Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the week of the last

heya kids.

so since i am going to be seeing you in a couple of days... i think i will wait to share my stories and experiences with you until then. because there are just way too many. so instead i want to share with you a poem.. and my testimony.

i know of a man who before He was born
promised to save this whole world full of storms.
He was born in a place where people did see
how wonderous and bright this young boy would be.
as He grew up they saw the promise fulfilled
as He taught and He served He loved and He healed.
no matter the wonders that this man would show
He knew that His purpose was to come, love, and go.
He suffered for us in a garden he prayed
then He died on a hill wishing His Father had stayed.
but like He was born He came back from the grave
full of glory and power every life He had saved.
this man is my brother He's my very best friend
He lived and He died so that there'd be no end.
Jesus Christ is our Savior i know that He is
i know that He loves us i know that He lives.

i love my savior. as i was studying about his birth this morning i realized just how amazing he is. the life that he lead and the things that he did for us and momentous. and sometimes i think that we forget. that is the message that we should be sharing with the world. how the restoration and faith in jesus christ really can make us whole.

i have really loved the past 18 months. yes they have been extremely hard sometimes but they were 110 percent worth it. i am so grateful to you all for the sacrifices that you have made to allow me to be out here serving. i am so grateful for your wonderful examples and inspirations that you have shown to me these past 18 months. you will never know what you meant to me and what you mean to me. i know that i have the most amazing family.. ever. and it took going on a mission to realized it. but i am so happy for that knowledge. i am so grateful for the way that i have come to know that this is christs church upon the earth. we are a part of it. arent we so blessed? and the book of mormon is the most amazing book. we truely can grow so much closer to christ by reading and applying it to our lives. the lord is there. he loves us more than we know. more than we will ever know. but he loves us. so much. as does christ. he made it possible for us to live again and to be clean. all we have to do is our best. i love it. i love this knowledge. i love this gospel. and i have loved being able to share it with the people of england and wales these past 18 months. i love these people alma 26:37 is right. the lord loves all his people. i have been so lucky to feel this love. and to be the lords servant. its amazing. in the name of jesus christ amen.

i love you all so much and will see you so soon!!
keep on keeping on!!

sister j 

Monday, August 4, 2014

the week of the last full week

Hello to friends who may be reading this blog.....
Sister Egbert gets home next Wednesday, August 13th.  She will be speaking in our ward on Sunday, August 17th, at 11:00 a.m.  We would love to have you join us!!  Thank you for your support of Sister Egbert as she has served in England.  This has been a blessing for our family!!  

 hey hey kids.

second to last email from sister egbert. isnt that weird. it sounds like you are all pretty excited for next week. and guess what.. so is this girl. i got my flight plans in the post the other day and that was pretty weird. it made it almost real all of the sudden. but it still feels kind of fake. but its real. really real.

you all sound like you are doing really great though. which makes me happy! if you are happy.. i am happy. but yeah. i love hearing about the fun things that you are doing and your fun lives. its great.

this week in wolverhampton things have been going well. the horvats are doing pretty great. we are a bit gutted because lukas cant be baptized next week. but its going to be ok. hopefully we get things sorted for his next baptismal date which is the 23rd of august. they are an amazing family. i dont know if i have told you much about them. but they are a part member, less active family that just moved into our area. they are wonderful. they want SO badly to go to the temple and be together forever. they are doing amazing things. especially with the word of wisdom and daily prayer slash scripture study. they are just a diligent family. and thy fed us czech food last week which  was really quite good. chicken liver and manna (which is kind of like baby food).

one other way cool thing that happened this week was jenny and andrew and alga and harry. so we met jenny a few weeks ago while she and her son harry were planning on the bridge over the canal. we stopped to chat with them and talked for quite awhile. they are great. we gave jenny a book of mormon and harry a cars plaster because he smashed his finger. but then she flogged our appointment. but we stopped by this week to see them and they let us right in. andrew is her husband and alga is her mother. they are great. super into spiritualism and tai chi but so so nice. and i told jenny that we have the same name.. so she always calls me jennifer. (hey its sister egbert.) haha. but they are amazing. we hope to be able to keep teaching them more and just get them into the gospel. they would love it and it would love them! they want to skype when i get home! pretty cool all of these people that i get to be friends with. i wish you could know them all because they are amazing!

i love being a missionary. and serving the lord. i love that i can learn so much and help other people come closer to christ. its amazing to see people progress and feel their testimonies become stronger. this work is the work of the lord, that is for sure.

i have so so many stories to tell you.. but i am going to save them for next week. is that ok? i love you all and am so excited to see you soon!! have a great week! you are amazing and i think you are the best family ever.. because well you are.

love you kids. keep on keeping on.

sister j

Monday, July 28, 2014

week of the boston tea party

 hey kids.

it sounds like you had a FUN week. lots of way cool things to do. and fun people to see. and water to swim in. and fireworks to light off. yeah. and way way cool that mike came home. i miss that kid. i forgot to email him. but tell him hi from this sister and that i'm excited to see him.

about sister sorensen. i can definitely leave her my things here. i gave one of my jackets to sister tryon.. but i can leave the other one. and i can leave my bike.. but it will need a new back tire. but that is better than getting a whole bike. i will leave my bedding. but she will need a pillowcase. but i will leave the rest. i will leave it in a bag at the mission home so she can get it when she comes in that day. we leave pretty early in the morning so we dont see any new missionaries. but it will all be there for her. i will leave anything i can think of. that i wont need. i am excited for her to come!! but tell her to not worry about those things.. jacket, bike, umbrella, and bedding. it will be provided!!!

well this week.. i think our most exciting event was teaching the word of wisdom to our less active slash part member family the horvats. we love them lots and think they are wonderful! but they were having a problem with coffee and the mom smokes. but they got the coffee from the kitchen and gave it to us to take.. so we poured in into the canal.. like the boston tea party. but it was the wolves coffee party instead. that was fun. and we are just way excited that they are progressing. they bummer thing is that they didnt come to church yesterday.. so we might have to push back lukas' baptismal date.. which is never fun. also because he is super excited to get baptized.

we have been trying to work with members more as well. we have some really great members. there is one family here that has a son serving a mission in london south mission. they are the best missionaries! we are teaching their neighbor who is awesome! and surprised us by showing up to church with them yesterday. we have had a way hard time getting into contact with him so it was great to see him at church!!

something that was really sad this week was sister hamnett had her bag stolen from the chapel. that was pretty hard for her and i felt really bad. but we were really blessed by the lord in different ways even through that. she is doing good. but she had her camera in her bag.. so i was wondering if it would be ok for me to leave my camera here for her when i go home?

i hope you all are still doing great. i am excited to see you really soon! i think you are wonderful and i know that you are great examples to everyone around you. its amazing to see how our examples can help those around us to feel the spirit as well. its so so great to see the gospel change lives. and i know you are all doing that where you are. keep it up!!

keep on keeping on. i love you lots!

sister j

week of the rain

hey family.

well.. this week it has been quite rainy and thunderstorming. which is fun and a bit annoying at the same time. fun because i love thunderstorms.. but annoying because then its just super wet and no one is every really outside. and my feet get wet. but i bought an umbrella for the first time on my mission.. i know three weeks from going home. but it saved my on saturday. it was just chucking it down with rain that day. we stood under a tree and were trying to decide what the most effective thing to do would be... and decided to say a prayer. to one ask for the rain to lessen or to know what to do. as we ended our prayer the rain didnt lessen.. but sister hamnett said.. ''its ok, heavenly father will give us the strength to carry on through it.'' and that he did. it was a great day. filled with fun interactions, mostly with ward members. but nontheless.. it was a great day.

we started working with a part member less active family this week.. i dont know if i told you about them at all. the horvats. the are from the czech republic. and they are really really cool. we love working with them. so its the parents, peter (a 15 year old), and lukas (a ten year old who REALLY wants to be baptized.) they love having the missionaries come round and their faith is really growing. which is something that is so amazing to witness. we are excited to keep working with them.

the recent convert family that we are working with is also amazing! the masawi's. they are from zimbabwe and fed us sadsa this week. which is maize meal.. and it is so so good. and you have to eat it the proper african way.. with your hands. it was a pretty fun experience! i will see if i can get it to feed it to you. and give you a massive portion. its so cool though to see this families faith grow. to see their desire and knowledge of the gospel become stronger. man.. its great.

