Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the week of the dog

Sister J with missionaries

Sister J with ward YW
dude was' up.

alright. this week was pretty pretty good. some crazy things happened. but they were crazy good things. but first off. it was great to hear from you all. it sounds like you have had a fun week in disneyland and smithfield. love both of those places. and whoop for running that race. that is impressive!

ok so this week. we were tracting one night and we met this young girl who we didnt talk to for very long, because she was young, and just gave her a pass along card. then later that night we got a phone call from her parents who just ripped into us saying how unethical we were talking with their 13 year old and giving her a card. man it was crazy. they said that they were going to call the police if we ever came back.. so we havent gone back.

then we had a really good lesson with our girl megan. she is 17 and we have been teaching her for a bit. we were going to set a baptismal date with her and all that good stuff.. but then she said that she wanted to come to church first. but she was nervous to get a ride.. so she wanted to walk the four miles from hinckley to church. and she did. yesterday megan showed up to church after walking for just over an hour.. man that was so cool. and we had a member of the area presidency in our ward and he came to young womens. it was awesome! the girls in this ward are awesome. there is one girl.. ella who is just love. she is so me. really reminds me of me at that age. she is just 14. but i love her. she was telling me yesterday that she has a friend who she gave a book of mormon to awhile ago but she doesnt know how to bring it up again.. so we talked about it and she texted us today to tell us that she has a scripture ready to share with her friend. man i love these people.

then we gained a few new investigators which was aweomse. thomas, a 36 year old single dad. and sandra, a 20 year old single mom. they are both really cool and we are excited to see what happens with them! they are normal and seem pretty good. we are just loving finding normal people to teach. because yes we love everyone.. but sometimes missionaries attract people that are less than normal.

we also had a mini missionary come with us for the weekend which was fun. her name is fiona and she is hoping to go on a misison sometime this year. and then we also had the abley's tell me about how they met the andersons when they went to the temple this week. brother abley is not doing well though since yesterday. he has had prostate cancer and is very poorly lately. so please keep him in your prayers as well. oh and ellen (hopefully you remember me telling you about her) is going to the temple this week and she is absolutely amazing and so so excited! man all of these good things are just happening here in nuneaton. this week it has been good.

but yes we have transfers this week. i dont know what is going to happen. i feel like i will leave and that would be ok.. but i just dont know. we will find out tonight and i will probably be anxious all day. but we are going with jenny bowling so i am excited about that. love her. this week i have started the book of mormon again and i studied faith quite a bit. it is awesome to see that really through everything we are able to turn to Christ and if we have faith in him we really can do all things. wow. what a blessing. and our faith can be strengthened as we pray and study and attend church. those are the three things that we must be doing in order to grow closer to Him.

ok so something cool just happened. so i am sitting here at the library and there is a lady next to me that i am certain i have spoken to before.. turns out i have. but she just found out that she has a long lost sister and is looking for her. she was on familysearch. and so i got talking with her and asking her about that work. she is so excited that maybe we could help her find her family! pretty cool stuff that spirit of elijah.

well it is getting colder here but the sun is shining today. we are excited to go bowling and clean our flat and then have our dodge night. whoop. i hope that you guys have a great week and just hoose it up in everything! love you guys lots. you are the bomb. keep on keeping on.

love you. sister j xxx smiley face

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