat to stop someone and be able to engage in a gospel related conversation with them for a few minutes. even if they are not interested, it is still so cool to feel the spirit teach and testify to them through us. love that. and you never know.. later something may come of it.

but this week we went by a lady named gerry who is less active. her husband died about three weeks ago and she has been having a really hard time. some members, the howards, told us to go round there and visit. so we did, and she was ever so pleased to see us. we had a good cry with her, well she cried into my shoulder, and then we laughed and enjoyed each others company. so that was really good. hopefully we can see her again today.

oh my favorite phrase of the week is ''go on then.'' i love it. and say it all the time!

so brother abley doesnt have an email.. but he called today, and is really nervous about the whole thing. hopefully he gets it sorted out.. because i feel bad but there isnt much that i can do about it.

uh i want to share with you some thoughts that i had this morning while doing personal study. usually on p day personal study is quite hard and i am quite distracted.. but today was great. i love when you can feel the spirit really strongly in your study.. its the best. and that is how today was. i was able to really feel my Father in Heaven speak to me and answer some of my questions that i have been praying about. he lately seems to answer my prayers through an enlightenment.. which is aweomse. nothing big but something very personal. i came to realize in a great sense that he knows us PERFECTLY. like seriously. isnt that so cool. we have someone who knows us so well that he can answer any question that we have. just in his time. we have to be patient and open to the wispering of his spirit. isnt that great? i want to invite you all to listen to those promptings more this week. pray for that discerment and he will give it to you. in a way that is personaly to you and in a way that will help you more than you thought he could. cool stuff.

well i love you all and i am so grateful to have the family that i do. you guys serisouly rock. keep on keeping on. and i look forward to hearing how your week was again. i love mondays!! have a great week though. love you and miss you!!:)

sister j 

Monday, February 17, 2014

six months out

 kids. hey.

you all are the best. and sound like you are doing the best. and i am glad that you had a good v-day. we had some pasta and wore our v-day jumpers for a bit. it was fun. oh and we went to a funeral and a baptism that day. it was good. i hope that you have a fun day today though.

alright so i have quite a few things that i want to share with you today. so alan. he is doing great. has so many questions about the after life. which is great. beacuse then it shows that he is really listening and wants to know. he is so great.

we got a new investigator this week. her name is vera. she is form ghanan. and speaks twi and a small portion of english. but she is great. the first time we met her she didnt understand much of what we said, but was willing to have us come round and we got her address. when we went for our lesson i was thinking she was going to not be there. but it turns out that she was waiting for us. we went right in and began talking a bit about the gospel. but she had very little understanding. So we talked about teaching her english and she was thrilled with that idea. so i am going to attempt to teach someone english when i have NEVER learned another language. we will see how that goes.

and today. i was reading a talk from last conference. ''to my grandchildren'' its awesome. but at the end it talks about how the holy ghost brings things to our rememberance. and that really hit me. i have been thinking about the spirit and how it teaches us. sometimes we expect huge displays of the spirit. and someone to appear to us. but really the spirit just enlightens our mind.. brings things to our rememberance. we know EVERYTHING. we just need to remember that we do. isnt that a neat thought. we do know it all. we just dont remember that we do. so if you ever get discouraged that you dont know enough.. that isnt true. you just have to work hard to remember it. and studying and praying and going to church are those ways to bring it to our rememberance. yesterday i had to fill some time in sacrament meeting by speaking for a bit. i was nervous but just decided i was going to focus it on prayer.. i cannot remember what i said. i know that they lord uses each of us as a tool. he has a job to get done, and if we can be the tool that he uses.. what a blessing. i always want to live my life in a way that the lord can know if he needs a job doing.. he can have me do it. what a way to live.

well things are going good here. i got sister urbani to do some kickboxing with me this morning and it was great! i love to exercise.. just wish i could run more. but we are excited for this week. please let me know if there is anything that i can do for you guys or anyone! i miss you all and pray for you and love you lots!! keep on keeping on.

