Saturday, December 14, 2013

transfer week again

yo kids.

it sounds like you are getting stoaked for Christmas. whoop whoop. and then we get to Skype. yeah I am so excited for that! I cant wait guys. to see your lovely little faces. its gonna be fab. also it sounds slash looks like temple square was the best. I guess London temple does that too.. to bad I don't get to go. maybe one day I will come back with you all and we can go. saweet.

so the zoo was so good. you all know how much I love the zoo and it was great. I mean there were no giraffes so that was tough, but it was great! I love the zoo and there were a lot of cool Asian animals. Asian elephants. Asian otters. you know how I love Asian as well. I have decided that I want to be like russel and Julie and adopt a Chinese child.

to be honest I don't really remember what happened this week. it went by so quickly. but it was good. we walked our friend chirstines dogs for service. ok let me tell you about Christine. she was baptized about 30 years ago and went for a few years but her husband didn't love that so he took their names off. recently she got into contact with the missionary who baptized her who got in contact with the bishop who got in contact with us and we have begun to teach her and she is set to be baptized the sunday before Christmas. its amazing and so is she. she loves church and is so excited to come back! so teaching her has been really good for us as well. since she remembers most everything its good practice for us to teach her the lessons again. and she is loving it, like I said. but its awesome. I love that lady. she is going through a lot of tough things right now in her life, but she is looking forward to being baptized again.

there is a less active woman that the elders have been working with that we first contacted back with sister moser. we decided to call all of the less actives that we could and try to set up appointments with them. ellen was one of the only people that said that we could come by. we weren't able to got for a few weeks, but finally got around to seeing her. we began teaching her and working to help her come back to church and stop smoking. she was very afraid to stop smoking because last time she did she had a stoke soon after. but after we split the area she was in the elders area so they began teaching her. eventually she began coming to church and she has been smoke free for about 3 weeks. yesterday she had set up to meet with the Bishop about a temple recommend. she left during Sunday School and then came back during Relief Society. I went to speak to her after and she had tears in her eyes. she had been able to get a temple recommend. she didn't think that she would be able to get it so quickly and she was blow away. her excitement caused me to tear up as well. It was so neat. I don't know about her, but I could feel the spirit so strongly as she told me about how excited she was. she said that she was so excited she would jump if she could. she is the cutest! It has been amazing to see her grow, even if I haven't been able to teach her. she will be a part of my life forever.

we also came into contact with a women the other day whose dad had been a member. and she was so excited to tell him that she met us, she even took a leaflet. she didn't want to meet with us, but she was excited! and we talked with a couple who the wife said she would read the book of Mormon because she loves the osmonds. it was neat.

well I got the package and put up the decorations. thanks kids. I love it. it hasn't been too bad weather wise here. it hasn't rained for a bit which is good because I only have like one pair of really rubbish shoes to wear. I need to buy some new ones.. but sometimes I couldn't be bothered. soon though. fav memory is sleeping together in the same room. ill miss that this year. are you still gonna do it? best English word this week is fab. love and hate that word. its tacky but I like it. this week has been good as I have studied many things, like today about keeping the Sabbath day holy. that is so important. it is the only day we have to fully focus on the lord. its kind of like being a missionary for a day. so I want to challenge you guys to be a missionary for a day on sunday. do you think you can do it? who is up for the challenge? let me know and I will tell you the rules. ha I love you all. and I still think that I am the funniest.. yes. and grandpas favourite. ha ooook one funny thing I did this week, because you all are wondering. yesterday walking home in the dark I was singing to sister bornemann so loud. ''all creatures of our god and kind.'' she loved it.

well I think you all are great and I honestly CANT WAIT to Skype you in a few weeks. maybe I will be here maybe I will be in wales maybe ill be somewhere else. we will know tonight so next week I will let you know. thanks guys for being the best family eva. you guys rock. I know that I tell you that every week but its true. and I am glad you liked my letter. if you want to write back that would be fab. I would love that lots. love letters. k well I hope that you have another great week and enjoy the snow. I am excited to see photos of the igloo. sounds fun. love you lots and lots. don't forget to pray everyday together!! the lord loves us and wants to help us, so lets ask for that help and he will be more that happy to jump in.

