Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the package arrived!!

whoa. hey guys.

happy new year. whoop whoop. are you excited to make all of your new years resolutions come true? its cool because mom.. my goal for the year is similar to yours.. to be like Jesus. like my favourite primary song. love that. it sounds like you all had great week. the kids winning their ball games sounds super. I loved that video of brev dog. he is the man. and so so tall. I cant believe that. and I am excited for your race this week. good luck. you guys will do great. just run and run and run. ''not you I don't even know you.'' oh and we got the package and I was so excited. I couldn't stop smiling forever. sister b kept laughing at me because I was so excited! especially for the sweaters. that was sweet. I am so excited for V-day now. and that marks a year. nuts. and sister b loved her gifts! this morning she just kept talking about how excited she was.. because I made her wait until today. but she loved it! and I did too. thanks so much for that. you all rock! last week I bought some new clothes. so now I am looking real European.. except that my shoes are falling apart.. again. but its all good. I am making it work. (thank you super glue) but its been good. lets see.. funny things that happened this week.. I cant really remember. it was a good one though.

we have transfers next week and we have no idea what is going to happen. I could stay she could go. she could stay I could go. its nuts just what will happen. so not sure. we are looking forward to knowing though. it should be good. ok the best members here.. there are so many. I couldn't pick just any. i just wish you knew them all. (mom a few people have said they found me on fb and are waiting to be added. there is ella and maybe a few others. i don't know. but they are great.)

we had a pretty good week though. just doing a lot of finding. and its been rainy. but we did find one really cool girl, well a mom, named emma. she has such faith and they are praying a lot. we have a return apt with her soon and we are so excited to see her!! sister b has been sick this week so its been hard for her to be outside too much. we think she might have an eye infection so hopefully that will heal up soon (oh and thanks for the contacts.) but we were dropped by two investigators as well.. Sandra and mike. and then we found a new one that is friends with out previous investigator Sonia. his name is ray.. and they have been reading the Book of Mormon together which is really cool. love them. We are excited to see where that goes. this week we are working to get a few of the ysa girls out with us to do some finding and one is coming on a mini mission with us at the end of the week. we are hoping for a great week this week. we talk a lot about the importance of missions and how much they help us now and how much they will help us in the future. the things that the gospel can and does teach us and so important for eternity. they aren't just for today or tomorrow. learn every day, and acknowledge the Lord's hand in your life each day. He loves us and wants the best for us. so lets be willing to give our best to Him.

thanks guys for all that you do for me. thanks for being the worlds greatest family. you deserve a plaque. i might make one. i love you so much that i am even ok that you have stolen all of my clothes:) really you rock. hooses. keep working hard and enjoying life. this church is true. we are blessed to have that KNOWLEDGE. share is with everyone. love you lots. keep on keeping on.

love sister j

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