Monday, January 27, 2014

this week on the district

 yo home dogs.

so first off.. i loved that brevin took me to school with him!! that is the best thing ever! did i stay the whole day? because that would be absolutely solid. but i love that i got to eat doughnuts and hang out. i forgot that last year i went with him. and this year i got to go. and looks like next year i will have to go too. and those snowboarding clips look like so much fun. i am excited to hit the slopes with you all next year. sweet.

right.. well i am in a new area. whoop. i am in a place called glenfield which is right outside of leicester. it takes about 10 minutes to cycle there. there are two wards that go to our chapel which is pretty cool. and there are elders here that live right around the corner from us. its weird because i have always lived miles away from the elders. they are cool though. one is a greenie (e ashcraft) and the other is e shipp. my comp is named sister urbani. and she is from france. i have been with europeans longer than i have been with americans on my mission. isnt that nuts. she just was finished being trained so she is pretty new.. and she is older than me. i havent had a single companion that is younger than me.. besides the emtc. but things are good. they have quite a few investigators, but none of which are really progressing. and the ward isnt super keen on missionary work. so we will whip them into shape! in a nice way of course. but it seems like a pretty good area and i am excited for the things that are going to get done here. our address is: flat 4, 8 sandhurst road, michael louis house, LE3 6RB, leicester. so if you want to write me letters.. yeah that would be great! love you. and cool that you say nateo! i would love to hear from him. so he should def write me a letter or email. but it sounds like you guys are doing awesome. and cool that you get to go to nyc mom. that would be so fun. and to stay in a sweet penthouse flat. whoop.

leaving nuneaton was hard. especially saying goodbye to the ableys and the youth and some of the ysa. and sister b. they are all great and i might have cried a little bit. i love all of those people and hope to see them again one day. we are going to keep in contact for sure. which is great!

ok so today we were emailing in the library with loads of other missionaries because there are lots around leicester and i was just chilling. then all of the sudden there was elder call. super random. but way cool. he was emergency transfered to the zone and he is serving with liza b's cousin. pretty cool eh? but i am excited to be in the same zone as him again. its pretty close to the same area.

one of my first nights here we went to see the bishop. after we left we walked down the street and saw these two guys carrying a tv out of their house. so i went to help them, being a bro.. but they were way cool. james and destiny from nigeria. they really want to come to church and we have a lesson set with them for tomorrow which should be pretty cool! ok and one other thing. there is an investigator whose name is alan. he is almost 90 and wont come to church. but when we went to see him saturday.. we got him to say yes to come. well actually he said, go on then. which is my favorite english thing to say. but it was great. sadly the members who where going to pick him up forgot.. so hopefully next week.

i am excited to start this new transfer and keep learning and become closer to my father in heaven. there is much to be said about sharing His gospel with His children. but it is something that we all must do. even if it is just for one minute a day. keep on keeping on kids. i love you all so much and want you to know that i know Heavenly Father knows us and loves us. we can turn to Him at any time. He puts us in places where he knows that we can help. and where He knows where we can learn the most. it is pretty cool!! i love you all. and i hope that you have a great week!!

love, sister j

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the week of the dog

Sister J with missionaries

Sister J with ward YW
dude was' up.

alright. this week was pretty pretty good. some crazy things happened. but they were crazy good things. but first off. it was great to hear from you all. it sounds like you have had a fun week in disneyland and smithfield. love both of those places. and whoop for running that race. that is impressive!

ok so this week. we were tracting one night and we met this young girl who we didnt talk to for very long, because she was young, and just gave her a pass along card. then later that night we got a phone call from her parents who just ripped into us saying how unethical we were talking with their 13 year old and giving her a card. man it was crazy. they said that they were going to call the police if we ever came back.. so we havent gone back.