another great day was yesterday. we began church, which is at two o'clock if you were wondering.. but the person who normally plays the organ was gone.. so i was able to jump up and play the piano for the meeting.. it was a really cool experience to just be able to go up and do what i had been taught. i thought.. carol would be so proud! and then i was able to give a talk on the power of prayer.. which is something that is so close to my heart. i love prayer! so that was fun.

but other than that it was a pretty usual week. i will have to share more stories with you once i return home.. but i love you all. thanks for sharing with me all the fun things that you have done, and i think you are all amazing!! keep on keeping on.

love sister j

Monday, July 14, 2014

the week of the doctor

 hey kids.

man you guys are having a fun fun life right now. lots of things going on and lots of camps and activities. and sisters to plan for. and cool that you got to meet linli. I am super excited to meet her as well. another Chinese cousin! I try to tell people that we meet on the street that I am from china.. they almost believe me. its pretty funny. i cant believe all of the people that are getting married. that is pretty cool for them. i had no idea about Natalie benson though.. who did she marry? that is pretty funny about devin wright. super random. i forgot about him until today. but yes for another friend at school right?! love friends. that is funny that they remembered me. it will be good.

ok so with the mulliss family.. i think all of those things that you told them will be good. i don't think they are way too specific about things. they are just excited to come visit. don't worry about keeping the house perfect. in England all homes are pretty small compared to Utah. and there isn't a lot of storage space so things are pretty chill. they wont be bothered about things like that.. promise. so don't worry. they are excited though! it will be really fun. i am excited for you to meet some of my English friends. i wish you guys could know all of them!

well this week.. i have a few things to share this week. i learned this week that i am a perfectionist. and it totally makes sense. i was ready this talk from this months ensign.. and its totally me. kinda funny right? and so now i have a lot of things that i am going to improve on. well try to at least.

another thing that happened.. was i had to go to the doctor. so last Saturday my heart started to hurt a bit. and it kept hurting for about four days. so they sent me into the walk in center. they did a few tests on me.. like blood pressure, oxygen, and an ekg.. but found nothing wrong. so from there the only thing they thought it could be was acid reflux. so kinda like what dani has. so they put me on some gastro pills to take.. and it still has been hurting.. so we will see what happens. but i really am ok. it isn't too bad. i was able to get a blessing from a ward member so i was a bit more relaxed about it all. everything will be ok.

it was fun this week because we stopped to help this man with his bike.. because it was broken. and then i started to chat with this lady who was walking her dog. in the uk people walk their dogs all of the time. like multiple times a day. and they have to pick up their dog poop with these little bags. so i helped this sweet old lady and picked up her dogs poop. yeah.. haha it was funny. i liked the lady so that was fun.

but there are lots of cool things happening here now. we are working on things quite a lot and striving to find more people to teach. its great. we have some really solid recent converts that we are working with. one family has a 13 year old girl who i would love for McKenna to write a letter to. her name is chloe and her family is from Zimbabwe. we just want her to know that she can do it, she is so so sweet!!

i am loving things here though. its going good. i am just trying to do all i can with the time that is left. the lord has so much for everyone to do. and i want to help as many people as i can. and i want you to do the same. not just missionaries can share the wonderful news of the gospel. it is for EVERYONE to share!! keep on keeping on. i love you all so much and miss you. but i think you are amazing. thanks for your great example to me. you rock.

have a great week.

love sister j

this week in wolves

 hey you.

so it looks like everyone already knows.. i was moved to wolverhampton. how you guys find these things out i just dont know. i am either guessing some members from my last area told you. or some members here told elder cagle who told elder call who told you? its a mystery to me. but hey next transfer i am def going to be moved.. to 919 summit drive. crazy stuff right?

it sounds like you guys had a really really fun week. the fourth and camping and hiking and all that jazz. the only thing you didnt do was knock on some doors and talk to some strangers in the street. bummer for you. oh and you didnt get to do sparklers out of your window.. are you jealous?:)

but yeah. here i am in the wolverhampton 2 ward. our building is the one on linthouse lane. its a pretty good ward. about the size of rhiwbina ward. and my companion is sister hamnett. and she is actually from pg. so that is cool! she is the youngest of four and the first missionary. she has been out the same as sister curtis.. so about 14 months. its nice to be with comps that have been out a while. she is great. i miss sister tryon because we had a blast together and she is def going to be one of my best friends for life. but i love sister hamnett too. we will have a fun 6 weeks together. and she can handle sending me home.

it was really sad leaving rhiwbina. i honestly loved that ward so much. i think it is the ward that i learned the most from. they are incredible. such a family oriented loving ward. i have loved every place that i have served. i learn so much from the people that i serve around. it amazing.

this week was filled with transfers and getting use to this area. it is quite small as well. about as big as gfield was. but that is nice. so we are walking mostly. there is this way cool recent convert family from zimbabwe that we are working with! and that is sweet! i love africans. especially zimbabweans. speaking of... i got to call monalisa last night and that was great. i miss that cute family. i am excited to skype them with you guys so you can meet them. and everyone. you will love them. just like i do!

oh the fourth we got to have sparklers out our window that s hamnett had bought. so that was way fun! we all know how much i love that holiday. and i think i have gained the same heart burn that dani has. so i take a lot of tums. whoop for tums.

but guys i love missionary work. i love the gospel. lately my prayers have been full of thanks for the people that i have met on my mission. without the gospel i know that i would have not met any of these amazing people i love them all. i cant thank the lord enough for the experiences i have had and the people that i meet. the lord truly loves us all. he has a plan for us and includes that love in it. i am so grateful for this. and for you all for allowing me to spend these 18 months in the uk. thank you for your love and support. its amazing!

i dont really need anything. but i would encourage sister sorensen to buy her coat here. but shoes i would buy at home. and buy ones that will last for awhile. things are just pretty expensive over here. i am so excited for her. she will love it here! and i hope one of my pallies gets to train her!

well i hope you have a mega good week. i love you and pray for you daily. i think you are all amazing and i hope you... keep on keeping on.

love sister j

Monday, June 30, 2014

the week of my last proper transfer

 well kids. here we go.

happy anniversary mom and dad! yeah for being married 27 years! sorry i didnt send a card or anything.. but know that i still love you, and i think that you are the best parents ever! it sounds like you have had a really fun week. and then in six weeks its gonna get even more fun! whoop whoop. oh and have such a fun fourth of july. my favorite holiday. keep swimming as well.

so tonight we will find out if i am moving. we know for sure one of us is.. which is pretty sad because we have a super fun companionship. i love sister tryon. she just reminds me a lot of mally sorensen griffin. but next transfer will be good. i am excited to start a new one. its just good to have a fresh start. but then i will hope to let you know next week. unless someone else tells you first.. because that happens sometimes.

we have been trying to take pictures.. and will try to take more. it was really fun last p day because we got to go to an outdoor museum of welsh life. it was sweet! and i dont know for sure if we will make it up to merthyr. that would be really cool, and i loved reading up on everything! so it would be neat if we could go.. but we will see. i havent really had any welsh food besides welsh cakes.. and no welsh words that i know yet.. or traditions. it is pretty similar to england. but more hills. that is great!

this week was good though. we were very blessed o reach our goal of finding three new investigators. that was great. two of them are married and from nigeria. judith and richard. who are pretty cool! but dont want to read the book of mormon whatsoever. africans love the bible. so we are trying to help them see that they can love the book of mormon too! then we are teaching a pretty cool lady named lynn. we met her last week while she was outside doing her garden. but when we taught her she had a few tears in her eyes. teaching people is my favorite thing! i wish you could teach people too and see the gospel touch their hearts. its the most amazing thing ever to see the spirit enter into their lives. and for them to desire to have it. its hard to get people to allow themselves to feel it.. but when they do.. its incredible! we are so blessed to have this gospel. lucky us!!

i love you all and hope that you are doing great! i am finishing the book of mormon and then starting it again for my last transfer. you all should join me and we can then finish it together!!:) that would be cute of us! haha. but have a great week. i love you lots. miss you too. but keep on keeping on.

sister j

this week.

 hey hey you you.

well this week was pretty alright. it was sunny just about everyday which was great! and so no wet feet for sister egbert. you guys. it is pretty crazy that i come home so soon. and this week was pretty full of reminders of that. we had zone conference where i was ever so privileged to sing in a musical item. and then i also had to give my departing testimony. that was weird. you imagine your whole mission what that will be like.. and then it really happens. and that is weird. way different then what you think it will be like. it was really neat though to be able to just think again about all of the things that i have learned so far on my mission. but i still have a lot of learning to do. so that is all good! its gonna be great.

