Monday, January 27, 2014

this week on the district

 yo home dogs.

so first off.. i loved that brevin took me to school with him!! that is the best thing ever! did i stay the whole day? because that would be absolutely solid. but i love that i got to eat doughnuts and hang out. i forgot that last year i went with him. and this year i got to go. and looks like next year i will have to go too. and those snowboarding clips look like so much fun. i am excited to hit the slopes with you all next year. sweet.

right.. well i am in a new area. whoop. i am in a place called glenfield which is right outside of leicester. it takes about 10 minutes to cycle there. there are two wards that go to our chapel which is pretty cool. and there are elders here that live right around the corner from us. its weird because i have always lived miles away from the elders. they are cool though. one is a greenie (e ashcraft) and the other is e shipp. my comp is named sister urbani. and she is from france. i have been with europeans longer than i have been with americans on my mission. isnt that nuts. she just was finished being trained so she is pretty new.. and she is older than me. i havent had a single companion that is younger than me.. besides the emtc. but things are good. they have quite a few investigators, but none of which are really progressing. and the ward isnt super keen on missionary work. so we will whip them into shape! in a nice way of course. but it seems like a pretty good area and i am excited for the things that are going to get done here. our address is: flat 4, 8 sandhurst road, michael louis house, LE3 6RB, leicester. so if you want to write me letters.. yeah that would be great! love you. and cool that you say nateo! i would love to hear from him. so he should def write me a letter or email. but it sounds like you guys are doing awesome. and cool that you get to go to nyc mom. that would be so fun. and to stay in a sweet penthouse flat. whoop.

leaving nuneaton was hard. especially saying goodbye to the ableys and the youth and some of the ysa. and sister b. they are all great and i might have cried a little bit. i love all of those people and hope to see them again one day. we are going to keep in contact for sure. which is great!

ok so today we were emailing in the library with loads of other missionaries because there are lots around leicester and i was just chilling. then all of the sudden there was elder call. super random. but way cool. he was emergency transfered to the zone and he is serving with liza b's cousin. pretty cool eh? but i am excited to be in the same zone as him again. its pretty close to the same area.

one of my first nights here we went to see the bishop. after we left we walked down the street and saw these two guys carrying a tv out of their house. so i went to help them, being a bro.. but they were way cool. james and destiny from nigeria. they really want to come to church and we have a lesson set with them for tomorrow which should be pretty cool! ok and one other thing. there is an investigator whose name is alan. he is almost 90 and wont come to church. but when we went to see him saturday.. we got him to say yes to come. well actually he said, go on then. which is my favorite english thing to say. but it was great. sadly the members who where going to pick him up forgot.. so hopefully next week.

i am excited to start this new transfer and keep learning and become closer to my father in heaven. there is much to be said about sharing His gospel with His children. but it is something that we all must do. even if it is just for one minute a day. keep on keeping on kids. i love you all so much and want you to know that i know Heavenly Father knows us and loves us. we can turn to Him at any time. He puts us in places where he knows that we can help. and where He knows where we can learn the most. it is pretty cool!! i love you all. and i hope that you have a great week!!

love, sister j

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