Thursday, January 2, 2014

baptism day

 heya kids.

so yeah. we are all so stoked to skype. i honestly cannot even wait. its gonna be the best thing ever i bet. remember how it was about 7.5 months till we last skyped.. and its going to be 7.5 months until i come home and see you all again. isnt that nuts? the time has gone by so quickly. i mean sometimes i feel like i have always been a missionary and that i will always be a missionary. but other times i feel like its been no time at all.

well we had a pretty dramatic week. christine was set to be baptized on saturday and the man that baptized her the first time was coming from utah to baptize her again. she didnt know until tuesday when he surprised her. and then the drama started. everyone was arguing and satan was working over time in this situation. i dont know why he couldnt take a break for a second. but its fine. even twenty minutes before the baptism was supposed to take place things were crazy. we felt a bit like we were working with children.. but eventually we got things taken care of. she was baptized and confirmed and all is well now. it was really neat, sister b and i both cried. but we are babies sometimes. it was awesome though. elder call told me, ''someone is coming unto christ. its a big deal!'' so yeah guys.. it was a pretty bd.

it sounds like you guys have had a pretty good week and will have a great next week. are you excited for christmas? man i think i am way more excited to skype than for christmas. the ward here rocks though. we got so many presents yesterday. the most i have ever gotten. we are blown away. they are so nice. especially our adopted grandparents the ableys. they are wonderful. but the best gift this year will be seeing all of your beautiful faces. whoop. also nuts that keisha is home already. how is she doing? prob great.

lets see. our plan for christmas are.. waking up and doing our christmas day study. and then we have a few members that we are going to see. the first is the kings for dinner. then we are going to the penfolds after that to spend some time with them. they rock. its the stake president and his family. but they have both said i could skype there. lets plan for between 11-1 more close to 11 prob. man i am so excited. this is going to be great!!

so yesterday sister b and i had to speak in sacrament meeting on gifts that we can give to christ this time of year. i spoke about the gifts that the wise men, sheperds, mary, joseph, and ultimately christ gave.. then what we can give. and what we are willing to give. i would encourage you all to think about the gifts that you can give this week and year round that will help christ. he should be the center or all that we do. we can learn so much from his example and i am so grateful for that! i am forever in debt to him for the love and sacrifice that he has shown for me.. for all of us.

i love you all so much and i am so excited to see you in t-minus two days. you are the best and i hope that you have a great week!! miss you and love you.

love, sister j 

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