Thursday, January 2, 2014

christmas week in england


i lllllllllloooooveeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd talking to all of you on christmas this last week. it was def the highlight of my christmas. that is for sure. you guys are the best. even though i was a complete baby part of the time.. i am sorry. but hey at least i can cry still. i went through a period of time when i thought i was all dried up beacuse i just didnt cry. i go through phases like that. and phases where i cant spell because i just spelled phases like fases... oh boy. it really was so awesome to see your faces and hear your voices.. you know what you should do..? send me that voice recorder of you all just talking away. yeah that would be sweet. cool to get the update on the life of everyone. congrats to mally and taylor, and liza, and kylee and marissa.. yeah its so weird that everyone merred and having babies.. but its awesome for them! i am excited for that phase of my life.. (haha we all know how excited i am for that!) but after being a missionary of course. love being a missionary.

i got the christmas card.. yay. it was really cute. dani's big year;) haha loved that. and i am so glad that joel took that to dad. when he said he knew where milo was and he drove past it often i had to have him take it. he is a really cool guy so i am glad that you got to meet him. when he first got here he sounded so american.. and i couldnt imagine that i ever sounded like that.. i guess i did, because you all do! but i am glad that you got my christmas gift. i cant believe that dad cried. what a baby.. haha:) i hope that you loved it.

lets see this week was a fast week, but also a really weird week being christmas and all. basically everything shuts down for a week here. its nuts. thursday was boxing day slash p day. we went with a family in our ward, the withingtons, to coventry to a buffett place called taybarns. and their kids and sister b and i had a competition to see who could eat the most plates of food.. man i was so sick and i was certain little harry was going to be sick. it was fun though. then we went to their house and played this very english party game.. and clue. (excpet they call it cluedo) it was so much fun. they are an awesome family!

another expereince we had this week was last night while we were doing some finding after our dinner with the hill family. we were tracting and came across a rather drunk kid who asked if we had a lighter for his cigarette. we obviously didnt but we started talking to him about religion. he is catholic and really loves God, says that he prays every night and all that. in the end we gave him a book of mormon and got a return appointment with him. we will see what happens with him, but he was really nice, drunk, but nice. this week we have been doing a lot of finding. it is hard this time of year, but we are still going at it. trying to find solid people to teach. we have lost a few of our investigators the past few weeks.. but are excited to work to find solid peeps. it should be good!!

we did finally have a frost.. almost snow. i will send a photo of it. but it has started to get cold some days.. but then other days it is relaly warm. its a bit weird. but we are staying warm and bundling up in the evenings. its been raining quite a bit today, and sometimes if we cycle in the rain, but bum and back get soaked.. because i have a runnish mud guard. it cost a pound. ha so we took the bus today.

things are going well here. i have learned so much the past few weeks. just really as i have been thinking about what i have accomplished thus far and what i want to accomplish. its crazy how fast the time is going by, but its great. i love the experiences that i have every day. i wish i could share them all with you know, but just know i will be talking for ages next august. lots of stories. i love you all and i hope that you have a great new years. what are you all going to do? thank you for the examples that you are to me and the love and support you give me. i am so lucky. i know i say it every week.. but i just dont want you to forget that. you all rock. love you so much. have a great week!!

love, sister j

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