i feel bad, but sometimes while i am emailing you guys.. i forget all the good things that happen through the week. we had a pretty rough couple of days until saturday. that was a good day. we were doing some finding and going by people basically all day. and we found two sweet people all within a few minutes of eachother. one was a woman from nigeria. and she was outside her house with her two sons. she was super nice. and we were able to sing some primary songs to her son because he loves music! and then after that we met this way cool guy named dave. he had a pony tail and was smoking.. so at first i just wasnt sure if i should talk to him.. but we did. and he was awesome! his wife is going to have a baby in december time and he was quite interested in the things that we were saying. quite impressed too.. with the spirit!!:) haha but he just said that he didnt have much time, but would look into it. we just pray that at another time in his life the missionaries will meet him again, and that will be the right time!

things are going well though. we are learning a lot and loving life. learning 'come what may and love it.' that is important. but i love sister tryon. she is hilarious! this should be a good week as well! i love you all and hope that you remember how much i love you and the lord loves you! keep on keeping on!!:)

love sister j

Monday, June 16, 2014

the day after my dads day

 hey hey you kids.

well happy fathers day yesterday. sorry i am rubbish at writting cards and stuff. but i was thinking about you. and hope that you had a great day. it sounds like you did. and mom it sounds like you had a REALLY fun week. just chilling with your mates. and doing all those fun things. that race sounded really cool. i am excited to run that half in september.. even if i die. it will be fun! also love that you spoke to an english man.

this week in wales was alright. the weather was absolutely great. so we loved that!! but it was pretty hard again to find people to teach. we are trying to talk to everyone. going by formers. trying my less actives. knocking on doors. and all that jazz. welsh people are really nice and will spend some time talking with us.. but then they just arent that interested. they are really cool though. even the drunk people that meet. they talk the most actually. its pretty funny!

one way cool thing that happened this week though was on saturday. there is a referral from a member that we have been trying to contact for the past three weeks.. but we could never find the house. so we cycled to the village and went by the member to get the address again and it turns out we were on the wrong side of the village. so we found the house and this really nice lady opened the door, sarah. just who we were looking for. she was really busy, but we told her who we were and who sent us by. and she said she was really interested and to come back on wednesday. so that is the plan. because of how hard things have been lately we were mega excited to get that return appointment! sister tryon was so excited that she cried! it was funny and sad and just a little how we felt. just relieving. to see the hard work paying off a little bit. please pray for sarah. that things will go well there. then we walked past a little girl selling cookies.. so we bought one. i love buying things from kids selling things. like we use to at home. every time we walk past them.. im teaching sister tryon to buy from these kids. haha love that.

we have been meeting some really cool people though, and getting to know the members better. which is something we all know i love to do. getting to know them and helping them talk to there friends is great! i do love that. i just love being a missionary.

i have been studying a lot about service and love lately. and this morning i read president monson's talk from last conference about love being the essence of the gospel. and its so true. i found 3 times, so far, in this conference where they refer to matt 22:36-39. i think its a sign. we all need to work on our love and service. that is what life is about. becoming like christ. and he was the ultimate example of love and service. i want to be able to help those people that are searching for help. so i am going to be making that a priority in my life, and mostly in my prayers. so be able to notice those that we can serve. i think you all should read that talk again though. its very good!

thank you for the example that you are to me. all of you. i love you all and miss you. but we are all about a great work. so be not weary! its a great opportunity for all of us to become more like our savior! keep on keeping on.

love you kids.
sister j

Monday, June 9, 2014

this week it rained.....nothing new

 heya family.

first week of summer.. down. how does that feel? it sounds like you are having a great time so far.. not getting too bored. if you find yourselves getting bored.. you could always write me a letter ya know?:) mom. thank you so much for your letter that you sent weeks ago. it was the best! and yes you do have many MANY talents. i am trying to learn from you. and heather says that they are really excited for august. so the things that you are planning sounds really fun. i am pretty excited too. it will be weird though that i wont be a missionary. i am a little bit getting nervous as it gets closer. its almost real, but then becomes unreal again to me. i had a dream last night about coming home. and it was raining and no one wanted to talk to me. it was a bit depressing. so i will stay for nine more weeks. then everyone will want to talk to me right?! haha

this week was a lot better than last week. it didnt rain nearly as much which was the best part of it! and we found a lot more potentials. it was a bummer because a lot of our lessons flogged but that is ok. the other day we were street contacting.. and it had been kind of a rubbish morning. but we stopped these two, quite chavy looking girls, and they were really cool! they were asking us about the law of chastity and the word of wisdom. they are just 16 and had lots of good questions. and then one went on to tell us that that morning she had found out that she was pregnant. it was crazy. we just didnt really know what to say. so we invited them to church. and talked about the sanctity of marriage and the law of chastity more. it was a really neat experience though. just to see the lord place us in the path of someone that needed someone to talk to. i loved it.

most of the work we are doing right now is going to be through members. we are struggling to find solid people to teach. so we have some more good plans to go through with. so hopefully that will be good. last week we went to young womens.. because we wanted to get to know them better. there are about 6. and one is a bit semi-active. and today her mom called and invited us to fhe with them tonight because katy said if we are there for fhe she is sit in!! so cool!! we are excited to hopefully help her gain that testimony again and desire to come unto christ! i love being a missionary. even if sometimes its for members instead of non-members. good things are going to happen here in the ward. it may be after i go home. but i know that things will. its awesome!

i loved studying service this morning. i have been thinking about d&c 52:14 about patterns. and i have wanted to inherit the sister egbert pattern. i just havent know what to put as my pattern. so i decided to incorporate service into it. because that is something that i really want to make a bigger part of my life. charity, service, and happiness! so many great things to do and become. and i need to get a move on. we all do. we need to be those people who the lord wants to prepare the world for the second coming! go team.

sister tryon is great though. we are having so much fun. she is hilarious. and always makes me laugh. and she says the best prayers. she lives in south jordan and is going to go to uvu. pretty cool stuff. we are going to be friends for sure.

things are going good though here. there are always great things that happen throughout the day that we can add to our miracle list. the lord is blessing us here. in different ways then we sometimes things. but he is always blessing us! i am grateful.

and i am grateful for you all. you are the best family!! i love you so much and think you rock. keep on keeping on. and know that the girl over the pond loves you.

sister j 

sister j and sister tryon at costco....even in wales!

Monday, June 2, 2014

this week in the sun

 hiya ducks.

can i get a whoop whoop for summer holidays. (whoop whoop.) it sounds like you have a lot of really fun things planned and great things going on over the next few months. things are happening for the egbert family. on this side of the pond. and that side. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week to my little brodawg bff ryan. i cant believe that i missed your 16 and 17 year birth marks. that is ok. i will be there for the next. but i hope you had a super fun day.

well things are going here. sister tryon is great. super funny and is pretty happy all the time. no matter what. especially this week because it was a bit of a tough week for us here. so the area was whitewashed just barely before i came.. and the teaching pool has just shrunk. we are stuggling to find people to teach.. no matter how many people we talk to. and that is tough. but we have been doing loads of service for the members here. and they are great. we have cleaned kitchens and rooms and refrigerators and gardens. we have found pathways and mowed lawns. and caught frogs. it has been pretty fun though. the ward honestly rocks. we have been talking with our ward mission leader a lot.. because he is the man. and we are setting us some good plans of things we can do with the ward to get them to find people more. and then there is a lad getting home from his mission today who i guess is mega missionary man.. so he will get the ward excited. which is gonna be great for us.

wales is so pretty though. we cycled to this village about 45 minutes from the chapel and we saw lots of hills and some valleys and it was great. and we found this really great street contacting place near an old castle. man guys sometimes i just wish you could see england and wales. its great. super great! and we are going to hike one of the hills by our house one p-day soon and you can totally see the ocean from up there.. so i am excited. and see some sheep. that we can barely see from our flat.

but yeah. its going good. i am learning a lot and coming closer to christ. which is what life is all about. moroni 10:32. lets all take some time this week to come closer to him.. through service or prayer or study. just something. i know it will help.. no matter what we need help with. it always does.

i love you all and hope you have a great week. keep on keeping on. dont forget. this sister loves you.

sister j xx

Friday, May 30, 2014

week of the wales

 so kids.