then we had a really good lesson with our girl megan. she is 17 and we have been teaching her for a bit. we were going to set a baptismal date with her and all that good stuff.. but then she said that she wanted to come to church first. but she was nervous to get a ride.. so she wanted to walk the four miles from hinckley to church. and she did. yesterday megan showed up to church after walking for just over an hour.. man that was so cool. and we had a member of the area presidency in our ward and he came to young womens. it was awesome! the girls in this ward are awesome. there is one girl.. ella who is just love. she is so me. really reminds me of me at that age. she is just 14. but i love her. she was telling me yesterday that she has a friend who she gave a book of mormon to awhile ago but she doesnt know how to bring it up again.. so we talked about it and she texted us today to tell us that she has a scripture ready to share with her friend. man i love these people.

then we gained a few new investigators which was aweomse. thomas, a 36 year old single dad. and sandra, a 20 year old single mom. they are both really cool and we are excited to see what happens with them! they are normal and seem pretty good. we are just loving finding normal people to teach. because yes we love everyone.. but sometimes missionaries attract people that are less than normal.

we also had a mini missionary come with us for the weekend which was fun. her name is fiona and she is hoping to go on a misison sometime this year. and then we also had the abley's tell me about how they met the andersons when they went to the temple this week. brother abley is not doing well though since yesterday. he has had prostate cancer and is very poorly lately. so please keep him in your prayers as well. oh and ellen (hopefully you remember me telling you about her) is going to the temple this week and she is absolutely amazing and so so excited! man all of these good things are just happening here in nuneaton. this week it has been good.

but yes we have transfers this week. i dont know what is going to happen. i feel like i will leave and that would be ok.. but i just dont know. we will find out tonight and i will probably be anxious all day. but we are going with jenny bowling so i am excited about that. love her. this week i have started the book of mormon again and i studied faith quite a bit. it is awesome to see that really through everything we are able to turn to Christ and if we have faith in him we really can do all things. wow. what a blessing. and our faith can be strengthened as we pray and study and attend church. those are the three things that we must be doing in order to grow closer to Him.

ok so something cool just happened. so i am sitting here at the library and there is a lady next to me that i am certain i have spoken to before.. turns out i have. but she just found out that she has a long lost sister and is looking for her. she was on familysearch. and so i got talking with her and asking her about that work. she is so excited that maybe we could help her find her family! pretty cool stuff that spirit of elijah.

well it is getting colder here but the sun is shining today. we are excited to go bowling and clean our flat and then have our dodge night. whoop. i hope that you guys have a great week and just hoose it up in everything! love you guys lots. you are the bomb. keep on keeping on.

love you. sister j xxx smiley face

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the package arrived!!

whoa. hey guys.

happy new year. whoop whoop. are you excited to make all of your new years resolutions come true? its cool because mom.. my goal for the year is similar to yours.. to be like Jesus. like my favourite primary song. love that. it sounds like you all had great week. the kids winning their ball games sounds super. I loved that video of brev dog. he is the man. and so so tall. I cant believe that. and I am excited for your race this week. good luck. you guys will do great. just run and run and run. ''not you I don't even know you.'' oh and we got the package and I was so excited. I couldn't stop smiling forever. sister b kept laughing at me because I was so excited! especially for the sweaters. that was sweet. I am so excited for V-day now. and that marks a year. nuts. and sister b loved her gifts! this morning she just kept talking about how excited she was.. because I made her wait until today. but she loved it! and I did too. thanks so much for that. you all rock! last week I bought some new clothes. so now I am looking real European.. except that my shoes are falling apart.. again. but its all good. I am making it work. (thank you super glue) but its been good. lets see.. funny things that happened this week.. I cant really remember. it was a good one though.

we have transfers next week and we have no idea what is going to happen. I could stay she could go. she could stay I could go. its nuts just what will happen. so not sure. we are looking forward to knowing though. it should be good. ok the best members here.. there are so many. I couldn't pick just any. i just wish you knew them all. (mom a few people have said they found me on fb and are waiting to be added. there is ella and maybe a few others. i don't know. but they are great.)

