Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New companion

 heyya fam.

well yes. i am still in nuneaton. and it is great. my new companion is named sister bornemann and no she is not from utah. she is from... denmark. another european companion. and i love her. she is 20 and has two sisters and a brother. she can speak danish and is teaching me a little bit. the coolest thing is that her uncle served here in nuneaton about 16 years ago and a lot of people remember him! thats cool. she is great though. i would say one of my favorite companions so far. we get along really well and she is so funny. but yeah. loving that.

nuneaton is still good. we had transfers this week and it was so fun to be able to see everyone at the mission home. elder call and all my old friends and new friends. i love mission friends. you know those are the ones that are going to last for a long while. because you are going through the same thing as each of them. at the same time. and everyone was so nice and kept telling sister bornemann how great i am. except i am not that big of a deal. it surprised me how many people said it though. i felt blessed. its also really crazy because i am now one of the longest out sisters in the mission. its crazy. but cool. there are so many missionaries in our mission. 280.

so this week we had a pretty cool miracle. we were tracting on saturday. late. and no one wants to talk to you really ever if you knock on their door, but especailly if it late at night. so we stopped that because it was not one bit successful. so we started calling some potentials and formers. and we got a return appointment with a former.. and she came to church yesterday. that was awesome! she was really nervous but eventually settled in and was really excited to be there. she is great. and we are really working with our other investigators to help them progress towards their baptismal dates. its going good. i love that the Lord knows eacho of us. he is excited and willing to help us. as long as we are obedient.

i do love missionary work. finding is for sure the hardest thing in this area but we are hopeing to do some good finding this week and find new investigators. s bornemann is excited to work hard and we are going for it.

thank you for all that you do for me. i love you all so so much. i have the best family eva. keep working hard and keeping in mind the Lord at all times. He loves you and i love you. have a great week. i am excited to hear more and see more great photos!

love, sister j xx

Sister J and Sister D

with Sister Rasmussen

Sister J and cousin Elder Call

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