Monday, January 6, 2014

keep on keeping on

 hey you kids.

it sounds like you all had a really fun new years. even though you were sick mom. I am sorry about that. and that mac dog got sick as well. I hope that you are feeling better now. I have been sick this week also. just with a cold or sinus infection or cough something of other. its been ok though. just taking some meds. even though I hate medicine. its all good. so since you told me all about your new years eve.. here is ours. we had to be home at 6. then we updated the area book, and cleaned our flat. whoop. that was run. then we went to bed at 10.30. sister b said that it was really loud all night.. but I slept great. like I do every night. with my eyes closed.

but we had a pretty good week. we went on exchange with the sister training leaders and I stayed in Bedworth with sister dorado who is from Bolivia slash London. she is really nice and a great missionary. we were able to do some good work and find some cool potentials. we found these two kids who looked very disinterested at first.. but then I started talking away just like dad would to two young kids. and we ended up getting a return appointment with them. that was cool.

we had interviews with president this week as well which is always great. love president and sister Rasmussen. he told me that elder call has asked about us serving around eachother.. and that it could maybe happen. which is so cool!! that honestly would rock. I wouldlove that. but other that that he is just so nice and they really make you feel like you are the best missionary in the whole world. they are awesome.  we had a really good chat with them.

we also taught a few peeps this week. Sandra and mike are awesome! and then we taught gb as well... but we dropped him. and it was a lot better than I thought that it was going to be. we had jenny come teach with testimony meeting where we each shared our testimonies. it was awesome to hear gb's. even though he is not progressing right now.. we know that he will be baptized one day. he is awesome and I hope that he continues to read and pray daily and help others see the gospel as well.

my adoptive grandparents here in Nuneaton, the abley's, are the best. today we were doing out comp study and they showed up with a referral for us of this lady that use to live by them. they are great. brother abley loves to read and he found this king Egbert from 800 ad. so we are going to send you the information so you can see if we are related. its pretty cool!! but honestly the ward here is great. I love them. but I am excited for going to a new area.. because you can get too comfortable in an area.. and that is how I am feeling here now.

the best quote of the week is ''hi we're missionaries from our church..'' because we say it all of the time. and I think we all can say that.. just talk about the church. its a bd and we need to share it with everyone. we want them to have what we have. so don't be afraid to go out and give it to them. most people don't know what they need until they find it. you guys are the best. I love you and am so grateful for your example to me!! keep on keeping on and I hope that you have a great week!!:)

genesis 18:14. love you.

sister j

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