Thursday, October 31, 2013

Will she be transferred?

 hiya family who are all official members of the church now.

holy, brevin is baptized now!! that is so awesome! those photos honestly were so great. everyone is so big though, just growing so much. seriously. everyone looks so much older. stop growin guys. no it looked like it was a lot of fun and it sounded even better. sorry that i scare you sometimes with my cardboard cutout. (loved that by the way) please keep it. and put tizfiz face on that. i do miss that dog sometimes. just sometimes though. there is a family we are working with and their dog is the same as tizzy. but bigger i think. brevin, i loved what you said about how you felt like you were doing the right thing. it was definitely the right thing for you to do. baptism is the first step in becoming like our heavenly father and growing closer to him. he wants us to. so we must. keeping always striving to keep those baptismal covenants and work so you can make others in the future. you are a stud. and so cool that ryan could baptize you and that all of those people could be there. i wish i could have been there but i am so pleased that you had a good time. you will have to tell me all about it later. so write it down in a journal. (also have i told you about the boy in our ward who could be brevins twin? daniel grant is 8 and so great! he bore his testimony yesterday and had it written down. he talked about how he use to think that church was a waste of time, but now he loves it.. he is the funniest boy! i loved his testimony.)

so this week i joined you all in being a bit sick. on friday i started to have really bad stomach pains and could barely talk it was so bad. sister rasmussen almost had me go to the a&e but it was late in the evening when we decided that so we chose to wait till morning. it was a bit better so we didnt. but it was ok. we were supposed to have a dinner appointment with the grants but instead they just brought us our dinner. it was so nice. i love that family!! and it was a really good dinner, that i just ate the next day.

really this week was just full of finding and being sick and having interviews with president. it was a pretty average week. except on sunday. sunday was awesome! there are some members in the ward here that are seriously hoosing it up. the grays. they served in madagascar the same time as jon elbakri. but they are really trying to find people to share the gospel with. they had dinner at an indian resturant this week and were able to talk with their waitress about the church. and she ended up coming yesterday with her friend. they are both 16 years old and the sweetest girls! they are both muslium but interested in coming to young womens and church. i loved getting to sit with them in young womens and share the book of mormon with them. so cool. being in this area has really made me realize the importance of members in missionary work. we need members to help us find people to teach. they are the key. and some of our members are just doing great!!

we will find out tonight about transfers. i have felt like i will stay, besides these last few days. i dont know. prob i will stay. we will see.

i hope that you all are feeling ok and no one is too sick. you all sound so great and look even better. i love you all and i miss you, but i am so glad for this opportunity. it is a great one and i am learning so much. there is much to do in england. and everywhere really. (e had another missionary get home in this ward and he served in russia. they fact that this ward has so many missionaries out shows how ready they are.) keep sharing the gospel and being great examples! i love you. lots.

love, sister j xx

Halloween yum!


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