Monday, October 21, 2013

Indian is the new Chinese

 yoyo fa.mily.

well this week went by quite fast. and it was a good one. monday we were able to go to coleville and ravenstone which was really cool. feeling the spirit of elijah there. we tried to find grovestones.. and tried to get into the chapel, but no one would answer their phones or doors for us to get in. but we saw some cool sites. another really cool thing we did this week was a mission activity to a place called gadfield elm chapel. it is the oldest working chapel in the world for our church. we also went to a place called benbow farm. where wilford woodruff baptized over a thousand people during his time in england. it was really neat to hear the stories from president and remember our heritage. it was fun to see everyone and learn of the miracles happening in the mission. but you will have to research those places and find out more about them. they are really cool.

we had a cool experience this week after we got a hq referral. it was in hinckley and we were not able to get ahold of them by phone. so we went to try by their home, hoping that they were in. the referral was not there, but her husband was their. they are from india. and he told us to try by again on saturday. so we went back later in the week to talk with her. she was so very nice and said that she was really wondering about the book of mormon. she is christian and wants to know about the differences between the bible and the book of mormon. we were able to teach her a bit about the church and the book of mormon. she wasnt really interested in having us come and teach her but we were able to give her a book and she was so excited. she almost started reading it right their on the doorstep. sometimes it can be really hard when you work to share the gospel with people who you know are so prepared, but they want to learn themselves.. but her excitment gave us hope and we are excited to see what happens in the future. her name is jincy.

another miracle this week took place while we were tracting. we had knocked the street, and one final door where no one was home. i was ready to go to the next street but s bornemann wanted to do the next one. we knocked and no one came.. as we were walking away there was a voice from an upstairs window saying they would be right down. a middle-aged woman opened the door and we began talking with her. she said that she has great faith and told us of many hard experiences that she has had in her life. we talked for awhile and cried together. she is incredible. we also were able to share a book of mormon with her, and while we were not able to set up a solid return appointment, she said she would read the book of mormon. kristine is a choice daughter of god and i hope her heart will be softened so she will allow us to share more with her so she can learn more of christ.

we had to ''break-up'' with gb for a few weeks. he is going in circles and not progressing. everything is up to him now because we have taught all that we can. hopefully he will receive his answers soon. same with carrieann. she just isnt too interested. maybe later on. and jay.. we hardly see her. she is pretty flakey but we have an appointment tomorrow so we will see. but we saw a less active this week that we have never met. susan robinson. she is great. and said that she will come out in a few weeks when she is off work. love her.

it sounds like you all had a really fun week together. i am sad that i couldnt be there, but i know that you all had so much fun together. hopefully getting back into school isnt too bad. thanks for all or your cute letters and jokes. i love my family. and the photos. i love seeing you all. and thanks for the ensigns and such. i got them so fast and loved them. sister bornemann and i have been reading them already. and brevs picture is sooo cool!!

yes. it rains. like all the time. and my shoes have holes in them so my feet get soaked. a car.. would be so nice. but i think they call you and tell you to work on your license before you actually get in the car. transfers are the 30. i bet we will both stay. man i am so so so excited for the baptism!!! i wish i could be there. just make sure you remember those covenants brevin. they are so so important. and you will have them for the rest of your life. it isnt just a day thing. keep strong!! i would just love letters from you all for the half way. i love love getting letters and hearing from you all. just that and maybe some money instead. i just need warmer clothes. i am so glad you got the photo cards! maybe if they could just be sent back the next time you send a package? sister b talks about wanting american sweets sometimes. so maybe that?

things are good though. we are working to find new people to teach more and more. it is rough, especailly through the rain. no one wants to stop. but it will be ok. love you all so much. thanks for your love and support. have a great week and a great baptism!! love you kids!:)

sister j

vegetarian dinner

sister j in coleville

sister curtis sister j and sister b


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