Tuesday, December 3, 2013

throwing up in a bush

 Yo folks. it sounds like you had the best week ever. thanks for letting me join in, I had so much fun! really though I loved the pictures. it made me so happy! you rock.

so this week was pretty eventful, but I would say throwing up in a bush on the side of the road was very... yep. then sister bornemann was sick so we were inside for a day being quite sick. but we watched the district, yeah. we are mostly better now, don't worry. we had a thanksgiving dinner with a way nice family in the ward here. loved that. this ward rocks.

so we taught a lady this week that has been taught by the j dubbs for a year.. but hey it was pretty cool. then we started teaching a lady who was baptised about thirty years ago but her husband had her name removed. and a lady we contacted and loved called us yesterday. things are happening and its pretty sweet!! so if you could pray for GB still, Christine, sandra, Kristine, Sonia, and the dennisons .. thanks so much for your prayers. they are definitely felt. keep praying.

so I feel bad this is a really bad email, but were going to the zoo soon! and I'm typing on an iPad so its taking forever.. but honestly guys thanks so much for not forgetting me, ha and taking me places. I love that so much. And all of you. I am so grateful for the love and support that I get from you all, its amazing. keep working hard and being a witness of Christ. that'swhat its all about becoming like him. never forget to get on your knees when you need help. he hears us, no matter what. I love you all so much, more than you know. And I'm so excited to Skype soon!!! I hope that you have a mega great week. Love you lots.

Love, sister j.

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