Monday, November 11, 2013

A pumpkin kind of week

 hej. (danish for hi.)

family hey. it sounds like you all are doing great, as always. you are getting so big. well just older and taller. i cant believe it sometimes. and i love that everyweek, in at least one photo you send, someone is wearing some of my clothes. i really do love that. it means that you are remembering me! haha. keep being great though. and telling me about all the fun things that you are doing. i love that. good luck to grandma jo this week in her surgery. and i hope and pray that she gets feeling better soon. i love that lady. did she get my last letter?

this week the weather has gotten quite a bit colder. which is actually quite nice. except for the boots i bought a few weeks ago arent holding up so well. we had to super glue them this week. hopefully they will make it a bit longer. but the weather isnt to bad. its raining today and cold, but everyone is still outside. oh the english people. love them. today is rememberance sunday and they have had a parade type thing happening right outside the library so we have been watching that a bit as we email.

this week was a really good week for the sisters in nuneaton b. we were so blessed to have two member referrals that we had lessons with. one from the ableys and one from dougie (a young men). the first was dougie's friend megan. she is interested in religion and attends chirstian youth group with dougie. she is really awesome. loves dr. who. she prayed in the lesson and was really open to reading and praying about the book of mormon. hopefully she will have those answers that she is looking for and be able to come to church next week. the other was the ableys neighbor anne. she lost her husband a few years ago and is struggling with that a bit. we were able to talk with her about the plan of salvation and learn how to help her a bit more. she also commited to read and pray which is a good step. we had another miracle this week with GB. we were taking a break from teaching him so that he could decide some things for himself. but we stopped by this weekend, and he told us he was going to come to church on sunday. and he loved it. he was only able to come for sacrament meeting, but it was great. we had a few investigators at the meeting and also two less actives that the four of us ahve been working with. its awesome.

we also had a pumpkin bowling activity on saturday that was awesome! we were in charge of it and worked with a few members to get things sorted out. it was so much fun. we had quite a good turn out as well. a few non members and less actives came which was awesome! the members seemed to love it and were so helpful! and they loved pumpkin cookies! there is a women who lives here for three months and in america for three months who came and brought three non members who are originally from greece. and then they came to church yesterday! it was great! hopefully we will be able to start teaching them soon! things are going great in nuneaton for us and the elders now. we are feeling very blessed and hope that things continue to progress here. thank you for all your prayers and support.

i also cant belive that one year ago i opened my call and nine months ago i left home. its all gone by so quickly. its a bit nuts actually. but its good. i am loving things. the work is moving forward. i love you all lots and hope that you have a great week. keep being that egbert fam that i know and love. yeah you will be.. always! love you kids.

love sister j xx  

pumpkin cookies

pumpkin bowling

daniel and ben ready to bowl

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