you heard right.. i have moved. to wales. rhiwbina is the name of my area and it is pretty posh. the sisters were emergency transfered two weeks ago, so things here are pretty dead. its basically a whitewash. we are really working to find people to teach and going to try mostly through the members. the area is super nice and a lot of older welsh people live here. it is completely opposite of leicester where english people were the minority. but it is good and i am liking it so far. except people told me that it rains everyday in wales.. i didnt really believe it, but the first three days i was here it just rained. and rained. and rained. forever. i was so wet. thank goodness for hair dryers to dry your clothes right? my companion is really cool though. sister tryon is from south jordan and is just great. she reminds me a lot of mally so that is way good. she is hilarious and we are having fun together. despite the rain. so that is mega good. she has almost been out for a year and here in rhiwbina for only two weeks. so she will most likely be my last companion. the zone and district are pretty cool. we only have four sisters in the zone so that is a bit weird. i have never had that before. but its pretty good. and the district is sweet. our district leader is way cool. and the ward is sweet. honestly. everyone is normal and they love us. and they are great. i am so excited to become friends with all of these people too. and get them to bring their friends into the gospel.. yay!!

holy getting to see scott. how was that?! man the pictures looked great and you all looked so happy. i really miss that kid. he is the best!! hopefully he will email me one day.. silly kid. but yeah and you got to meet my pal elder cagle. he is a funny kid. and crazy about all of those people with mission calls and weddings and babies. crazy stuff. but way exciting for all of them.

it was way sad to leave leicester. i loved that place and those people! def on of my favorite areas. those people will be close to my heart forever!! i wish you could meet them all. they rock. but i am super stoked about this new area. things can happen here and we are excited! the field is pure white here. the language here is crazy.. so i will try to send some photos of that. and other things.but i am excited. my goal is just to build this area up like crazy. and find good new ways to do it. whoop. whoop.

well i love you all and hope you have a great memorial day and a great week. i love you and miss you. and remember.. keep on keeping on.

love sister j

Monday, May 19, 2014

this week on the district

 hey hey you fam you.

it sounds like you all have had a mega good week. we have as well. it has been so warm here! i got some sun on my face, and a nice tan line started from my watch. the suuuun haaas arrived! (name that movie!)

some cool things have happened this week though. do you remember me telling you about michael from last sunday? well he is the man. and he is absolutely hilarious. has such a funny sense of humor. he is pretty sarcastic. but he came to church yesterday and is on a baptismal date. and he is loving it. its pretty cool to see. we are excited to see what other great things are going to happen with him. cool kid. from nigeria.

so we have a few investigators who either have babies.. or are pregnant.. and it makes me so excited to hold a baby again. i love kids, and it is pretty hard to not get to play with them all the time. so brevin better get ready to play with me 24/7 for a few days. he is the closest i have to a little kid.

some funny things for the week have been me going on a one day slimfast diet. our bishops wife has talked to us about losing weight.. and had loads of slimfast in her cupboard so she gave us loads. i tried it for one day.. and i was STARVING. so i quit. it was like those times when we run and i am so thirsty.. but hungry instead. bummer. so now i just eat normal again. and the other day we were in charge of youth and we sat on the grass.. the next morning i had about 40 bug bites on my legs.. so i am so so itchy. so many bites. a little bit i look like i have leprosy. pretty gross.

oh man the other day we met this guy on the street who was absolutely crazy. he was high as a kite and super drunk. i was being pretty bold with him and he kept telling me what a bully i was. it was pretty funny.. but a bit i got annoyed with this guy.. he was getting all up in my grill. but we set up a return appointment anyway. he didnt show. but it was funny to see the importance of the word of wisdom pronounced in such a significant way. be clean!!

we went on exchanges this weekend as well.. and it was so much fun! i went to coventry with sister jensen who is from my group. we got to play football (soccer) with some chinese people.. and one was named sherry. she was so cool. man chinese people really are so prepared! they are solid. i love it.

the week was good though. we are still seeing a lot of success and growth here. the ward it amazing and i have loved serving in this area. if i get moved wednesday i will definitely miss all of these people. they are amazing and i have learned so much here. this area has changed me so much. this is where i would have to say i have learned the most. so i am excited to continue to learn here or not. it would be neat to go to a new area.. but we will see tonight.

and have fun seeing elder call soon. i am REALLY going to miss him. he is the man. and has helped me so much on my mission. what a blessing to serve with him for more than half my mission.

well family. i think you are all great. i miss you lots and am so excited to see you soon. keep on keeping on. i love you so much!! dont forget that. or how amazing you are.

love you kids.

sister j

week after skype


it was so good to talk with you yesterday. electronic face to electronic face. you all look so grown up. and like you are doing so good. thanks for waking up to talk to me and i hope that you really enjoyed church. and i am so happy you loved gma howard. she is great. i go to her with the things i need or things that i want to chat to someone about. she rocks. i will def skype her when i come home so you can talk to her some more. love that woman.

so since we chatted yesterday i dont really know what to talk about so i will just update you on our sweet investigators. they rock.

sally: young mom, who is loving reading the book of mormon, but a bit nervous to come to church.
zigma: a sweet lad from africa, who is set to be baptized.. but we need to change his date soon.
michael: random miracle guy from sunday. sweet though.
sharmma: another black woman who is pretty solid, just quite busy.

and there are others, but we just have the coolest people that we are teaching right now. we just need to get them progressing. focus on the one.

sister reed is way cool. she would love some oreos. she talks about them loads. it is pretty funny!

moves are soon.. next week when elder call goes home. i dont know what will happen. we will see. either way is good for me though.

things are going good though. it was so great to see you all yesterday. i hope you know how amazing you are. i am so blessed to have you as my family!! keep on keeping on. i miss you. love you. and dont want you to forget it!!

love sister j

Monday, May 5, 2014

it's one week until the big day

 hey my kids.

so. once again. you all look and sound like you are doing really great. which i love. it makes me very very happy. you all are keeping on. just like i tell you to do each week. whoop. so next week.. what if we did skype at 8 your time. which should be three here. would that work? you tell me. that would be the easiest thing for us. happy cinco de mayo as well. yesterday i ate enchiladas in honor of the big day. yeah.

the biggest news of the week is that my great friend monalisa was baptized this past weekend. it was a great experience for her. she has been waiting for this day for years. and when she came up out of the water and into the room with us she just put her face into her towel and cried. she was so happy. it was amazing to see her with that much love and excitement. i absolutely love getting to be a part of these people coming closer to christ. it is amazing to see them change and grow. it is unlike anything else. really it is. man i wish you all could meet these amazing people that i get to work with. whether it is people we are teaching or members or my companions.. they are great. maybe one day you can meet them.

we have the coolest investigators right now. eddie and zigma, they are super cool!! and then we have japhet and his family that are pretty sweet. japhey totally looks and talks like thurl baily. its amazing. but mostly i am just loving life right now. sister reed is the man. she comes from a family of 9 kids and lives like 2 hours away from leicester in a place called cambridge. but she is loving it her. honestly she is hilarious. love her. we are having so much fun.

so the other sisters in our district are sister roscher and sister curtis(my girl). sister curtis had to go to hospital this weekend so we were in a trio with sister roscher for a few days. so yesterday we went to 6 hours of church.. and then had a dinner appointment.. and were just cycling everywhere. it was so much fun though. and this morning sister curtis was let out of hospital so we had to go and pick her up. but it was fun to be with s roscher this weekend. loved it.

one thing that i have really learned this week is to be more grateful during the good times. i think when we struggle we see the good things that are happening.. but when things are good we dont notice the good so much. so sister reed and i have been working to be more grateful for those good things that do happen.. no matter if its a good day or a bad day. and when we are grateful all of the time.. we notice more blessings. and receive more blessings. how lucky are we?!

it does sound like you are great. and i am great. i realized today that i have about 100 days. that is crazy. and i am freaking out a bit. i love this place and this work. i am excited to come home and see you all.. but i love this place. the people and experiences are amazing. the things that are happening are unforgettable. going on a mission has changed my life. and i am SO glad that i decided to come. no matter how hard it may be at times.. i love it. and i love my savior for making it possible for me to come out and do this work. it is his work. we are blessed.

i love you kids. and i am mega excited to skype you on sunday. let me know if that time works for you!! see you soon. and dont forget.. keep on keeping on.

love sister j 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the week of the iron tablet

 hey kids.

so i think you are all great. and want you to know that. seriously. seeing photos and reading your emails, i just am mind blown at how much you have all grown. its great. i am proud to call myself an egbert. its the best.