we had a pretty good week though. just doing a lot of finding. and its been rainy. but we did find one really cool girl, well a mom, named emma. she has such faith and they are praying a lot. we have a return apt with her soon and we are so excited to see her!! sister b has been sick this week so its been hard for her to be outside too much. we think she might have an eye infection so hopefully that will heal up soon (oh and thanks for the contacts.) but we were dropped by two investigators as well.. Sandra and mike. and then we found a new one that is friends with out previous investigator Sonia. his name is ray.. and they have been reading the Book of Mormon together which is really cool. love them. We are excited to see where that goes. this week we are working to get a few of the ysa girls out with us to do some finding and one is coming on a mini mission with us at the end of the week. we are hoping for a great week this week. we talk a lot about the importance of missions and how much they help us now and how much they will help us in the future. the things that the gospel can and does teach us and so important for eternity. they aren't just for today or tomorrow. learn every day, and acknowledge the Lord's hand in your life each day. He loves us and wants the best for us. so lets be willing to give our best to Him.

thanks guys for all that you do for me. thanks for being the worlds greatest family. you deserve a plaque. i might make one. i love you so much that i am even ok that you have stolen all of my clothes:) really you rock. hooses. keep working hard and enjoying life. this church is true. we are blessed to have that KNOWLEDGE. share is with everyone. love you lots. keep on keeping on.

love sister j

Monday, January 6, 2014

keep on keeping on

 hey you kids.

it sounds like you all had a really fun new years. even though you were sick mom. I am sorry about that. and that mac dog got sick as well. I hope that you are feeling better now. I have been sick this week also. just with a cold or sinus infection or cough something of other. its been ok though. just taking some meds. even though I hate medicine. its all good. so since you told me all about your new years eve.. here is ours. we had to be home at 6. then we updated the area book, and cleaned our flat. whoop. that was run. then we went to bed at 10.30. sister b said that it was really loud all night.. but I slept great. like I do every night. with my eyes closed.

but we had a pretty good week. we went on exchange with the sister training leaders and I stayed in Bedworth with sister dorado who is from Bolivia slash London. she is really nice and a great missionary. we were able to do some good work and find some cool potentials. we found these two kids who looked very disinterested at first.. but then I started talking away just like dad would to two young kids. and we ended up getting a return appointment with them. that was cool.

we had interviews with president this week as well which is always great. love president and sister Rasmussen. he told me that elder call has asked about us serving around eachother.. and that it could maybe happen. which is so cool!! that honestly would rock. I wouldlove that. but other that that he is just so nice and they really make you feel like you are the best missionary in the whole world. they are awesome.  we had a really good chat with them.

we also taught a few peeps this week. Sandra and mike are awesome! and then we taught gb as well... but we dropped him. and it was a lot better than I thought that it was going to be. we had jenny come teach with testimony meeting where we each shared our testimonies. it was awesome to hear gb's. even though he is not progressing right now.. we know that he will be baptized one day. he is awesome and I hope that he continues to read and pray daily and help others see the gospel as well.

my adoptive grandparents here in Nuneaton, the abley's, are the best. today we were doing out comp study and they showed up with a referral for us of this lady that use to live by them. they are great. brother abley loves to read and he found this king Egbert from 800 ad. so we are going to send you the information so you can see if we are related. its pretty cool!! but honestly the ward here is great. I love them. but I am excited for going to a new area.. because you can get too comfortable in an area.. and that is how I am feeling here now.

the best quote of the week is ''hi we're missionaries from our church..'' because we say it all of the time. and I think we all can say that.. just talk about the church. its a bd and we need to share it with everyone. we want them to have what we have. so don't be afraid to go out and give it to them. most people don't know what they need until they find it. you guys are the best. I love you and am so grateful for your example to me!! keep on keeping on and I hope that you have a great week!!:)

genesis 18:14. love you.

sister j

Thursday, January 2, 2014

christmas week in england


i lllllllllloooooveeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd talking to all of you on christmas this last week. it was def the highlight of my christmas. that is for sure. you guys are the best. even though i was a complete baby part of the time.. i am sorry. but hey at least i can cry still. i went through a period of time when i thought i was all dried up beacuse i just didnt cry. i go through phases like that. and phases where i cant spell because i just spelled phases like fases... oh boy. it really was so awesome to see your faces and hear your voices.. you know what you should do..? send me that voice recorder of you all just talking away. yeah that would be sweet. cool to get the update on the life of everyone. congrats to mally and taylor, and liza, and kylee and marissa.. yeah its so weird that everyone merred and having babies.. but its awesome for them! i am excited for that phase of my life.. (haha we all know how excited i am for that!) but after being a missionary of course. love being a missionary.