love sister j

ps transfers are on the 5 of march. 2 weeks. tell the grandparents hello and i love them and hope that they are doing good!:)

Monday, February 10, 2014

week of the year mark

 whoa. hey kids.

first off. mom is it ok if you post me my school info so that i can apply soon? that is coming up soonish. but also could i get jan and feb ensigns? and maybe jillian michaels thrity day shred? random. i know.

ok so you all sound like you are loving life. it sounds like things are going really well for you! and you are being great at volleyball and school. super cool. so happy birthday to kacie this week and tom. i am sending her a card.. today its in the flat so i will post it when we get back. she will LOVE it. but i hope that gma is doing ok. i will write to her soon. and congrats to mandy. that is fun!

things are going good here. we had a pretty great week. alan accepted to be baptized on the 1st of march. and a new investigator james is set so far for the 9th of march. pretty cool stuff. they are awesome. especially alan. everyone in the ward just loves him and he loves them. he is loving church and just the support group that comes with it. you can expect that from a 90 year old man though. we are so excited for his birthday though!!

it hasnt been too cold here this week. we had a nice morning this morning when i went out to run up the hill twice. i am so out of shape. but love running while sister urbani wathches. she is the best. but we are staying warm. we arent really sure if there is anything cool to see here. we are way close  to town which is awesome. but dont get there much. i have seen scott last p day and maybe today, but i will later in the week. love seeing my cousin.

a few investigators that we have are; alan, james, sharon, zoe, joanne. they are great. hopefully more will start progressing soon. but yeah. sorry i dont have a whole lot to say about the week. it was good though. better than last week.

i was thinking about how i am coming up to a year here. its kind of crazy. but good. the mission makes you a much better person. i have been thinking about all that i have learned and done on my mission up to this point and its pretty crazy. i have learned so much! and changed so much! sometimes you want to stay the person that you were before, but then you realize how much you needed to change and how good it really will be for you. its great.

well i gotta go. thanks guys for all that you do. i love you lots!!

keep on keeping on.

sister j

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

week of the dog

 hey guys. this is a big birthday week.. so happy birthday to everyone across the pond!

well ok. i will tell you about sister urbani. she is from the south of frace. and has just one brother and no sisters. she is 21 and loves bread and cheese. like most french people. but we are having a good time working together. but yeah we can def go to all of those places when we come back to visit england. i was thinking today as we were riding the bus (and yes we say up top.) but i was thinking about how i havent really seen that much of this country because we always stay in our specific areas. but i am excited to come back with you all to see these cool places and all of these great people!!

it sounds like you had a pretty good week though. i loved seeing the photos of ryan and his date. and love that bog story. and that you all just are loving basketball lately. how are the jazz doing by the way. i was on exchange this week in coventry and we were with some chinese students who love the nba. it was fun to chat with them about that.

so this week we had a great thing happen. i dont know if i told you about our investigator alan. well he is turning 90 in a few weeks. and he is the man. but anyway he has early onset dementia and cant remember a lot of what we teach him. but he loves the idea of being with his wife forever. so he clings to that. but he came to church yesterday and loved it!! he met so many people and everyone was so nice to him. it was awesome! there is a 92 year old man in our ward as well and they are going to be best friends. i know it. and he wants to baptize alan. he is great. but yeah things are going good.

like i said i went on exchange this week which was great. i love being in big cities. and talking to loads of chinese people. that is pretty cool. but yeah there isnt really anything else that is happening here.

but i do love the gospel. having the chance to take the sacrament each week also is great. such a blessing for each of us. i have realized the importance of the gospel in each of our lives.. espeically in our efforts to keep all of our convenants. that is oh so important. keep doing it.

well we gotta go. its zone pday today so imma going to hang out with elder call. but i love you all. thanks for all that you do for me and the examples that you are to me. i feel so blessed to have you all helping me and encouraging me. you are the men. have a great week though. keep on keeping on. love you lots.

sister j