it sounds like you all had a pretty great week though. and to see that you are experiencing some of the things we experience here a lot.. aka rain. isnt it the best. it was raining yesterday as we cycled to our dinner appointment. which was alright. it was just a small rain. not too bad.

one of the best things that we had happen this week was also partly a trial. We are teaching this man named eddie, who is planning to be baptized into the catholic church soon. We tried to set a date with him for baptism because we know that he wants to be baptized here as well.. but turns out the date we had planned was the same as his date for their church. We had the bishop and his wife teaching with us.. and the bishop was great to tell him that he needed to make a choice. Sadly for Eddie though he found that pretty upsetting. He doesnt want to upset anyone. So he decided to choose the catholic church. We were pretty upset.. but prayed and asked the zone to pray for him as well.. and he ended up coming to church yesterday! It was quite a miracle. And a great experience for us to see that the Lord is mindful of everyone and gives us each endless chances!

i dont know. things are going so great. but it feels like the lord is just blessing us loads. we arent doing anything special. just trying our best. and that is great. i love it. sister reed is the man. kind of like dani. so its sweet.

today though we had the chance to go with the stake president and two elders to a college in leicester to talk to a class about the church. that was a way cool experience. we got to talk about our beliefs and what not. and then the stake president bought us lunch. but it was neat. lots of different religions and ethnicities in the class. so they had some good questions.

but things are great. i hope you all are having a great week!! the lord loves us and does bless us. we cant forget to be grateful and thank him everyday! you guys rock. keep on keeping on.

love sister j

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

week of the running....again

 hey hey you you.

my family. is the best. i just think you guys rock. and i love getting your pictures and seeing slash hearing about all of the fun things that you are doing. and you have a new fridge? and a new toaster?! man. posh. haha i love it! it sounds like you have had a pretty fun easter. here we just had church and then a dinner appointment with my second mission grandparents the howards. and then we did some good work.

oh yes. so i am staying here in glenfield for at least another transfer and i am really excited about it. as you know my new companion is sister reed and she is from england. she is the best. seriously. love her. we have gone running a lot. and she loves to hoose it up. she is 26 and a bum nurse as well. haha i love her. she helps me work hard and has fun at the same time. and she has almost been out for a year. i am really excited for this transfer.

this week was a pretty good one. we put monalisa on a baptismal date so please please keep her in your prayers. but we also have this way cool investigator names eddie and he is the man. he is about to be baptized catholic.. but we are obviously trying to stop him from doing that. but he is great. i might have told you about him already. but i have never seen someone want to be cleansed from their sins so badly. its amazing. he was supposed to come to church yesterday.. but wasnt able to make it.. but we did have this way cool woman come to church. sister urbani and i contacted this lady name marieta about a week ago.. and she was kind of interested. she is from albania. but we stopped by her saturday morning and just visited with her for a while. she then said that she wanted to come to church with us sunday.. and her 15 month old daughter amanda. and they came!! it was so so cool to see her come and to see her be fellowshipped by one of my favorite members. it is great to see the gospel at work. pretty cool guys.

i loved being able to thing about my savior yesterday and the sacrifice that he made for us. i know that he lives and loves us. he died for us, but rose again. and that is our message to the world. because of christ we too can become perfect. lets work our hardest to find someone this week that doesnt know of this message.. and then share it with them. ok? you can do it.

i love you all. you are my best friends. and i hope that you are doing great! have a great week and i am so excited to hear from you next week.. and skype soon!!:) keep on keeping on.

love sister j

Monday, April 14, 2014

another week bites the dust.

 hey you kids.

so you all had a mega fun week it sounds like. nyc. dances. bacon. school. you guys are living the life. love it. and i love the photos that you send to me every week. its the highlight of my week. emails and photos from my familia. you guys are the best. and i heard that they weather is getting better there. and it is here as well. i hope that you have leicester on that weather ap on the iphone so you can look at what i am going through. not raining right now though. whoop.

here is the thing.. i get here.. and then i never know what to say about our week. it was pretty good. a lot better than last week at least. our investigator monalisa is the man. honestly we love her so much. and her girls are the best. they came to church yesterday and loved it. and we were able to fast with lisa and hopefully tomorrow set a baptismal date with her. she was taught a few years ago and had three baptismal interviews.. but because of situations with her husband/partner.. she was unable to be baptized. but this time around there should be no problems. please keep her in your prayers. she is amazing. i wish you could know her. or that i had some photos.

haha than on saturday we were doing some finding in rally park and this little maybe 8 year old kid stops me and asks me straighten out his scooter for him while he ties his shoe. it was pretty funny! just kind of cool to see that the lord uses us to help everyone. like for real everyone. and when people trust us to help them.. its pretty cool.

so also i am learning to LOVE gardening. we should definitly have a garden. i think i am going to plant one when i get home. is that ok mom? but there is a fmaily here that has an alotment.. which is basically like a big area where lots of different people have gardens. because their proper gardens are too small to grow things. but we are getting to go help her once a week and she is teaching me so much! and we are meeting some cool gardening folks. i love it. being outside, talking to people, and serving. its pretty great. so i am excited to use these skills later

yesterday we got to watch the general womens broadcast.. and it was amazing!! that choir was so cute, and when they began singing their first song.. tears came to my eyes. those young girls being their brought the spirit so strongly. it was amazing. young spirits are some of the most amazing spirits. i think it is because they are still so good at turning their will over to the father. they dont feel a need to do things their way all of the time, and they are able to let him do his work. that is why christ tells us to become as little children. they will help us reach the kingdom of heaven. isnt that cool? so guys.. lets all be like kids. well like brevin at least.

well i hope that you all have a great week this next one. enjoy yourselves and dont forget to do those things that are important. prioritize! that is so important. i learned that this week. haha you learn a lot of things as a missionary. it rocks. ok but i hope you know that i love you all so much! you are my best friends. and i miss you. but i hope that you are all able to have your own missionary experiences every day! and please tell me about them if you do. keep on keeping on.

love sister j 

fun family in the ward

of course a jumping pic

sister j sister b and elder ?

Monday, April 7, 2014

week of the oldie

hey fam.

so yes. i am old now. it was kind of sad to realize that i am older. i liked being 19 and now.. 21. flip. haha but its all good. on saturday some members took us out for lunch before conference which was great, and then we had conference. but before we went there we were suppose to have a lesson with a potential named grace. we get there to her house and she goes to open the door.. and it wont open. she tried like a million keys and even passed me the keys through the post box to try from the outside.. and nothing. couldnt get the door open. (the dont have deadbolts here.. just keys both sides of the doors.) but it was the craziest thing.. not able to get that door open. so we are going to have to try by her later in the week. so funny. it was on a pretty busy street as well so that made it even funnier.

but it sounds like you all had a mega fun spring break! yay for hp world, cleaning, and vball. sounds fun. and so much going on with all of my cousins. yay for all of them. that is great! i hope that everyone is well and enjoying life!

wasnt conference great?! we were able to watch the first three sessions at the stake center saturday and sunday and then this morning we caught up on the sunday afternoon session for our study. it was a great conference!! i loved it. my favorite two talks would have to be elder stevenson and president monson in the sunday morning. they were great. i felt like so many talks this confrence were centered around our savior. such a great reminder for us to keep our baptismal convenants and to always remember him. he is our ULTIMATE example. so we need to always follow him. always. i am so grateful for the testimony i have of my savior. and the growth that came to that testimony this weekend. i love the prophet and apostles. they are men called of god to lead us now. that i know. and they are all special witnesses of christ. pretty cool stuff. what was everyones favorite? i also loved elder ballard. he had a lot to say about member missionary work.. and even gave some ideas on how to. hastening the work. pretty cool.

well we are excited for this next week and are hoping to see lots of good things happen. good luck to you all in the upcoming week. know that i love you miss you and pray for you. keep on keeping on kids. you rock.

love you lots. sister j

Monday, March 31, 2014

week of the polish peeps.

hey you kids.

so have fun in hp world this week boys. and girl.. just have fun. cleaning is the best. remember how when i was bored at home i would clean everyone elses rooms? crazy. who does that?! but mac dog. i got your letter. loved it. and the photo. especially the photo. and am so excited to jack to go to madagascar. and that josh is going to get his letter soon. that is so great. i am excited! and if jack and i could speak together that would be cool!!

