Thursday, January 2, 2014

staying in nuneaton with sister b

 yo kids. what erps.

it sounds like you had a really fun week. being sick and a Christmas pj party! I love that. maybe next year they can do it again? you think so?! so as you prob know now. I am still in Nuneaton with sister bornemann. we were pretty shocked that I was staying, but a lot of the ward were so excited so that was really nice! I love the peeps here so I am excited! there is a cute ysa girl here, jenny penfold that hates tacky things.. so I made her wear my Christmas sweater from primark (a department store). it made me so happy that she wore it!! love her!:) hey did you guys make Christmas sweaters this year yet? or thanksgiving ones? I am pumped to make some more next year! way to hoose it up ryan at your talk. that is sweet! you are going to be a great missionary!:)

well we had a pretty great week. we had transfers, so that made the week long. but then we had a Christmas conference in harborne with the entire mission! that was sweet! I could see all my old mission pals and meet some new people. it was awesome. way cool to have 300ish missionaries in one chapel together. we had a mini devotional and a musical thing (no I didn't perform:)) and then we got to just chat with everyone and sing carols. it was a lot of fun. I will admit. I was typical Jennifer. a bit nuts. but I loved it. it was fun to just be a bit nuts. hopefully I didn't embarrassed scott too much. basically we just hung out the whole time. love having my cousin in the mission. but then we had to go to the doctor for sister bornemann to get her asthma checked. in leamington spa. then we got lost. then we walked a lot. then we missed out train. so the zone leaders had to come pick us up. do you remember me saying about elder watt from Lincoln? he is our new zone leader, so they came and took us home. then the next day we had a ward Christmas party that was so much fun! I love this ward. we played some sweet games and just had a great time together. the youth in this ward are pretty great so I have made some great friends! love them. and there are some really cool families that live her as well. one cute girl, alice maughan (she added me on fb, just fyi.) but she is cool and we are now friends. she helps out yw and is having a baby soon. but yeah I just love the peeps here.

we had a cool experience yesterday after church. we didn't have a dinner appointment afterwards so we just went out to work afterwards. we tried by some people and a few investigators. we got in to see our friend Sandra who lives with her boyfriend now. and then he actually sat in and had some questions. she is really searching and wants to know what is true. it is really neat to see how heavenly father places people in situations to find out the truth for themselves. she is learning about many churches so we just have to help her feel the spirit! we like her a lot. her voice is very calming says sister b.

so I am really excited to Skype you kids next week. you let me know what time you would like to skpye and I can get something sorted! we have a few plans for the day, but it should be really fun!! I am going to be needing new contacts soon. so if I could get some of those that would be great. we love the salt by the way. sister b loves it!! thank you for all that you sent us. uh but I cant really think of anything else. just if you have fun ideas?! you guys are creative!:)

oh so last week was one year since I went to the temple. 12-12-12. kind of cool. I just realized that today and got pretty excited!:) it has been a good week. a long one, but a good one. I am excited to see all your faces next week and get to talk to you! its going to be the best Christmas ever! thank you for your great examples to me and the service that you give to others as well! you are awesome and everyone knows that. hey what did you think about ''be a missionary for a day'' idea? keep on keeping on you guys!

remember the reason for the season!:) and please pray for Christine!

love you lots. sister j.

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