Tuesday, December 3, 2013

lovin the ward

dudes. whats up?

so i love that you went to hunger games. and that it was good. i am excited to see it next year. itll be cool. it sounds like you had a fun week and will have another fun week this week. thanksgiving. yeah they dont have that holiday here.. but i keep talking about it. and it annoys sister b. its tradition though. are you running the turkey trot around the block? thank you for the treats and warm things! loved that and i am excited to keep wearing those. its starting to get colder here now. and it snowed for like 2 seconds the other day. i was so excited!! mom i have been getting those letters thanks, i dont have loads of time to read them, but i do like hearing about how everyone is doing. so thats good! and it sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned for the next few months that is awesome! i hope you have fun.

today i read jacob 5. i forget how much i love that chapter. even though it can be very hard to read and understand it is incredible! i love reading the book of mormon. we really can apply it so much to ourselves at this time. love that. ok we had a really cool think happen this week. our investigator sonia. we were supposed to teach her a week ago on monday but when we got to her house she said that she was really sick and maybe had shingles. she wouldnt know for a few days, but if she did we wouldne be able to see her for 2 weeks. so we had the zone pray for her to be well. two days later we called to see how she was doing, and it turned out that she is ok. doesnt have shingles but is just a bit sick! it was cool. so we are going to see her tonight hopefully and set a baptismal date with her. she is so cool!

we have a part member slash less active family that we are working with, the robinsons. they are ok. we have set up lifts for them two weeks in a row to come to church.. but they have not come both times. it is a bit frustrating, but it will be ok. maybe next week. and we are going to be finding like crazy to find new people to teach this week. the ward just rededicated the area yesterday so hopefully things will get moving now.

the best thing about nuneaton is the people in the ward. they are awesome!i love the ward and how much they want to help us. we had dinner with a family last night, the jones. and they are great. as is every other family here. i love that they are so willing to help us and make us feel loved. couldnt ask for anything better.

well you guys are great. i hope that you have a great thanksgiving and remember the things that you are really grateful for. i will make a list all week and think of the things that i am most grateful.. starting with you all and the gospel. thanks for everything that you do and the prayers that you say. i love you, and i know i say it every week but i am so blessed to have a family like you!!

love sister j

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