Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Staying put in Nuneaton

 hello kids.

sounds like you all had a great week. and have a good week planned as well. happy birthday to grandma jo! i hope that she had a great day. and kacie did more band things this week? man i think that is so funny! i dont know why, but everytime i imagine it in my head, its like her running around playing guitar hero. that is what i see. but i bet that you are hoosing it up! and cool that you ran that half. i cant wait to do it next year with you. way cool that elder perry came to speak. he is one of my favorites. he has so much energy and excitement for everything. i love the apostles. and ty is home? where did he go.. i forgot? and jaron is home and joe gets home in 2 weeks on the 18th!! and then the twins get home at the beginning of december! i cant believe this. everyone is already coming home. its nuts! but so cool. i hope they all are doing great.

well we had an alright week here. transfers week always seems really long, even if you dont get moved. we did a lot of finding. a lot. but it was good. we were also able to do some service for those in our ward. sister brown works at a craft center in nuneaton and asked that we help set up santas house for christmas. so us and the elders went to help and to meet her friends. it was really fun and a good chance to meet some of her friends. the browns also had a halloween party for us on halloween. they decorated their house and we had halloween candy as well. they are awesome! it was a lot of fun. There are some other members in our ward, the ableys, who we call grandma and grandpa. they have bought us matching animal print onsies. its seriously hilarious. we wear them quite a lot. they are so warm and soft as well. we saw them on monday evening and as we said the prayer to leave sister abley prayed for us and said, ''we love the sisters, we want to adopt them..'' then she started laughing so hard. it was so funny. she is such a silly lady. i love them.

we had stake conference as well this weekend and it was awesome! 6 hours of meetings about missionary work. it was great. president and sister rasmussen were there which was really great. and we were able to learn a lot. i love that everything is about the work right now. it just shows us that the lord is hastening his work and we are all a part of it. its our job to share the message with the world, well our friends and family. so lets all pray for those opportunities!!

this week while we were finding we stopped one lady and began talking to her about her health problems. She said that has caused her to lose some of her faith and we were able to testify of the power of the atonement and how it can help us in each of our lives. that is something that i have studied a lot this week. the atonement. it is so powerful. and when people realize what the savior has done for them and how they can be blessed, you can see the physical change that comes over them. but her name was joan. so if you can pray for her, gb, and alfie and his dad that we met this week. also the dennisons.

you guys are amazing. all of you. thanks for all of your support and love and sacrafice. i have the best family. i know that i say that every week but its true. you all rock. keep up the great work. we will all be blessed for the selfless service that we offer to the lord. he loves us.

love you lots.
sister egbert xx

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