Wednesday, November 20, 2013

it's hump day!!!!

 hi guys.

this week i decided i cant be english anymore. well at least i cant say hiya anymore. its not american. and sister bornemann said i sound better as an american anyway. so there.

it sounds like you guys have had a really good week. but a busy one. what is this about going to disneyland and harry potter world? i want to come.. so you could go next year yeah? cool. if not, have so much fun anyway. mac dog the mulliss' are coming. im really excited as well. that other kid is an elder that i served with. the one that made me eat haggis. elder watt. he might go to byu so he is coming to check it out.

mom it is interestint that you mentioned that about la work. i was talking with sister b about not having much success baptism wise. we talked about how in utah there is much more la work to be done there than new members. and i thought about how awesome you are working with less active sisters. that is so neat! what another great part of the work that is. we are able to help people strengthen their faith in the savior. and that is really neat too!!

questions. i read alma 5 this week and that may have to be my favorite chapter in the book of mormon. you all should read it. i love happy hippos. i will send some at chirstmas. sister bornemann is funny all of the time. i cant just write one thing funny that she says. best food of the week is soup and cheese sandwiches. we eat that a lot. i mean oft. but its so good.

we had a really big week. elder dyches of the seventy came and spoke at our zone conference. he spoke in last general conference and he is so cool. he really taught me a lot and it was really cool to be taught by him and his wife they are great. as are president and sister rasmussen. they are wonderful. i love being able to see them often. i also went on exchange this week to harborne which was fun. i got to be in a car for a day which was.. so so nice. i miss driving. i havent driven a car for over nine months. its weird. but exchange was fun. we have so many cool people that we have started to work with here in bedworth. the work is starting to really move forward in this area and it is awesome! we are really being blessed here and it is something that we are so grateful for. i love it. sonia is a new investigator that is great. we found her late one night on our way home. she rocks. kristine is a lady that we see often but havent started to teach. she is struggling in her life, but loves us. gb is still sitting, not moving much. except he came to church again which was great. and vanessa is a cute cute girl we have met that we have an appointment to see this week. pray for those people. and cliff and josie. a referral. they are wonderful and we really want to see them progress. i love them all. its amazing how much you can come to love someone after knowing them for such a short period of time.

i have one funny story this week. so we were walking home from a place called bulkington and it had been raining that day. we stopped to look at the map or something when all of the sudden a car came flying past, through a puddle. the water flew up, missed sister bornemann, and soaked me. it was like a movie, and in slow motion. it was so funny. we were laughing for ages about it. but i have dried out and still think that its hilarious.

well that is really it for this week. i sometimes have so much to say, but i dont know how to put it into words. the work is amazing. i love it. and the ward here is incredible as well. they make my day! we got to know another family better yesterday and that was cool. i love that opportunity to meet so many amazing people.

you all are great. thank you for your letters and for remembering me. i am so blessed. i was telling dad how much i love you all. i really miss you and cant wait till i get to see you again. i have been out longer than i have left, i think. wow. but again i love you and pray for you daily. thanks for being the best examples to me and to all those around you. be that example of christ. its vital.

love you.
sister j xx

j burning tights for hump day

9 months out 9 to go!!

hiding out and reading

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