i got the christmas card.. yay. it was really cute. dani's big year;) haha loved that. and i am so glad that joel took that to dad. when he said he knew where milo was and he drove past it often i had to have him take it. he is a really cool guy so i am glad that you got to meet him. when he first got here he sounded so american.. and i couldnt imagine that i ever sounded like that.. i guess i did, because you all do! but i am glad that you got my christmas gift. i cant believe that dad cried. what a baby.. haha:) i hope that you loved it.

lets see this week was a fast week, but also a really weird week being christmas and all. basically everything shuts down for a week here. its nuts. thursday was boxing day slash p day. we went with a family in our ward, the withingtons, to coventry to a buffett place called taybarns. and their kids and sister b and i had a competition to see who could eat the most plates of food.. man i was so sick and i was certain little harry was going to be sick. it was fun though. then we went to their house and played this very english party game.. and clue. (excpet they call it cluedo) it was so much fun. they are an awesome family!

another expereince we had this week was last night while we were doing some finding after our dinner with the hill family. we were tracting and came across a rather drunk kid who asked if we had a lighter for his cigarette. we obviously didnt but we started talking to him about religion. he is catholic and really loves God, says that he prays every night and all that. in the end we gave him a book of mormon and got a return appointment with him. we will see what happens with him, but he was really nice, drunk, but nice. this week we have been doing a lot of finding. it is hard this time of year, but we are still going at it. trying to find solid people to teach. we have lost a few of our investigators the past few weeks.. but are excited to work to find solid peeps. it should be good!!

we did finally have a frost.. almost snow. i will send a photo of it. but it has started to get cold some days.. but then other days it is relaly warm. its a bit weird. but we are staying warm and bundling up in the evenings. its been raining quite a bit today, and sometimes if we cycle in the rain, but bum and back get soaked.. because i have a runnish mud guard. it cost a pound. ha so we took the bus today.

things are going well here. i have learned so much the past few weeks. just really as i have been thinking about what i have accomplished thus far and what i want to accomplish. its crazy how fast the time is going by, but its great. i love the experiences that i have every day. i wish i could share them all with you know, but just know i will be talking for ages next august. lots of stories. i love you all and i hope that you have a great new years. what are you all going to do? thank you for the examples that you are to me and the love and support you give me. i am so lucky. i know i say it every week.. but i just dont want you to forget that. you all rock. love you so much. have a great week!!

love, sister j

baptism day

 heya kids.

so yeah. we are all so stoked to skype. i honestly cannot even wait. its gonna be the best thing ever i bet. remember how it was about 7.5 months till we last skyped.. and its going to be 7.5 months until i come home and see you all again. isnt that nuts? the time has gone by so quickly. i mean sometimes i feel like i have always been a missionary and that i will always be a missionary. but other times i feel like its been no time at all.

well we had a pretty dramatic week. christine was set to be baptized on saturday and the man that baptized her the first time was coming from utah to baptize her again. she didnt know until tuesday when he surprised her. and then the drama started. everyone was arguing and satan was working over time in this situation. i dont know why he couldnt take a break for a second. but its fine. even twenty minutes before the baptism was supposed to take place things were crazy. we felt a bit like we were working with children.. but eventually we got things taken care of. she was baptized and confirmed and all is well now. it was really neat, sister b and i both cried. but we are babies sometimes. it was awesome though. elder call told me, ''someone is coming unto christ. its a big deal!'' so yeah guys.. it was a pretty bd.

it sounds like you guys have had a pretty good week and will have a great next week. are you excited for christmas? man i think i am way more excited to skype than for christmas. the ward here rocks though. we got so many presents yesterday. the most i have ever gotten. we are blown away. they are so nice. especially our adopted grandparents the ableys. they are wonderful. but the best gift this year will be seeing all of your beautiful faces. whoop. also nuts that keisha is home already. how is she doing? prob great.