so congrats to ry guy. that is awesome. you are the man. and nice that you got an email from heather. she is so great. i may get to go to a baptism for their son in a few weeks.. if we can arrange a lift there. she called president to see if i could go, so it would be great to see them and everyone from lincoln. i miss that place. and the people. but it will be really cool to meet them. mom
 you will be a great hostess. and i am sure that they will be doing lots. so dont worry.

yeah elder call was able to skype yesterday because it was english mothers day.. and he goes home so soon to our mothers day. he is doing good. i love that kid and i get to see him today. whoop.

so this week was a pretty good one. it went by so quickly that i kind of have a hard time remebering what we did.. sister urbani was sick for a few days.. so one day we had to stay in. and i was so bored. i just say staring out the window for awhile.. haha after doing some effective things of course. but it was good becuause now she is feeling a lot better. which is great.

yesterday rocked. i dont know if i told you about monalisa our investigator who is really a former from a few years ago. she is amazing! and from zimbabwe (i want to go there) and she has two adorable little girls, aleshia and elaine. they came to church yesterday!! which was awesome. lisa has been really nerbous about coming back to church so it was great to have her there and for everyone to remember her. we have been working with the ward.. a lot. becuase they arent lovers of the work.. but they are continually getting better which is great to see! i love it here. and am loving all the people that i am getting to meet.

well since this week is conference.. and this girls 21st.. its gonna be a good week. i dont want to turn 21. like at all.. but its going to happen. but i am so excited for conference. what a blessing to see and hear from our prophet and apostles. cool that we have a living day prophet. that is a mesage that we have to share with the world. invite someone this week to listen to conference... that wouldnt normally. it will be great for them and you.

i love you all and miss you. and am so glad to hear how great you are doing. you are the best family.. ever. and i am blessed. thank you for the love and supporr you show to me while i serve across the pond. its a great experience and i love sharing it with you. love you kids.

sister j xx

elder call and sister j

sister u and sister j

a shout out for the hp fans in the fam

Monday, March 24, 2014

this week. it rained.

 hey family.

so i love you all so much. mondays are my favorite days because i can hear from you. and about the fun things that you are doing. i am excited for the boys for next week. they are going to have some mega fun!! and wow. so many people getting married slash engaged. i guess that is what happens in the spring time. its gonna be crazy coming home and everyone will have different names. but congrats to all of them!

things were pretty average here in glenfield this week. we really were only able to see two of our investigators because the others were pretty busy. but we were able to put one on a baptismal date.. and the other.. yeah we will see what happens there. the one on a date was suppose to come to church yesterday, but was unable because her newborn, adorable, baby kept her up all night. but we were able to see blessings that we hadnt intended come through. we were sitting in coordination before church and a women walked in asking about when church started. it turns out that she is a former investigator from an area near ours.. but moved just before her baptism. and one of my mission pals taught her. but she had an impression to come to our church that morning.. so made her way over. and she loved church and everyone loved her! we are mega excited! we set up a time to see her this week and are hoping and praying for the best! we are working with.. stacy, ceejay and shenii, sharmma, monalisa..

other than that.. i have learned to never eat polish cookies. they make me a bit crazy. and they dont even taste that good. oh we also met this lady this week from romania who had never met an american before. she was so excited! and taught me some romanian words. i have gotten into this habit that whenever i meet someon who speaks another language i have them teach me a few words in their language. then the next time i meet someone from that country i can impress them! haha its been working so far. and its broadens my horizons! i love it.

well this weel i learned that it is so important to talk with heavenly father.. everyday. i mean i already knew that. but its something that is strengthened every week for me. i love that i can talk to him whenever. because it gets hard sometimes that i cant speak to my earthly parents whenever i want. but knowing that i can turn to him.. is amazing! he listens and answers and knows us perfectly. what a blessing to know that. now i want to challenge you all to pray for missionary opportunities everyday. and then go out there and look for them. great things will happen. promise!!

i love you all. more than you know. have a great week and remember.. keep on keeping on!

love sister j xx

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

another week in glenfield

Sister J & Elder Call
yoyo hommies.

well this week was maybe the longest week in awhile. but it was a good one. but your weeks all sound like there were pretty good. i am glad to hear that you are loving reading and playing sports and all of that good stuff. brevin remember i told you about my portuguese district leader.. well we made a video of him speaking to you.. but it might be too big to send. we will see though. but you all rock. i know i say that all of the time. but really you do. it sometimes takes being away from your family for awhile to realize how amazing they are. i always knew you were great.. but i had to be reminded. but i now know that i have the best family.. EVER.

sssoooo this week i got to see my cousin. elder call. we had zone conference which was so much fun and a really good learning experience. it was with two other zones.. which were ones that i had previously served in, so i got to see so many of my old hommies. it was awesome. and we were very lucky to have our area president there and his wife to speak to us. they are great. i have come to realize that general authorities are all really funny. and they always know how to make things so relevant to you. its so great! arent we lucky to have such great leaders surrounding us?

we also picked up two new investigators this week.. well they are formers, that we re-picked up. hopefully this time around they will be ready and willing to make necessary changes, and have the faith to commit. their names are ceejay and sharmma. but we are also teaching monalisa, vera, and joanne. haha lots of women. but they are great. i love teaching different people from different backgrounds and learning different things from each of them. its so neat to see them change their lives because of the spirit that they feel. that is the thing that changes us. it isnt words that are spoken, or songs that are sung.. its the way that the spirit touches our hearts that truly changes us. i know that is true. in order to live up to our potential we must feel the spirit on a daily basis. we must be intune so that we can understand what the Lord would have us learn. and we just need to listen and follow. that is one thing that i really hope to be able to learn better as i am serving now.. to listen and go. not to hesitate.

i also got to go on an exchange this week with.... sister hanks!! it was so much fun. it was great to be able to talk about cache valley and all of the people that we know. i loved being able to talk with someone that understood what i was talking about. man.. it was great.

well the word of the week is actually a phrase.. ''oh my mother.'' haha a samoan elder in our district says it all of the time. and in his accent it is the funniest thing. but yes.. the weather has been absolutely amazing!! we are loving it. and today i am actually not even wearing tights.. yay. and sometimes its nice to ride a bike in this weather.. haha but mostly i just wish for a car.. (in a few months that'll happen.) good luck to ryan this week in his election. he is going to do great. i know it. that is actually quite funny that no one ran against dallin. but i hope for the best for ryan!

this next week should be a pretty good one, for you as well i am sure. i hope that you are enjoying the nice weather. you egbert family really are the best. i am so glad to know that you have my back.. always. you rock. thanks again for being the best. not just good or better.. but the best! i love you kids. and miss you. have a great week!!

love sister j

Monday, March 10, 2014

this week on.......the glenfield

 hhhhhheeeeeeeyyy guys.

so looks like i am staying here another transfer with sester urbani. we are excited and looking forward to another fun 6 weeks together. yay. plus the weather is getting so so nice and i am wearing my black jacket as i type this so yeah.. things are looking good. looooking gooood. and elder call stayed and they got a new sister in their ward named, sister bornemann!! i got to see her on wednesday and it was so great to see her. i have really missed her. she is great. and now they get to be pals over there. but i can see them both friday.

it sounds like things are going pretty well for the egbert clan over there in utah. and that you all are being bros and loving life. oh so i have a new district leader named elder silva from portugal. and he is the man. brevin you should write a letter or email in portugese for him. he would love it. oh and so great that layne is home. i hope he is doing well. mom i loved your cute end of your email.. it made me so very happy! i love you lots. and cool that you saw ethan. i am glad that he is doing really great!

so this week was a pretty long and quiet week in glendfield. transfer week always is if you are staying. but we were able to do some finding and have a few neat experiences. i will share a few with you all.. now:)

we found one man named rav that seemed pretty cool. we gave him a book of mormon and set up a return apt. he is from india and has a wife and a 16 month old daughter. so when we went back yesterday we only saw his wife.. but she said that she has been reading the book but hadnt finished it.. pretty cool. and we are going to see them tomorrow.

then we found one lady a few weeks ago, who was unable to make our appointment because she was in the hospital. but we stopped by to see her this week and she came outisde and spoke to us for quite a while. she believes basically everything that we do and loved talking to us. she is way cool. sue.

but yeah. i love meeting cool people. i was thinking today about when i go home i am not going to be able to go around and just talk to people like i do now. i am really going to miss meeting new friends everyday and learning things from them. but then i just have to talk to people and make new friends. i am excited to share the gospel everyday still though. for the rest of my life.

