Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sitting in a puddle of dirty water

 yoyo homedogs.

it sounds like you all are doing great. just being the best. first off.. wow i am so impressed with my younger siblings. they are hooses. brev being in the friend. i definitely need a copy of that. can i get a whoop whoop? mac being the best vball player around. thats awesome! and ryan going to the temple every week. does he just go by himself? i think that is sweet. i wish i could be his friend. and macs friend. and brevs friend. oh i get something even better.. to be their sister!! and it sounds like dad and gpa had a fun alaska trip. the photos slash videos were really cool. next year when you go can i join? (who needs school anyway right?) brevin. i cant believe that you are going to be baptized soon! what day are you going for? and ryan gets to baptize you. that is so sweet. you will send me photos right? and if you wanted to have a cut-out of my face there.. haha that would be fine. but i am glad that everything is going well for you guys. keep being the best and praying and reading. you are great examples to all. everyone that i know is.

this week in nuneaton was about as good as sitting in a puddle of dirty water. haha we had nine lessons fall through and had to drop an investigator because he was just not progressing at all. he kept canceling appointments and not coming to church. so we will see what happens there. there were some highlights throughout the week though. here is the highlight real: we found a chinese lady with two kids. she could barely understand us but gave us her contact information anyway. (it just proves how prepared the chinese are. when china opens up completely for missionary work.. man it will explode.) we had dinner yesterday with a really cool family, the withingtons. the dad just ran the wales iron man a couple weeks ago. and the mom is running the london marathon next april. they are like the o'verys. its way cool!! ok and yesterday was great. one of our investigators, GB, has not been able to come to church because he works on a sunday.. but yesterday he came for sacrament meeting. everyone was so glad to see him and he loved it as well. it was the best! then we had a lesson with him last night at a members home that went really well. he had a lot of questions about family history work because of the fast and testimony meeting. but it was awesome! we also had a random woman show up at church yesterday that we dont think is a member and we couldnt really understand her. but she came into the class that sister bornemann and i were teaching. and as she was talking at first i was getting a bit annoyed.. but then i had an overwhelming feeling of love come over me for that woman. she is a daughter of heavenly father. just as we all are. she is special and he loves her just as much as he loves all of us. after that i could understand her a bit better and know how to help her. i know that as we really work to love everyone that is when we will grow. the lord has commanded that we love everyone. it is not a big task. but something that we all can do a bit better. i want to challenge you all to find someone that you can love a bit more this week. will you do that? ok great! i promise that you will feel the holy ghost more in your lives and find so many more people to love.

so also i am learning danish. i had a notebook that i have s bornemann write down different sayings in danish and then i write what it means and how to say it. haha i tried to read her book of mormon the other day.. yeah it was too tough for me. i just sounded like an idiot. and she gives me danish sweets... they are basically black licorice with salt. i gagged a little bit. she thought it was hilarious. she needs to try american sweets. like sweddish fish, peachy penguines, sour watermelon, candy corn, chocolate licorice, pb m and ms, things like that. maybe we can find some over here. they do have lucky charms here.. but for 5 pounds.

i didnt end up getting the hoodie because they arent for sure doing them yet.. hopefully soon. i have heard that halloween is getting a bit bigger over here, but they all dress up more scary then anything. we have seen a few decorations. i will send the photo card so so soon. sorry sorry. its starting to get cold and i am bummed because i left my coat in lincoln. hopefully i can either get it back or have to get a new coat. we will see. and my shoes are falling apart. but i love them and i dont really want to get new ones. sister bornemann may make me get new ones today though.. the ward is good. we are trying to work with them to find more people to teach.. aka their friends. but its a very slow work. we are trying some new things though. and being patient. i would love to serve in wales. on the coast. milford haven actually. but in a car would be the best. haha we will see though. i would love to serve in wales.

we are doing good though. just working hard, especially this next week, to find new people to teach. this area is hard to find people in so us and the elders are just trying to do our best. talk with everyone. find teach and baptize. thank you for your support and sacrifice and love. you all are doing wonderful things and i am so grateful for the family and friends that i have been blessed with. you can change lives with your examples.. so keep it up. i love you all so much and hope that you have a great week. keep on keeping on.

love you.
sister egbert xx

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