Monday, October 21, 2013

When the rain came down

 hey you kids.

well this week.. it rained. and rained. and rained a little bit more. oh and it was a bit cold. my shoes still havent dried out. but hey, at least we arent roasting anymore.

whoa it seems like brevin had a super great birthday. dude HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! now you are 8. isnt that so so cool? i cant believe it. you are getting so big. can you send me one of those cute baptism announcements? those are great. and whoever did the photos, they look awesome. my brother is a stud. and you had a wizard birthday party. that sounds really cool. did you talk in british accents the whole time? that would be cool. i wish i could have seen it though. thats sweet.

 lets see. today we are going to coalville and ravenstone. i am excited to see where my family come from. it is going to be really cool. i will take some photos to send to you all next week. sorry i forgot my cord this week to send some. thank you so much for praying for our investigators. pray especially for GB. he is needing some serious prayers right now. but he is doing well. i sent the cards and a letter/ the testimony for brevins poster last week. so it should be getting there soon. sorry it took ages.

sister bornemann is doing really well. still trying to get adjusted into the missionary lifestyle, because it takes a bit.. but she is great. we are having fun and she is teaching me lots of danish. even danish christmas songs. its sweet! and feeding me danish sweets.. that taste like salt and black licorice. yum.. and she feeds me fake meat. (since she is a vegetarian) its not to bad actually. i do have a few pen pals that the kids could right. one family in our ward, the grants, have a son that is eight that reminds me sooo much of brevin. and a little girl that is 13 that mckenna could be friends with. they are great. and ryan, sarah jones in my ward.. man she is cute. did you want to write to her? haha! favorite sisters.. i love all of them. there are some that i would love to serve with!!

we didnt get to hear all of conference, but most of it. we have the last session that we can listen to but we just need to find the time. hopefully soon. i love conference. it is a time of inspiration and learning. i loved when president monson said that it was the most inspiring conference he had ever been to.

so today i was reading 1 nephi 4 and about the army of helaman, in accordance with obedience. because that is something i am always striving to do.. be more obedient. and i noticed, nephi is so very nervous to follow the direction of the spirit. he is afraid to kill laban because he has never killed anyone before. but he knows that the lord doesnt command us to do anything unless it is good. so he does it. and look what come out of it. the same with the army of helaman. they know that they have to be obedient to the lord, as well as to the things that their parents have told them.. beacuse that is where the best outcome will come. from being obedient. we have so many things that they lord asks of us, and at times they can be really scary to do.. but we MUST do them. we wouldnt want to hinder any blessings or growth because of disobedience. keep the commandments. just do it. (nike)

well i hope that you all have a great great week. and a fun break from school. do something fun and dont forget to practice your british accents. those are important for when we come back. but really no one sounds like harry potter over here.. only me. i love you all and am so grateful for your prayers and love and support. thank you for all that you do for me. you are incredible. i know that and the lord knows that. he needs, you. we are on his side.

love you kids.

love, sister j xx

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