i thought of something that i think is really cool yesterday slash today. in the bd under prayer it talks about how when we realize our relationship with heavenly father then prayer will become instinctive.. or something along those lines. how cool is that thought. when we realize that we are heavenly fathers children, then we want to pray to him.. like all the time. i feel like that. it is the neatest thing. i just would encourage you all to work to strengthen your relationship with Him everyday. be best friends. its the coolest thing!

well i love you all and again am so grateful that i have the worlds best family. you rock. and i hope you know what examples you are to me. you mean the world to me. thanks for everything. i hope you have a great week!! keep on keeping on.

love sister j 

the district

the black jacket is back!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

week of the baptism

 hey hey you you.

so this week was SOOO long. but it ended so well!! you all sounded like you had a great week. with snowboarding and the mish mom lunch. that is so cute. can i come to it when i get home. even though i wont be a missionary anymore. it just sounds so fun. and i am excited to get mac daddies letter. i hope it really does come:) and dad i am so excited that you are teaching. mr egbert. it sounds great. i love it. let me know how it goes. i am sure that you will hoose it up.

alan was baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday! it was so great. he was baptized by the oldest member of the ward, brother porter who is 92. but they were assisted by elder ashcraft who is 18. so in the font was 200 years of ago. how cool is that?! but it was a really neat thing to see him put his trust in the Lord and show his faith. we love alan.

so i have discovered that this place where we live is full of polish people. like full. so i am going to learn polish. cool right? we have a potential that we are teaching tomorrow that is polish so i am excited!

ok this email may be meag short this week. but i have to tell you something that i have been thinking about this week. it is about change. i have this fear that i am going to come home and be the same person i was when i left. it is hard to see the change in yourself becase you are with you all the time. i want to take this opportunity that i have been given to change, and let myself change. the Lord sees what he wants us to be and has a plan for us to become that. so we must allow it to happen. that is where we are going to be the happiest in our lives. when we allow the atonement to change us.

we have had loads of sunshine this past week and it is wonderful!! and... guess whose back back back, back again... my black jacket!!!!:) you all love it. but things are going good. we have a lot of good things lined up for this week.. and the ward is starting to change for the better. it is great!!

thank you all for your love and support. you are the best and i am so grateful that oyu are my family. love you lots and miss you.  keep on keeping on.

love sister j

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

week of the warmth

hey family.

well it sounds like you all had a pretty good week. and that the boys are going to hp world this week. that is awesome. and good job on all of your sports kids. i am proud! living up to the egbert name. whoop. and exciting everyone that is getting married. congrats kids.

lets see.. investigators names for the week are.. alan of course! please pray for him. and james.. who we have kind of lost but are hoping to get back in. we dont have a lot of other people that we are teaching yet. there is a lot of finding going on in this area. gotta love it. actually i am liking finding a lot more since i have been in this area. it is a lot better finding then in my previous area and we are enjoying finding new places to find. that is something that made this week good. it is so neat to stop someone and be able to engage in a gospel related conversation with them for a few minutes. even if they are not interested, it is still so cool to feel the spirit teach and testify to them through us. love that. and you never know.. later something may come of it.

but this week we went by a lady named gerry who is less active. her husband died about three weeks ago and she has been having a really hard time. some members, the howards, told us to go round there and visit. so we did, and she was ever so pleased to see us. we had a good cry with her, well she cried into my shoulder, and then we laughed and enjoyed each others company. so that was really good. hopefully we can see her again today.

oh my favorite phrase of the week is ''go on then.'' i love it. and say it all the time!

so brother abley doesnt have an email.. but he called today, and is really nervous about the whole thing. hopefully he gets it sorted out.. because i feel bad but there isnt much that i can do about it.

uh i want to share with you some thoughts that i had this morning while doing personal study. usually on p day personal study is quite hard and i am quite distracted.. but today was great. i love when you can feel the spirit really strongly in your study.. its the best. and that is how today was. i was able to really feel my Father in Heaven speak to me and answer some of my questions that i have been praying about. he lately seems to answer my prayers through an enlightenment.. which is aweomse. nothing big but something very personal. i came to realize in a great sense that he knows us PERFECTLY. like seriously. isnt that so cool. we have someone who knows us so well that he can answer any question that we have. just in his time. we have to be patient and open to the wispering of his spirit. isnt that great? i want to invite you all to listen to those promptings more this week. pray for that discerment and he will give it to you. in a way that is personaly to you and in a way that will help you more than you thought he could. cool stuff.

well i love you all and i am so grateful to have the family that i do. you guys serisouly rock. keep on keeping on. and i look forward to hearing how your week was again. i love mondays!! have a great week though. love you and miss you!!:)

sister j 

Monday, February 17, 2014

six months out

 kids. hey.

you all are the best. and sound like you are doing the best. and i am glad that you had a good v-day. we had some pasta and wore our v-day jumpers for a bit. it was fun. oh and we went to a funeral and a baptism that day. it was good. i hope that you have a fun day today though.

alright so i have quite a few things that i want to share with you today. so alan. he is doing great. has so many questions about the after life. which is great. beacuse then it shows that he is really listening and wants to know. he is so great.

we got a new investigator this week. her name is vera. she is form ghanan. and speaks twi and a small portion of english. but she is great. the first time we met her she didnt understand much of what we said, but was willing to have us come round and we got her address. when we went for our lesson i was thinking she was going to not be there. but it turns out that she was waiting for us. we went right in and began talking a bit about the gospel. but she had very little understanding. So we talked about teaching her english and she was thrilled with that idea. so i am going to attempt to teach someone english when i have NEVER learned another language. we will see how that goes.

and today. i was reading a talk from last conference. ''to my grandchildren'' its awesome. but at the end it talks about how the holy ghost brings things to our rememberance. and that really hit me. i have been thinking about the spirit and how it teaches us. sometimes we expect huge displays of the spirit. and someone to appear to us. but really the spirit just enlightens our mind.. brings things to our rememberance. we know EVERYTHING. we just need to remember that we do. isnt that a neat thought. we do know it all. we just dont remember that we do. so if you ever get discouraged that you dont know enough.. that isnt true. you just have to work hard to remember it. and studying and praying and going to church are those ways to bring it to our rememberance. yesterday i had to fill some time in sacrament meeting by speaking for a bit. i was nervous but just decided i was going to focus it on prayer.. i cannot remember what i said. i know that they lord uses each of us as a tool. he has a job to get done, and if we can be the tool that he uses.. what a blessing. i always want to live my life in a way that the lord can know if he needs a job doing.. he can have me do it. what a way to live.

well things are going good here. i got sister urbani to do some kickboxing with me this morning and it was great! i love to exercise.. just wish i could run more. but we are excited for this week. please let me know if there is anything that i can do for you guys or anyone! i miss you all and pray for you and love you lots!! keep on keeping on.

love sister j

ps transfers are on the 5 of march. 2 weeks. tell the grandparents hello and i love them and hope that they are doing good!:)

Monday, February 10, 2014

week of the year mark

 whoa. hey kids.

first off. mom is it ok if you post me my school info so that i can apply soon? that is coming up soonish. but also could i get jan and feb ensigns? and maybe jillian michaels thrity day shred? random. i know.

ok so you all sound like you are loving life. it sounds like things are going really well for you! and you are being great at volleyball and school. super cool. so happy birthday to kacie this week and tom. i am sending her a card.. today its in the flat so i will post it when we get back. she will LOVE it. but i hope that gma is doing ok. i will write to her soon. and congrats to mandy. that is fun!

things are going good here. we had a pretty great week. alan accepted to be baptized on the 1st of march. and a new investigator james is set so far for the 9th of march. pretty cool stuff. they are awesome. especially alan. everyone in the ward just loves him and he loves them. he is loving church and just the support group that comes with it. you can expect that from a 90 year old man though. we are so excited for his birthday though!!

it hasnt been too cold here this week. we had a nice morning this morning when i went out to run up the hill twice. i am so out of shape. but love running while sister urbani wathches. she is the best. but we are staying warm. we arent really sure if there is anything cool to see here. we are way close  to town which is awesome. but dont get there much. i have seen scott last p day and maybe today, but i will later in the week. love seeing my cousin.

a few investigators that we have are; alan, james, sharon, zoe, joanne. they are great. hopefully more will start progressing soon. but yeah. sorry i dont have a whole lot to say about the week. it was good though. better than last week.