lets see. our plan for christmas are.. waking up and doing our christmas day study. and then we have a few members that we are going to see. the first is the kings for dinner. then we are going to the penfolds after that to spend some time with them. they rock. its the stake president and his family. but they have both said i could skype there. lets plan for between 11-1 more close to 11 prob. man i am so excited. this is going to be great!!

so yesterday sister b and i had to speak in sacrament meeting on gifts that we can give to christ this time of year. i spoke about the gifts that the wise men, sheperds, mary, joseph, and ultimately christ gave.. then what we can give. and what we are willing to give. i would encourage you all to think about the gifts that you can give this week and year round that will help christ. he should be the center or all that we do. we can learn so much from his example and i am so grateful for that! i am forever in debt to him for the love and sacrifice that he has shown for me.. for all of us.

i love you all so much and i am so excited to see you in t-minus two days. you are the best and i hope that you have a great week!! miss you and love you.

love, sister j 

staying in nuneaton with sister b

 yo kids. what erps.

it sounds like you had a really fun week. being sick and a Christmas pj party! I love that. maybe next year they can do it again? you think so?! so as you prob know now. I am still in Nuneaton with sister bornemann. we were pretty shocked that I was staying, but a lot of the ward were so excited so that was really nice! I love the peeps here so I am excited! there is a cute ysa girl here, jenny penfold that hates tacky things.. so I made her wear my Christmas sweater from primark (a department store). it made me so happy that she wore it!! love her!:) hey did you guys make Christmas sweaters this year yet? or thanksgiving ones? I am pumped to make some more next year! way to hoose it up ryan at your talk. that is sweet! you are going to be a great missionary!:)

well we had a pretty great week. we had transfers, so that made the week long. but then we had a Christmas conference in harborne with the entire mission! that was sweet! I could see all my old mission pals and meet some new people. it was awesome. way cool to have 300ish missionaries in one chapel together. we had a mini devotional and a musical thing (no I didn't perform:)) and then we got to just chat with everyone and sing carols. it was a lot of fun. I will admit. I was typical Jennifer. a bit nuts. but I loved it. it was fun to just be a bit nuts. hopefully I didn't embarrassed scott too much. basically we just hung out the whole time. love having my cousin in the mission. but then we had to go to the doctor for sister bornemann to get her asthma checked. in leamington spa. then we got lost. then we walked a lot. then we missed out train. so the zone leaders had to come pick us up. do you remember me saying about elder watt from Lincoln? he is our new zone leader, so they came and took us home. then the next day we had a ward Christmas party that was so much fun! I love this ward. we played some sweet games and just had a great time together. the youth in this ward are pretty great so I have made some great friends! love them. and there are some really cool families that live her as well. one cute girl, alice maughan (she added me on fb, just fyi.) but she is cool and we are now friends. she helps out yw and is having a baby soon. but yeah I just love the peeps here.

we had a cool experience yesterday after church. we didn't have a dinner appointment afterwards so we just went out to work afterwards. we tried by some people and a few investigators. we got in to see our friend Sandra who lives with her boyfriend now. and then he actually sat in and had some questions. she is really searching and wants to know what is true. it is really neat to see how heavenly father places people in situations to find out the truth for themselves. she is learning about many churches so we just have to help her feel the spirit! we like her a lot. her voice is very calming says sister b.

so I am really excited to Skype you kids next week. you let me know what time you would like to skpye and I can get something sorted! we have a few plans for the day, but it should be really fun!! I am going to be needing new contacts soon. so if I could get some of those that would be great. we love the salt by the way. sister b loves it!! thank you for all that you sent us. uh but I cant really think of anything else. just if you have fun ideas?! you guys are creative!:)

oh so last week was one year since I went to the temple. 12-12-12. kind of cool. I just realized that today and got pretty excited!:) it has been a good week. a long one, but a good one. I am excited to see all your faces next week and get to talk to you! its going to be the best Christmas ever! thank you for your great examples to me and the service that you give to others as well! you are awesome and everyone knows that. hey what did you think about ''be a missionary for a day'' idea? keep on keeping on you guys!

remember the reason for the season!:) and please pray for Christine!

love you lots. sister j.