love you kids.
sister j

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

throwing up in a bush

 Yo folks. it sounds like you had the best week ever. thanks for letting me join in, I had so much fun! really though I loved the pictures. it made me so happy! you rock.

so this week was pretty eventful, but I would say throwing up in a bush on the side of the road was very... yep. then sister bornemann was sick so we were inside for a day being quite sick. but we watched the district, yeah. we are mostly better now, don't worry. we had a thanksgiving dinner with a way nice family in the ward here. loved that. this ward rocks.

so we taught a lady this week that has been taught by the j dubbs for a year.. but hey it was pretty cool. then we started teaching a lady who was baptised about thirty years ago but her husband had her name removed. and a lady we contacted and loved called us yesterday. things are happening and its pretty sweet!! so if you could pray for GB still, Christine, sandra, Kristine, Sonia, and the dennisons .. thanks so much for your prayers. they are definitely felt. keep praying.

so I feel bad this is a really bad email, but were going to the zoo soon! and I'm typing on an iPad so its taking forever.. but honestly guys thanks so much for not forgetting me, ha and taking me places. I love that so much. And all of you. I am so grateful for the love and support that I get from you all, its amazing. keep working hard and being a witness of Christ. that'swhat its all about becoming like him. never forget to get on your knees when you need help. he hears us, no matter what. I love you all so much, more than you know. And I'm so excited to Skype soon!!! I hope that you have a mega great week. Love you lots.

Love, sister j.

lovin the ward

dudes. whats up?

so i love that you went to hunger games. and that it was good. i am excited to see it next year. itll be cool. it sounds like you had a fun week and will have another fun week this week. thanksgiving. yeah they dont have that holiday here.. but i keep talking about it. and it annoys sister b. its tradition though. are you running the turkey trot around the block? thank you for the treats and warm things! loved that and i am excited to keep wearing those. its starting to get colder here now. and it snowed for like 2 seconds the other day. i was so excited!! mom i have been getting those letters thanks, i dont have loads of time to read them, but i do like hearing about how everyone is doing. so thats good! and it sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned for the next few months that is awesome! i hope you have fun.

today i read jacob 5. i forget how much i love that chapter. even though it can be very hard to read and understand it is incredible! i love reading the book of mormon. we really can apply it so much to ourselves at this time. love that. ok we had a really cool think happen this week. our investigator sonia. we were supposed to teach her a week ago on monday but when we got to her house she said that she was really sick and maybe had shingles. she wouldnt know for a few days, but if she did we wouldne be able to see her for 2 weeks. so we had the zone pray for her to be well. two days later we called to see how she was doing, and it turned out that she is ok. doesnt have shingles but is just a bit sick! it was cool. so we are going to see her tonight hopefully and set a baptismal date with her. she is so cool!

we have a part member slash less active family that we are working with, the robinsons. they are ok. we have set up lifts for them two weeks in a row to come to church.. but they have not come both times. it is a bit frustrating, but it will be ok. maybe next week. and we are going to be finding like crazy to find new people to teach this week. the ward just rededicated the area yesterday so hopefully things will get moving now.

the best thing about nuneaton is the people in the ward. they are awesome!i love the ward and how much they want to help us. we had dinner with a family last night, the jones. and they are great. as is every other family here. i love that they are so willing to help us and make us feel loved. couldnt ask for anything better.

well you guys are great. i hope that you have a great thanksgiving and remember the things that you are really grateful for. i will make a list all week and think of the things that i am most grateful.. starting with you all and the gospel. thanks for everything that you do and the prayers that you say. i love you, and i know i say it every week but i am so blessed to have a family like you!!

love sister j