i was thinking about how i am coming up to a year here. its kind of crazy. but good. the mission makes you a much better person. i have been thinking about all that i have learned and done on my mission up to this point and its pretty crazy. i have learned so much! and changed so much! sometimes you want to stay the person that you were before, but then you realize how much you needed to change and how good it really will be for you. its great.

well i gotta go. thanks guys for all that you do. i love you lots!!

keep on keeping on.

sister j

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

week of the dog

 hey guys. this is a big birthday week.. so happy birthday to everyone across the pond!

well ok. i will tell you about sister urbani. she is from the south of frace. and has just one brother and no sisters. she is 21 and loves bread and cheese. like most french people. but we are having a good time working together. but yeah we can def go to all of those places when we come back to visit england. i was thinking today as we were riding the bus (and yes we say up top.) but i was thinking about how i havent really seen that much of this country because we always stay in our specific areas. but i am excited to come back with you all to see these cool places and all of these great people!!

it sounds like you had a pretty good week though. i loved seeing the photos of ryan and his date. and love that bog story. and that you all just are loving basketball lately. how are the jazz doing by the way. i was on exchange this week in coventry and we were with some chinese students who love the nba. it was fun to chat with them about that.

so this week we had a great thing happen. i dont know if i told you about our investigator alan. well he is turning 90 in a few weeks. and he is the man. but anyway he has early onset dementia and cant remember a lot of what we teach him. but he loves the idea of being with his wife forever. so he clings to that. but he came to church yesterday and loved it!! he met so many people and everyone was so nice to him. it was awesome! there is a 92 year old man in our ward as well and they are going to be best friends. i know it. and he wants to baptize alan. he is great. but yeah things are going good.

like i said i went on exchange this week which was great. i love being in big cities. and talking to loads of chinese people. that is pretty cool. but yeah there isnt really anything else that is happening here.

but i do love the gospel. having the chance to take the sacrament each week also is great. such a blessing for each of us. i have realized the importance of the gospel in each of our lives.. espeically in our efforts to keep all of our convenants. that is oh so important. keep doing it.

well we gotta go. its zone pday today so imma going to hang out with elder call. but i love you all. thanks for all that you do for me and the examples that you are to me. i feel so blessed to have you all helping me and encouraging me. you are the men. have a great week though. keep on keeping on. love you lots.

sister j

Monday, January 27, 2014

this week on the district

 yo home dogs.

so first off.. i loved that brevin took me to school with him!! that is the best thing ever! did i stay the whole day? because that would be absolutely solid. but i love that i got to eat doughnuts and hang out. i forgot that last year i went with him. and this year i got to go. and looks like next year i will have to go too. and those snowboarding clips look like so much fun. i am excited to hit the slopes with you all next year. sweet.

right.. well i am in a new area. whoop. i am in a place called glenfield which is right outside of leicester. it takes about 10 minutes to cycle there. there are two wards that go to our chapel which is pretty cool. and there are elders here that live right around the corner from us. its weird because i have always lived miles away from the elders. they are cool though. one is a greenie (e ashcraft) and the other is e shipp. my comp is named sister urbani. and she is from france. i have been with europeans longer than i have been with americans on my mission. isnt that nuts. she just was finished being trained so she is pretty new.. and she is older than me. i havent had a single companion that is younger than me.. besides the emtc. but things are good. they have quite a few investigators, but none of which are really progressing. and the ward isnt super keen on missionary work. so we will whip them into shape! in a nice way of course. but it seems like a pretty good area and i am excited for the things that are going to get done here. our address is: flat 4, 8 sandhurst road, michael louis house, LE3 6RB, leicester. so if you want to write me letters.. yeah that would be great! love you. and cool that you say nateo! i would love to hear from him. so he should def write me a letter or email. but it sounds like you guys are doing awesome. and cool that you get to go to nyc mom. that would be so fun. and to stay in a sweet penthouse flat. whoop.

leaving nuneaton was hard. especially saying goodbye to the ableys and the youth and some of the ysa. and sister b. they are all great and i might have cried a little bit. i love all of those people and hope to see them again one day. we are going to keep in contact for sure. which is great!

ok so today we were emailing in the library with loads of other missionaries because there are lots around leicester and i was just chilling. then all of the sudden there was elder call. super random. but way cool. he was emergency transfered to the zone and he is serving with liza b's cousin. pretty cool eh? but i am excited to be in the same zone as him again. its pretty close to the same area.

one of my first nights here we went to see the bishop. after we left we walked down the street and saw these two guys carrying a tv out of their house. so i went to help them, being a bro.. but they were way cool. james and destiny from nigeria. they really want to come to church and we have a lesson set with them for tomorrow which should be pretty cool! ok and one other thing. there is an investigator whose name is alan. he is almost 90 and wont come to church. but when we went to see him saturday.. we got him to say yes to come. well actually he said, go on then. which is my favorite english thing to say. but it was great. sadly the members who where going to pick him up forgot.. so hopefully next week.

i am excited to start this new transfer and keep learning and become closer to my father in heaven. there is much to be said about sharing His gospel with His children. but it is something that we all must do. even if it is just for one minute a day. keep on keeping on kids. i love you all so much and want you to know that i know Heavenly Father knows us and loves us. we can turn to Him at any time. He puts us in places where he knows that we can help. and where He knows where we can learn the most. it is pretty cool!! i love you all. and i hope that you have a great week!!

love, sister j

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the week of the dog

Sister J with missionaries

Sister J with ward YW
dude was' up.

alright. this week was pretty pretty good. some crazy things happened. but they were crazy good things. but first off. it was great to hear from you all. it sounds like you have had a fun week in disneyland and smithfield. love both of those places. and whoop for running that race. that is impressive!

ok so this week. we were tracting one night and we met this young girl who we didnt talk to for very long, because she was young, and just gave her a pass along card. then later that night we got a phone call from her parents who just ripped into us saying how unethical we were talking with their 13 year old and giving her a card. man it was crazy. they said that they were going to call the police if we ever came back.. so we havent gone back.

then we had a really good lesson with our girl megan. she is 17 and we have been teaching her for a bit. we were going to set a baptismal date with her and all that good stuff.. but then she said that she wanted to come to church first. but she was nervous to get a ride.. so she wanted to walk the four miles from hinckley to church. and she did. yesterday megan showed up to church after walking for just over an hour.. man that was so cool. and we had a member of the area presidency in our ward and he came to young womens. it was awesome! the girls in this ward are awesome. there is one girl.. ella who is just love. she is so me. really reminds me of me at that age. she is just 14. but i love her. she was telling me yesterday that she has a friend who she gave a book of mormon to awhile ago but she doesnt know how to bring it up again.. so we talked about it and she texted us today to tell us that she has a scripture ready to share with her friend. man i love these people.

then we gained a few new investigators which was aweomse. thomas, a 36 year old single dad. and sandra, a 20 year old single mom. they are both really cool and we are excited to see what happens with them! they are normal and seem pretty good. we are just loving finding normal people to teach. because yes we love everyone.. but sometimes missionaries attract people that are less than normal.

we also had a mini missionary come with us for the weekend which was fun. her name is fiona and she is hoping to go on a misison sometime this year. and then we also had the abley's tell me about how they met the andersons when they went to the temple this week. brother abley is not doing well though since yesterday. he has had prostate cancer and is very poorly lately. so please keep him in your prayers as well. oh and ellen (hopefully you remember me telling you about her) is going to the temple this week and she is absolutely amazing and so so excited! man all of these good things are just happening here in nuneaton. this week it has been good.

but yes we have transfers this week. i dont know what is going to happen. i feel like i will leave and that would be ok.. but i just dont know. we will find out tonight and i will probably be anxious all day. but we are going with jenny bowling so i am excited about that. love her. this week i have started the book of mormon again and i studied faith quite a bit. it is awesome to see that really through everything we are able to turn to Christ and if we have faith in him we really can do all things. wow. what a blessing. and our faith can be strengthened as we pray and study and attend church. those are the three things that we must be doing in order to grow closer to Him.

ok so something cool just happened. so i am sitting here at the library and there is a lady next to me that i am certain i have spoken to before.. turns out i have. but she just found out that she has a long lost sister and is looking for her. she was on familysearch. and so i got talking with her and asking her about that work. she is so excited that maybe we could help her find her family! pretty cool stuff that spirit of elijah.

well it is getting colder here but the sun is shining today. we are excited to go bowling and clean our flat and then have our dodge night. whoop. i hope that you guys have a great week and just hoose it up in everything! love you guys lots. you are the bomb. keep on keeping on.

love you. sister j xxx smiley face